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Selected Pixiv Artworks Week #1

Jan 21, 2014 @ 19:06 CDT

Its been a week of incredible Pixiv artwork, now check out these selected pieces that didn’t rank the elusive number one spot, but still were prominent on the charts, and with visible great reason for their spot.

There’s plenty to say about all of these, but simply picking out one from the several – the above sketch is an absolutely gorgeous illustration of Kill la Kill’s heroine. She’s sexualized by the fans and the series she stars in alike, and upon our very first encounter with her in a key visual in advance of the series’ release, she first hit as a rough, grunge, tomboy of a girl. That visual impression of her carries to today of course, but watching the anime, one can learn she’s actually a very feminine, kind girl regardless of how she appears.

The artist here has grasped that inner-beauty of hers and relayed it outward. Just move your head back for a moment and relish the artwork – she looks so delicate and charming. Notice the blur effect at the sides, which helps push our eyes straight to the center of her visage. It’s a face-to-face intimate encounter – no facades, no external elements, we see her for who she is, and she’s truly lovely.

Her expression is very humanly, a look of recognition and some growing level of excitement – she doesn’t have any sort of deranged goth or yandere face as one would anticipate based on her rugged fashion and perceived attitude. It’s a very gentle expression she meets us with instead.

Yet do give value to those grunge qualities, the layering of her wicked hairstyle and its intense red highlight, the blurring effect which combined with the seifuku flow makes it look like she’s caught in motion, she’s definitely more tender than first impressions let on, but she is certainly still a feisty and confident character. The look in her eyes is not of arrogance in her technique, it’s of sincerity, belief that she can, through her efforts, achieve.

It’s a dazzling artwork, for a girl worth the work – just one of the many stunning illustrations of the last week on Pixiv.


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