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Strike The Blood carries more than just cute colorful pantsu on Blu-ray, as our heroine takes less interest in brassieres than she does other underwear, a scene brings the much-longed reveal of Yukina nipples.

Found in the early episodes, when Yukina gets all wet, her flimsy blouse unveils the beauty of her chest. To really see it though, you only have to take a screenshot, put it in Photoshop, and increase the contrast 200%. The same process does not produce desired results with the TV version, warranting the value of the Blu-ray (for 2-D girl nipple obsessed otaku).


  • triton6783 says:

    That isn’t even hot. Why bother even adding nipples when they are aren’t even noticable even for fans to fap to.

    • Seven says:

      I don’t think they actually added them, they drew them there originally, but brushed them out for the TV version, whereas the Blu-ray shows the raw original material.

    • supervamp78 says:

      What’s the point of trying to fap to something that isn’t porn?

    • avatar ecclesia says:

      I believe that it’s part and parcel of the reason why the blu ray market is so niche and extravagantly priced. There’re a handful of people who’re willing to fork out that money for titles they revere, so a lot of detail is put into polishing the BD version. Sometimes they add commentary, add OSTs, or redraw the ecchi scenes as per this one.

      Also, being barely noticeable has a certain allure to itself. Sort of like the principles of Zettai Ryouiki. The Japanese appreciate that.

  • avatar flamestrike says:

    >< Instead of going through all this effort for a vague impression of a nipple, wouldn't it be easier to find some pron? Rule 34 after all.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s like they added some light effects, in my opinion it only looks worse, and the anime sux either ways…

  • MisaoFan says:

    I liked the fact that they put nipples solely for the fact it’s made for realistic proportion purposes and Silver Link managed to work that way, however I could have done without that since the show doesn’t have much fanservice by the way.

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