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“Nisekoi” Chitoge Undressed

Feb 1, 2014 @ 7:00 CDT

Nisekoi’s mobile game gives a look at Chitoge fully nude – the game seems to have gotten exponentially more lascivious, besides birthday suits, there’s also seductive pirate pirate outfits, and some Onodera too.

It may be censored, but any great pervert will have once said something about the power of fantasizing, and here we have that provoking facial expression, exposed shoulder region, and unadulterated Chitoge shape to relish.

As with any beautiful girl, one could argue she looks even better in any number of specific outfits, in this case, that pirate king costume is too righteous – oppai held by a single knot, the cloth black for an elegant contrast with her golden hair. And then she’s wearing short shorts, the back view must be lovely – and we’re further provoked to “Touch” her in the lower body area, something which her expression suggests she enjoys.

Skipping along, that disgruntled tsundere face is not only a perfect embodiment of the word, but it’s already even scaled just the right size to be added in a dictionary under the term “kawaii”. Chitoge in megane and casual clothing follows after that with another blast of moe, and the final image, while not suggestively revealing of the body in any way, strikes with no less kinpatsu intensity – a smile so charmingly brilliant and beautiful.

Chitoge looks superb in every outfit and situation, and oh, that Onodera girl is looking fairly good too.


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