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“Saikin, Imōto no Yōsu ga Chotto Okaishiin Da Ga”, in short, the newest disaster of an anime series, Imocho, is another imouto anime about a boy and his newly acquired copulation crazed little sister.

So begins the adventures of the loving brother and the not so loving sister. It’s expected for the imouto to be cold, or else it’d be too easy and will have no chance of development. Like the other imouto anime out there, more specifically, Oreimo, the sister acts sharp and unfriendly at first, yet expect to see the icy heart melt.

The first two episodes are nothing special, the series is unlikely to be so either, and expecting such would be pretty foolish and silly – though it gets straight to the point to set up the premise to get the plot going.

Imouto-san is suddenly possessed on a bridge by an ero-lusting ghost named Hiyori, who put a chastity belt on Mitsuki, claiming she has to satisfy her sensual and emotional quotas for Hiyori to ascend to heaven. She also tells Mitsuki she will die if she doesn’t satisfy the love quota, and then proceeds to rape Mitsuki and force her into autoeroticism.

The concept is straight out of a no-name hentai – sex is made necessary for survival.

Viewers that enjoy imoutos being molested and/or forced to masturbate against their will, will perhaps find this most enjoyable, but for the predominance of anime viewers, it might be a little disturbing. The second episode follows with more dimissal from the imouto while she secretly gets violated, while the brother cluelessly plays the “nice onii-chan”.

Yet it gets most disgusting when the girl, after being forced to hold her bladder, can do so no longer, and the brother so happens to be right behind her.

The animation’s visuals elements are sub-par, similarly is the voicing cast. The anime is censored, leaving those who actually find enjoyment in this disappointed they do not see as much as they would like to. And as if not bad enough they’re included at all, it’s quite annoying the studio decided to cut out the rape scenes completely by describing them in text, coupled with audio, rather than animating them.

Since the aim of an anime like this is sales only of course, they’ll probably be on Blu-ray.

The designs of the characters are terrible, especially the onii-chan. One can assume the studio focused all their attention into designing the imouto, though taking only once glimpse at the manga shows that all their attention is not worth much apparently. The single curious detail is the megane girl who seems to know more than the average student, however, it is too early to assume anything.

Aside from that the imouto is respectably kawaii, this is a completely horrendous anime.


  • MisaoFan says:

    I watched the first episode, it was pretty bad and very awkward. I find it surprising how the animation from that episode is very subpar and I find it obvious it’ll get worse from there. The concept of a imouto getting sexually manipulated by a ghost is very creepy and the censorship pretty much affects most of the erotic scenes. Unfortunately, I cannot see myself continuing the series even though I did like some moments of it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ah yes I love it!!! :)
    Best anime of the season!

  • ekras says:

    I must say that this was quite awkward. But I did not dislike it, I will probably give it a full watch just for the lolz. And because that it’s so fucked up.

  • vacxy says:

    Only need rape someone for have a anime… thats explaion much things.

  • Anonymous says:

    This anime is equivalent to shit.

    • Seven says:

      Look, I agree with you wholeheartedly, but if you’re going to say that, make a lengthily, more elaborate comment. No need to make some worthless six word comment containing the obvious.

      The same goes for the people saying they like it, but I haven’t mentioned anything to them yet because it’s pretty obvious why they like it.

  • blaziken says:

    It’s not even “so bad it’s good” or “watch for the lolz”, it’s “this shit is FUBAR and stay the fuck away if you are a decent human being”.
    This show is so fetishized and incest-glorifying it’s giving KissxSis a run for its money.

    • jingoi says:

      I think KissxSis is higher on the explicit scale.
      The onii and imouto in Imocho aren’t blood relatives but Ako and Riko are sisters and they have kissed.

      • blaziken says:

        You shoulda seen that scene where they justify incest in a lesson at school. The stepsiblings thing is also just a facade they made to have bro-sis love without appearing to be overtly glorifying incest. I hated in SAO and I hate it here. Not that I support real incest anw.
        I compare it with KissxSis because they both are imouto shows with this stupid pee fitish of the author (this show looks like it’s going other places too). I sure wouldn’t stay around long enough to see they get explicit.

    • Anonymous says:

      They’re not real sisters, and only live together since few weeks ago, so the situation is very realistic, and the story is told really well.
      Also Mitsuki doesn’t want anything with his new “brother”, but a spirit posessed her, and she causes the problems… I think the anime is very interesting in it’s own way, and original too. Not many anime has chastity belts and stuff like that!

      • Seven says:

        Possessed by a ghost who is raping her and making her masturbate, yes very realistic situation.

      • blaziken says:

        If you find chastity belts to be original I suggest you go browse some hentai as well. Lots of originality to be found there.

      • sasasami says:

        No,this is not originality,they are just trying too hard to copy-paste some of the popular ecchi shows with ‘original plot’ and in the end is just a stupid disguisting ecchi and incest show with tend of a ‘plot’.

  • babak159 says:

    Hentai anime stories are far more acceptable than this one.

  • jokspacifist says:

    Buy our BDs: The Animation.

    But seriously, this can’t even be good on what is aiming for. Producers should’ve hired Xebec instead.

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