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2013′s Best & Worst Anime Series

Dec 28, 2013 @ 0:40 CDT

Best gothic lolita 2013.

Don’t waste time pondering which series of 2013 are worth watching, most of them are terrible – nonetheless, we’ve gone out of our way to rank them accordingly and segregate the few noteworthy titles of the year.

All 151 televised anime series are below ranked according to the official SeventhStyle quality metric established in 2012 by Anonymous, believed to be triton6783:

A- Amazing

These series are truly amazing, inciting the mind to think in a manner that may be new to it.


Even the imouto is great.

Oregairu enters the viewer into a realm they can relate, elaborates on it intelligently, provides problems, and explores solutions with realistic outcomes and meaningful scenarios, a second not wasted no minute of the series. The series follows up with animation, which while not infallible, is undeniably excellent, visuals very much exquisite and closely resembling their source.

Rozen Maiden

Desu and friends.

Much the same could be said about Rozen Maiden, and even more, it’s not quite a continuation, not quite a remake, it’s something completely fresh, and truly for what it is, it’s something astounding. Anyone with zero background can step into the series, and for that matter, will find themselves snared into it in the midst of the first episode. Studio DEEN outdone themselves with visuals that boast a masterpiece in every frame, and storytelling so precise, it’s scary – a story that progressed smoother than fluids in a pipe.

The tale wakened the senses and the mind, and proved outstanding every episode, and still surpassing its own magnificence even then – definitely the top series 2013 had to provide.

Nagi no Asukara

Fish girl.

Ongoing as it is, Nagi no Asukara falls in the same ranks – PA Works has what it takes to tell a sentimentally sensational story that rivets the very object of being, and they’ve proven it quite well here. There may have been a few mishaps in its starting episodes, but they’ve definitely gone well beyond that, the level of amazing the series currently rests at leaves the few issues at the start blind from view.

Minami-ke S4


Minami-ke Tadaima was truly a dream come true, Studio Feel took a series with three preceding seasons, untouched for several years, and unfortunately despite once being king of comedy and slice of life, ruined in its later seasons by distasteful production decisions – and in the face of this adversity, they still somehow created a sublime sequel to the original amazing Minami-ke.

It’s no exaggeration to go so far as to say Studio Feel has created something which is perhaps even better than the original. Their Minami-ke is beautiful, keeping the appearances of characters, settings, and styles true – but greatly enhancing them with lush color, refined line, the illustrative qualities of the art all so very detailed, defined, and clearly treated with care. They really studied the original Minami-ke and took note of what made it marvelous and implemented and expanded on that themselves.

They developed the characters, and brought out new facets about them and their relationships that truly knit them all together much more powerfully than before. Every joke was hilarious, every female attractively full of personality, and for a comedy series, it was stuffed with purpose and meaning.

The progression from first episode to finale is a fantastic one, and this anime is absolutely 2013′s best.

B- Better

Onto the “Better”, these are great series – they’re not 2013′s best, they’re not masterpieces to be long unforgotten or praised, yet they deliver wonderful things which leave us not regretting a second. As there’s more of these, we’ll leave exploration of most of them up to you, plenty of reviews can be found here readily using the above “Search” tool, but we’ll discuss a few.


Short as it is, Senyu couldn’t be sweeter – the RPG adventure themed comedy is all too relevant, and astoundingly hysterical. It’s cruel upon our leading hero, but his suffering brings much delight as the silly mishaps he and his comrades experience are unique, charming, and inciting of a nostalgia as they borrow from elements of classic gaming, but give it a twist that has us laughing at the wit of the scenario.


The cutest creature in the world.

GJ-bu is brilliant, a slice of life charming and sincere – humorous, but very heartfelt as every character is genuine in what they feel, earnest in their simple activities. Little goes on in the Good Job Club, but it goes on with an amount of vigor and ferocity you definitely aren’t going to find anywhere else. Characters come to form bonds through their daily togetherness and lovely feelings sprout through the warm feelings of daily amusement.

Phi Brain S3

If you thought you knew the meaning of “badass” but haven’t watched Phi Brain, you clearly don’t. Led by Einstein, the Phi Brain crew lays serious ass-whoopings to puzzles of every kind – complex Tomb Raider puzzles to urban Uncharted nonsensical gibberish equations, these guys keep the world safe by laying the smack upon endlessly laying the smack upon any conundrums and riddles no matter what ridiculous reasons or bad guys exist behind them.

Puzzles are serious business.

And for the rest…

The remainder of the “Better” anime series are below, do consider checking them out:

Kiniro Mosaic
Non Non Biyori
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya
Uchouten Kazoku
Yama no Susume
Suisei no Gargantia
Genshiken S3
Kill la Kill
Kuroko’s Basketball
Log Horizon
Love Lab
Kaminomi S3
Yozakura Quartet

C- Crappy

Crappy indeed, these series best fit the description of the word “mediocre” – they’re short of enjoyable in most cases, but they don’t cause my face to cringe in disgust.

Date A Live

Imouto fury.

It sets no trends but it employs plenty of them – if you’re looking for something to touch yourself to, Date a Live is truly the ideal candidate. The plot is dumb and clunky, and the characters themselves seem to forget all about it rather often, yet the visuals are frequently recherche, quite visually gratuitous one might say, and the humor isn’t entirely dull. Even the stupidity of scenarios can leave one jolly with laughter if nothing else.


By many respects, it’s a terrible series, but Noucome thrives off that fact happily to make itself a grand parody. It brings out a constant giggle most of the time, heavy laughing and stomach pain at others perhaps, and the pure absurdity is a nice drug to stimulate the intentionally irrational progression of everything. The aesthetics are enchanting in some ways, off-putting in others, but they’re overall pleasant as with everything else.

And for the rest…

The remainder of the “Crappy” anime series are below, consider checking them out at your own risk:

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S2
Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku
Ace of Diamond
Ai Mai Mi
Arata: The Legend
Baku Tech! Bakugan
Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman
Beast Saga
Brothers Conflict
Cardfight!! Vanguard
Chō Soku Henkei Gyrozetter
Danball Senki
Danchi Tomoo
Diabolik Lovers
Dokidoki! PreCure
Fantasista Doll
Gaist Crusher
Galilei Donna
Gdgd Fairies
Golden Time
Gundam Build Fighters
Hajime no Ippo: Rising
Heroes: Legend of the Battle Disks
Hyperdimension Neptunia
Inuzuma Eleven GO
Love Live!
Majestic Prince
Makai Ouji
Miss Monochrome
Neppu Kairiku Bushi Road
Pretty Rhythm
Recorder to Randoseru Mi♪
Super Seisyun Brothers
Silver Spoon
Straight Title Robot Anime
Sparrow’s Hotel
Saint Seiya Omega
Taneken Driland
Tantei Opera Milky Holmes
Tenkai Knights
Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono
Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san S2
Yowamushi Pedal

D- Depressing

Not even going to describe these…

Blood Lad
Cuticle Detective Inaba
Inu to Hasami
Himitsukessha Taka no Tsume
Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko
Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?
The Unlimited

F- Failure

Something a little better was expected of these, or at least something not so brazenly atrocious as they turned out to be. These “Failures” are disasters in every direction that should be avoided at all costs, mentally scarring, and horrifying at first sight, as well as any subsequent glances for that matter.

BlazBlue Alter Memory

Of course with BlazBlue being the embodiment of 2.5D fighting perfection that it is, the anime wouldn’t be an ideal adaptation. No problem, yet how could anyone at the studio have been able to sleep at night knowing what a horrendous disasterpiece they’ve created? Right off the first episode, the characters are unrecognizable as the visuals are grotesquely deficient in detail – the background scenery was as convincing as photography backdrops, but at least the music was splendid… seeing as it was just pulled from the game.

Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio
Kimi no Iru Machi
Kyoukai no Kanata
Da Capo III
Devil Survivor 2
Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou
Aku no Hana
Haganai S2
Haiyore! Nyaruko S2
Hayate no Gotoku Cuties
High School DxD S2
Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride
Infinite Stratos S2
Ishida & Asakura
Little Busters!
Oreimo S2
Outbreak Company
Photo Kano
Red Data Girl
Samurai Flamenco
Senran Kagura
Servant x Service
Crime Edge
Stella C3-bu
Strike the Blood
Kamisama no Nichiyobi
Symphogear G
Tamako Market
Tokyo Ravens
Unbreakable Machine Doll
Uta no Prince-sama
Valvrave The Liberator
Operation Vividred
Walkure Romanze
Sekai de Ichiban
Monogatari S2

G- Guilty Crown

Their existence is sin.

Over-hyped series, series that may have led the viewer to believe there’s a solid direction and coherent plot, but there really wasn’t – overly dramatic, with immature trope characters posing as legitimately unique individuals. The studio has a history of solid works, but these just aren’t one of them; production values seem high, but the final product is so sickeningly low.

Take a look at:

Gatchaman Crowds

This pitiful work of animation is so laughable its name alone has us crackling up. It got off to a big boisterous start as if it were really planning to go anywhere, but it’s characters and story alike amounted to nothing. Any development it might seem to have made, it would undo itself. And while there’s plenty of room for plot expansion, the series instead wastes full episodes on the heroine being a thick-witted imbecile playing with paper.

Now how about:

White Album 2

Instead of an anime, it feels more like this was still a visual novel given how frames fall on top of each other at one per second. Two-faced idiots abound, blonde is supposedly the protagonist’s girlfriend, heartfelt moments ensue, not an episode later, protagonist plays around with black-haired girl, blonde doesn’t even care – acting merely like the “sextra” in this new relationship.

Hataraku Maou

Every now and again this anime pretends to have a real storyline, but in reality, it’s like watching stand up comedy with a tomato basket on stage. The comical efforts are stomach-churning in their stupidity, as is everything else in this satanic filth desecration of the word “anime”.

Shingeki no Kyojin

Attack on Titan? It felt more like an attack on heterosexuality with its excessive fujoshi pandering designs and devices. The character reactions were astoundingly inconsistent, humorously ranging from Edvard Munch’s Der Schrei der Natur, to fujoshi favorite of ice cold indifference. Whole armies of worthless characters would be introduced into this series only to die immediately – and mutilation would be pushed to its utmost limits, whilst dominating the presentation, solely for shock factor generation.

Put some moldy leftovers in your kitchen sink grinder and you have Shingeki no Kyojin.

2013, won’t miss you.

Said and done, 2013 was a shockingly bad year for anime – it’s not even that most series were dreadful, it’s that there were hardly that weren’t. But no matter, there are a few diamonds in the overwhelming expanse of roughness spread through the regrettable 365 days of the year which certainly would be a mistake to miss.


  • “Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?” should not be classified as depressing. It’s pretty good actually.

    • Seven says:

      In what ways is it “pretty good actually”?

      • The visuals for example, is definitely better than most. Also, most of the humors and fights depicted in Mondaiji are also quite funny, if nothing else.
        In addition, when the series needs to get a little more serious, the seriousness of it is also present. Labeling Mondaiji as “Depressing” along with not fully explaining the category unlike others also doesn’t convince me well.

        • zerriet says:

          I agree completely, i also want to add that compared with most shows, the male MC has a backbone and is not dense at all. Furthermore, it doesnt really distract itself from any needless harems or whatsoever. I recommend you do try to watch beyond the first episode. I really enjoyed it

        • gargamesh says:

          The same could be said for series of its own kind like Strike the Blood and an infinitely more horrendous one, Hataraku Maou (except the humor wasn’t even actually funny at all here).

          That said, what you said is not really convincing as well to say that it’s “pretty good”.

          • Did you even watch the series? Because it sounds as if you’re just saying that Mondaiji seem to look like Maou-sama and StB. If all else, convince me with exact points to why the series is “depressing” instead.

            • zerriet says:

              i seriously consider you watch it abit more

            • gargamesh says:

              “Because it sounds as if you’re just saying that Mondaiji seem to look like Maou-sama and StB.”

              They all fall in the same genres. Supernatural Action Harem (Though the harem aspect is quite less in Mondaiji, I can tell you that.)

              As to why its depressing, another anime with an Overpowered MC that’s glorified by the show in every way, exciting.

              Either way, I know how our arguments always end up with, so I will stop here, you’re free to think what you want about Mondaiji regardless, and I respect that.

              • zerriet says:

                gargamesh , i would like to ask you, did you really dislike the show or dislike the fact that the mc was abit too op

              • “They all fall in the same genres. Supernatural Action Harem.”

                Technically speaking, there’s not much harem in it all all.

                “As to why its depressing, another anime with an Overpowered MC that’s glorified by the show in every way, exciting.”

                How is it depressing if the MC is OP? There’s a difference between Mondaiji and most shows that you did not cite. The genres can be the same, but whether or not if the genre is well executed is another matter.

                This isn’t some Naruto anime where protagonist-kun works hard and gets an emergency plot power up like SAO. It simply showed right from the start that MC is a lot more OP.

                Also you didn’t answer my question to whether or not you watched the series.

                “Either way, I know how our arguments always end up with, so I will stop here, you’re free to think what you want about Mondaiji regardless, and I respect that.”

                You shouldn’t have tried to start it if you foresee the ending.

              • I actually kind of agree with Primus. The series, although it tramples over lots of tropes and mishaps, is actually pretty funny and kind of a parody in a way. The MC being overpowered was a problem that I had at first as well, but after seeing a couple of episodes, I felt it was a spoof. It also fits his pretentious personality. There isn’t any harem from what I’ve seen, either.

            • Seven says:

              Saying the series is good only based on how it compares to other series does not work either.

          • zerriet says:

            If anything, it is a solid show, i give you my word

        • Seven says:

          That’s part of the point of the depressing category, they’re not necessarily bad, they’re “depressing”. It’s depressing series like these have to exist, and exist, and are able to begin with.

  • gargamesh says:

    Yep, I completely agree here, and quite surprised to see Kuroko no Basuke on the scale I think of it, it really is one of the few shonens that I liked (I find the character focus a problem here though, as only the ones with colored hair shine in the show, the rest of them are simply part of it, with only a few moments to them.).

    That said, on the topic of shonens I liked, the new season of Hajime no Ippo is really disappointing, especially with how excellent of a shonen the original airing was, but will keep watching to see if it gets better.

    I better continue watching Kaminomi S3 now, for some reason I forgot all about it….

    • triton6783 says:

      It doesn’t compare to the first two seasons, skipping so much content and rushing this arc was a huge mistake.

      • neodarksun says:

        I actually dropped KnB anime, I just didn’t feel it compared the manga. I thought the jokes weren’t told as good, and basketball itself is a go-stop-talk-go type of deal, which was annoying.

        • gargamesh says:

          Well, it’s a given it can’t compare to the source material, but by itself, it’s quite decent overall. I don’t find it horrible.

    • domme008 says:

      Kaminomi is great, Katsuragi is one of the only MC’s that are actually great, he truly deserves his harem as he consciously built it himself. I am a bit disappointed that they skipped a lot of his conquests, but most were not important either way and I guess some might find it repetetive. The third season felt a bit fast imo, they had to fit the entire goddess arc in 12 episodes…
      Haven’t seen Hajime no Ippo, I’m not too fond of its premise.

      • gargamesh says:

        ” but most were not important either way and I guess some might find it repetetive.”

        Fact is, many of the important ones were skipped as well. Which is why at some points, one who has not read the source material cannot even comprehend how the story got at this point, nor how the character is related to Katsuragi in the first place. (but yeah indeed, it would have been repetitive).

        But either way, I’ll continue it at the point I left on, so let me see if they pulled through that fact or not.

        “Haven’t seen Hajime no Ippo, I’m not too fond of its premise.”

        Not everyone has a knick-knack for sports, I know.

        • domme008 says:

          Its not that I don’t like sports anime in general, as a child I loved to watch Captain Tsubasa and I like Kuroko no Basket. I just am not interested in a boxing anime, I can’t imagine myself liking it.

  • Really interesting and elaborate list. It’s a shame that there are only a few anime in the A and B category, but at least they don’t all belong to the F and G ones. Furthermore, I’d like to give my opinion on some of the anime in these categories which I disagree on and would place elsewhere.

    -Kotoura-san: I would put this wretched thing in F. I would’ve maybe considered G, but compared to the ones already placed on that list it at least holds a drop of water.

    The reason why I would put it into the F category is because it counts as a disappointment. The first ten minutes of the first episode was the best starting episode I have ever seen from an anime this year. It was laying a path towards a dark and depressing anime about a girl being socially isolated by everyone do to being a freak – in this case, a superpowered freak. It’s something that was relatable to a certain degree, and had the potential to be something engrossing and empathetic. But then . . . Ecchi harem cliche shit happened. Everything was wrong with this series after those first ten minutes. There might have been some interesting bits here and ther- on second thought, there really wasn’t. vulgarly speaking, this is like an analogy for cockblocking.

    -Strike the Blood: . . . At least they brought an assortment of pantsu that we can perv about.

    -Danganronpa: I think this should be in depressing. The first episode was meh, the second one was stupid in a funny way, and the following one just turned our awful. It’s one of those series that tries to cheer you up with ridiculous dark humor which makes you feel worse and want to call a hotline.

    -Sasami-san@Ganbaranai: I think this one should be a little higher, at least in crap. Although it didn’t quite meet the expectations of fans of shafts abstractly orgasmic shows, it did at least retain some of the abstract over the top elements. It sounds superficial, but I think it’s good that it’s at least superficial and not just an empty shell.

    -Amnesia: this show is the epitome of depression. It’s exaggeratedly slow pace that leads to nowhere only serves to bring spirits down. It even makes the viewer quite drowsy.

    -Shingeki no Kyojin: this might be the most controversial of my opinionated discrepancies. Although I don’t think that it deserves to be A,B or C, I see it’s current place to be rather misplaced. The biggest reason why I think that it’s placed is undeserved is because of anime like Aku no Hana and Free! being regarded as “better” than this series. I surely would marathon Attack on Titan twice instead of watching most of the anime in the F list if my life depended on it. I’d also argue that there are some moments that at least stood out as “cool”, or “ridiculously cool” to be more accurate (damn Levi doing Sonic the Hedgehog spin dashes!). The art also looks pretty nice – maybe not sublime, but nice.

    Again, this is subjective. Not trying to state these as facts.

    • Seven says:

      I can agree with Kotoura-san, Strike The Blood, Danganronpa, Sasami, and Amnesia….

      Shingeki no Kyojin though…

      This ranking isn’t about comparative this series is better than that series, it’s about what experience is gained from each individual series. I hate all three of the series you’ve mentioned there, but Free! has some extent of legitimate plot and is very well-animated for the most part, likewise, Aku no Hana has legitimate plot, and while hideous, can be fascinating strictly based on the story.

      Shingeki no Kyojin is just shounen mania made to appeal to a storm of fetishes. I’d personally rather watch Free! than Shingeki no Kyojin, but in that case, might as well just watch a good series.

      Of course the list is collectively subjective itself, but there are many objective elements to it as well. To deny the greatness of Rozen Maiden for example, you’d have to have sensory problem, comprehension issues, mental woes, or a mixture of all three. It’s successful on technical, objective levels.

      • Well, when you put it that way, it makes sense. I mentioned those two series because they were two of the most controversial was well, and that I at least watched the first episode of each – although that isn’t enough to compare since I watched Shingeki until the end. I retract those bad comparisons. There are some of the other anime in the list that I consider worst, either way.

        Although it still remains as a vile series, I won’t think of it as a nuisance that set the “terribad” logo onto 2013′s overall anime.

        Ofc, I’m not completely disregarding the objective values of the series. I, for example, didn’t like GJ-bu; that doesn’t mean that I think of it as a bad series, or that it IS a bad series. It jsut wasn’t my type of show.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m confused, at the start of SnK you said it’s “as terrifying as it is gorgeous”, so isn’t the “shock factor” accounted for in regards to emphasizing the horrific scenario on display? Now, I’ve only seen up to episode 16, but I haven’t seen any “attack on heterosexuality” so far, but rather costly and mostly futile actions against an increasingly worsening state of affairs. Am I missing something here? I’d rather not have critical plot points spoilt when I ask this, but does the episodes past 16 do something so wrong that it has to be put in the “G” category here and undermine everything that made this series appealing in the first place?

    • Seven says:

      Who is “you”? Because I didn’t write any Shingeki no Kyojin review, too bad you didn’t pay attention to that.

      The series is poor for me from the start, maybe you should finish the anime and come back to discuss it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry. You’re right, it was erikfm, not you who said that.

        • Seven says:

          Just for the record, as it has said in our About page since this site’s inception, anyone is welcome to write their own articles.

          So if you finish Shingeki no Kyojin, and whatever the heck you think about it, if you wanted to write a review, it would certainly be welcomed.

    • I also don’t agree with the place that Snk is in on the G list (not gangsta list, in case you thought that lol), but I do acknowledge that it still carries lots of issues:

      - First of all, the titans’ appearance. With each passing episode, the frightening countenance that the titans once featured had been dwindling into stupider visages; around ep 7 is when it’s most noticeable, starring the famous kawai titan

      - Second thing would be it’s misleading genre. We were promised a seinen, but we received a shounen. It turned into a battle between prepubescent teenagers (one of them having hardcore flashbacks, which is something that some genre tends to overuse the most to get character motivation *wink wink *nudge nudge) against titans. Death doesn’t make a series mature, but the action of the characters does.

      - Thirdly, badly developed characters. This should’ve probably covered the prior points about the characters being shounens, but screw it. Not only in terms of being non sympathetic or empathetic, but also having characters that are way overpowered and that are not needed in the show. I also don’t like how they over-glorify some of the character’s deaths, even though we barely fucking know them. It also bothers me that this certain characters death (which is coming up soon for you) is taken into consideration over the death of other characters that die around the same moment.

      There are probably other things that I forgot to mention, and that I could’ve mentioned better, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

      • Seven says:

        The titan design came off as very stupid and unimaginative to me to begin with, but when they started breaking into a variety of other designs on top of that, it was just horrid.

        • Anonymous says:

          I see. Do you think the problems come from the source material not being very good itself or is this solely the anime’s problem and the staff involved in the project (i.e those in charge of series composition)? I hear people usually say adaptations put limitations on anime so I don’t know whether or not changes are allowed even if they are for the better. Other anime like Accel World also come to mind.

    • domme008 says:

      While I didn’t find it to be G, I also wasn’t really pleased by the show. The first episode was great, it looked promising to me, but afterwards it just felt like the shock factor was overused. The main characters also were annoying to me, Mikasa sure is badass and all but her attitude still annoyed me more and more, she felt incredibly bland. Eren is the worst part, Vinland Sagas Thorfinn and HxHs Kurapika are great characters based on revenge, Eren felt like a blatant ripoff of them to be honest, combined with the attitude of a normal shounen MC. Heck, I like Sasuke from Naruto more than Eren. The only memorable characters to me were Levi and that crazy titan researcher.
      The plot isn’t bad, the premise with humanity on its brink of extinction was a pretty good premise, however the plot armor with Eren transforming was just dumb. If they had tried to defeat the titans with tactics instead of scyskrapersized giants punching each other it would have been way better. And as already said, the shock factor was too frequent, I like dark themes but if every episode 10 characters die after a while I just don’t care anymore. What I like about Shingeki no Kyojin is the mystery it contains. There are a lot of things that yet have to be explained about the titans, and even if by now some things are blatanty obvious, we still need explanations on why or how. If the series hadn’t been so overhyped I might have found it better.
      But don’t let the critics here influence your viewing experience too much, you should build your opinion on the series, it always depends on what you value more, the pro or the cons of a show.

  • Anonymous says:

    wait, where is Monogatari?

    • Seven says:

      Seemingly forgotten, despite remembering I was going to put it somewhere, I put it under F.

      It still has great animation, Kaiki, and the occasional enjoyable episode, so it’s not Guilty Crown yet.

  • matsushima says:

    I’m reading the manga of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, Coppelion, Servant x Service, and Shingeki no Kyojin. Were the adaptions bad or were the stories disagreeable?

    • Seven says:

      I like To Aru Majutsu no Index.

      Railgun is, in anime form, a lot of gibberish. Coppelion is a bad animation, I never read the source, so I don’t know, Servant x Service I hear is good and I imagine it is too, but not above average, and Shingeki no Kyojin is Guilty Crown.

      • The first season of Railgun was boring as a whole. It had some shining moments, but meh, barely memorable. The second season was slightly better because it was getting more serious and tying into the index plot, but I dropped it because I had some issues with it, and I read the manga covering those arcs anyways.

        • triton6783 says:

          The first half of the second season was good, but once they started using filler again, it got stupid. I might put it in the B range myself, but it really does border between the two.

  • jinta says:

    Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou – Retarded overused humor,annoying ass characters,dog abuse,fetish shit.

    Also I agree Oregairu was one of the best anime to come out this year.

  • vacxy says:

    Nagi no Asukara looks more a Kimi no arachi in the ocean with fish eyes.
    The Super ultra summary:Rozen Maiden

    Magi in C? Well, look dont like much the shonen genre.

    Little Busters! need a Category L

  • ikkun says:

    why Phi Brain s3 is B ?

    its suck. new character is annoying as hell.

    and each of episode, they are just quarrel ‘jin hate puzzle, jin like puzzle’.

    are they kid? who’s care, jin love or hate puzzle.


    but, new puzzle is amazing.

    • Seven says:

      Because the puzzles and the lolis:

      And the annoyingness of the characters is one of the amusingly likable aspects of Phi Brain.

    • avatar flamestrike says:

      Blargh, Phi brain. I dropped that after the first two episodes. The way the characters acted seriously annoyed me. Also I really didn’t like how the anime used the names of famous intellectuals. Of course having only seen two episodes I’m not in a position to judge how good or bad it has become. But I do know that it’s not something I would enjoy watching. If I used this scale A-G I’d have put it in the F category based on what I saw XD. (I love how Guilty Crown is it’s own tier)

      • Seven says:

        The character personalities in Phi Brain are amusing, and individual, and they help reflect the series well. Everyone is dead serious about puzzles, and at the same time, the way the characters act make it feel like a grand parody of itself.

  • triton6783 says:

    Why isn’t the second season of Oreimo in G?

    • gargamesh says:

      Because fortunately, there were still likable characters in that show, like Ayase the Yandere.

      • triton6783 says:

        Well, Guilty Crown still had Tsugumi, but that series was able to establish an all new level of terrible. For me, when a terrible show has a great character, I like to consider the, separately, as if they weren’t a part of the catastrophe.

  • neodarksun says:

    Where Pokemon at? That should at least be in B section, despite how rushed it is.

    Wait…. didn’t Fafner Exodus never air?

  • Anonymous says:

    I think Rozen Maiden Zuruckspulen is the best anime I’ve watched this year.

  • avatar purplehaze says:

    Shit list, shit taste, bla bla, etc.

    • gargamesh says:

      Shit comment. Can’t even say anything intelligent, bla bla, etc.

      You’re probably mad because everything you like is probably in C-G, AKA all crappy.

      Come back when you actually have something that would disprove whatever you disagree with here, and you know, something other than what a 12 year old would say.

    • domme008 says:

      Thank you for contributing to the article in such a smart way, your comment changed my entire view of the world.

      And now seriously, you have the right do disagree with the list, but what you wrote is child-level bickering, you could at least try to explain why you don’t agree with something.

    • Anonymous says:

      Me few hours ago: You are just as immature as Homer Simpson!

      Me now: Dear lord, please forgive me for calling purplehaze as immature as Homer Simpson…

      …It’s truly a painful insult to Homer Simpson

  • avatar flamestrike says:

    Dang now this is a list! I really like your ranking system too, it was both entertaining and informative.

    Although there’s one thing that bother’s me. It seems like you’ve ranked every single anime in 2013. That’s a commendable act of completion, but I don’t think you’ve watched every anime on there.(At least not until the end)

    Personally I don’t think it’s proper to rank anime you haven’t seen to the end with the same scale as one’s that you watched all the way. Of course there are some anime that have obvious flaws that can be seen in an episode or two, but the quality of most anime is extremely subjective. Putting an anime that’s good but isn’t your cup of tea into the “fail” category along with things that are truly trash just doesn’t sit right with me. Take Little Busters for example. It unfortunately has moe blob characters and rather mediocre production values, but at the heart of it is still a great Key written story. Of course for some just the presence of certain factors(moe blobs) could mean it fails instantly to some, but for others it’s a very enjoyable watch. I can also tell from your review you really hated White Album 2′s characters and their actions, but in some blogs I see praise for the way the anime handles them. (This goes for a myriad of other anime too, with various other pros and cons)

    Well on the other hand it’s your blog and it would mess with the list’s format to create a separate committed category haha. Just putting my two cents in.

    • gargamesh says:

      “It unfortunately has moe blob characters and rather mediocre production values, but at the heart of it is still a great Key written story. Of course for some just the presence of certain factors(moe blobs) could mean it fails instantly to some, but for others it’s a very enjoyable watch.”

      No, you’re mistaken, it’s not made by KyoAni.

      Also, no matter how great the source material is, it was still poorly presented in the anime, combined with mediocre production values like you said, the anime ruined itself.

      • avatar flamestrike says:

        o.o is that part about Kyoani sarcasm? Since Kyoani no longer has it’s old reputation for making magic.

        Well, my point was the anime wasn’t so poorly presented as to warrant a F. I was under the impression that it was rated so lowly due to personal taste factors. I do recall several posts in this blog showing disdain for the character’s actions and such. Though if you think it was indeed poorly presented and such, it’s not my place to say my opinion or taste is better than yours. I do reserve the right to disagree though haha.

    • Seven says:

      Maybe you could also not assume things and just ask how the list was compiled at which point I would have told you this was determined by several people who viewed all of these anime collectively.

  • domme008 says:

    Disagree with some, but good list all in all.
    -I would put Shingeki no Kyojin in F, it didn’t live up to the hype at all, but it isn’t that thrashy to be compared to guilty crown
    -I would put Monogatari Series S2 in C or B even, the uniqueness of Monogatari is still there and I found the different stories to be presented in a great way. It is just that they felt a bit loose and unconnected.
    -Kimi no Iru Machi is G, I can’t even describe just how bad it was, the manga source of the animated arc was decent (sadly, the manga today is also just trash..), but the anime managed to ruin every single thing that was even remotely good about the source. To be honest I am scared at what would happen if it were to get a second season and animate an arc that was way worse than the shown one… even G wouldn’t describe it anymore
    -I would put both Strike the Blood and High School DxD in C.
    High School DxD had a serious issue with its fanservice, which was used way too often. But it actually had a story, and a good one at that. The second season also explained a bit more of what was going on in the world and introduced some of the later key characters.
    Strike the blood…. it is probably the most generic series this year, but it just presents it in such a good way. Tropes are handled pretty well and there is at least a basic storyline, I also liked the first villain. And La Folia is probably one of my favourite females this year.
    Strike the blood is what I would call mediocre, a popcorn flick.

    Those were the ones I would put differently, otherwise I agree with your list, but I’m surprised that you didn’t put IS2 in G, I thought it was your most hated one this year?
    Oh, and now I need to check out Oregairu, up to now I’ve only heard good things about it. I guess I’ll also try Rozen Maiden, it is one of the most controversial anime this year, some say it is bad, some praise the hell out of it. Nagi no Asakura is not a bad series at all, but It just didn’t appeal to me, if I’m bored I’ll give it another try and see what happens.

    • gargamesh says:

      I don’t have a problem with the rest of your comment, but Monogatari sadly does not deserve even a C, it deserves its place in F.

      Sad to say, it lost its uniqueness, if you were referring to various presentations of headtilts and slides, too bad for you, that wasn’t uniqueness, it was simply SHAFT style. And if you were referring to the lengthy dialogue, it dropped down the level of intelligence present in Bake and Nise.

      The stories are either bad, or really bad, out of all those arcs, there’s one decent (Hachikuji’s), and the latest arc just ruined itself in the latest episode.

      And indeed, you should check out Rosen Maiden. Great Visuals and Great Story, as Seven said, you have to have serious problems to not think its good.

      • domme008 says:

        I see where you are coming from, but I for myself didn’t have any problem with the presentation of the stories, and regarding the kaiki arc, it might still save itself, we’ll see what happens next week. To be honest I love the characters of Monogatari, every single one has a unique trait and reacts in unexpected ways in different situations. What made this season memorable to me were those character interactions that I already liked in Bake and Nise.
        Might I ask what Rozen Maiden is about? I’ve only heard opinions about it, but have yet to inform myself about its content.

      • domme008 says:

        Regarding Monogatari, the last episode was … bad. For anyone who has not yet seen the episode yet please don’t read further. I hoped Kaikis attempt to deceive Nadeko in the last episode was just the start of his plan but it seems that he genuinely thought it would be enough with just that. And the revelation with the manga was weird, it was clear that it was nothing special but still kinda irritated me. The speech of Kaiki had its moments but overall it seemed to cheeky, like those friendship speeches. When he talked to Araragi afterwards he implied that he was just saying it to deceive Nadeko, that he on purpose said the words that would affect her, but he looked like that was also a lie. His death was unexpected to me, I thought that he might die because of Nadeko but after that business was finished I didn’t expect him to be killed by that brat. And I do wonder about who Ougi really is.
        Anyways, the episode dragged the series a bit down for me, but I still don’t think of it as bad. Lets hope that the last one will clear everything up.

        • triton6783 says:

          I thought his death was just stupid. After everything is completed, they just tried to make a plot twist, even though it was random and unnecesary. that brat came out of nowhere, and why the hell did he have murderous intentions? Was he a nekoing psychopathic 12 year old?

          • domme008 says:

            I didn’t really appreciate that death either…As you said , there was no real point in it. And that boy was one of Kaikis past victims, one of the middle schoolers whom he deceived, killing Kaiki because of that is a bit extreme though.

            • It also sucks when the viewer isn’t even aware of the murderer’s visage. Sure, some shows hide the culprit’s identity to create further mystery, but it’s just some 12 year old character that we’ll never hear about again in this case.

              • domme008 says:

                I don’t really believe in it, but he might appear in the third season, maybe he’ll play a role there. Also, we need some Meme, now that Kaiki is gone he is the best character in the series.

            • Seven says:

              Some no-name faceless eroge-style side-character.

  • blaziken says:

    Gundam Build Fighters is legitly good, best Gundam show in recent years and it’s not even a war show. One of the shows that I look forward to each week. But you need lots of prior Gundam knowledge to enjoy its references I guess.
    Haven’t been catching up with Kyousougiga but it was pretty damn good when I last saw it.
    Aku no Hana, despite its, well, visual handicap, is one of the best I have seen this year.
    Maou-sama is pretty enjoyable as a SoL, I like the chemistry between the characters, even without the storyline.
    I dropped most of the shows that turned bad (or don’t pick them in the first place) so the worst I’ve seen this year is Devil Survivor 2. F*ck that Kishi piece of shit.

    • neodarksun says:

      Finally, someone who watches it too. Even the obvious advisement scenes are pretty funny, well except episode 9, I was pretty hyped for the tourney by then, but suddenly an advertisement ep comes in…… WTF. It’s pretty funny how they play/parody the tropes a Gundam series usually use. And of course, NO love interest is in danger of dying!

      “But you need lots of prior Gundam knowledge to enjoy its references I guess.”

      That’s the reason I can accept if people don’t like it. More than bringing new viewers, I feel it more about making its loyal fanbase happy( and advertising).

      • triton6783 says:

        I haven’t even seen previous Gundam series, but I also agree that Gundam Build Fighters is a very enjoyable show. I love series that revolve around tournaments.

        • neodarksun says:

          What I like about the tournament in Build Fighters is that the characters are interesting. I was partly disappointed in Battle Royal, because none of the top competitors even came close to each other. Let’s be real here, the thing about tourneys are, the finals match-up are obvious. It will either be his rival( Mejin) or love interest( White-haired girl).

          Possibly the flashiest scene this year.

    • Seven says:

      The white haired girl is kawaii in Gundam Build Fighters.

      Kyousougiga just comes off as a cheap version of Yozorakura Quartet.

  • zerriet says:

    Um, because the mondaiji argument was getting too long. I wanted to share my opinions on why i thought it was a decent show and that why i thoroughly enjoyed it. First would be the fact that it is just a very fun and witty show and doesnt distract itself from its main plot most of the time by any needless harem. Despite the harem genre, it is infact extremely minute so the main focus was the fantasy element which i think was done reasonaly well. In regards to the fanservice, there is but i think it is controlled and doesnt really distract the viewer. Finally, i am glad that the male mc isnt exactly overly dense or lack a backbone. Now some might say this overshadows the show but in my opinion, the way it is done here complements the show in an enjoyable way.

    Overall, i cam into this show with not really high expectations and was pleasently surprised. Again, this is only my opinion and i welcome further discussion.

  • Anonymous says:

    I found several things disagreeable about this ranking, but I won’t bother with stating the shows that I would’ve ranked higher.
    One thing I do need to question, though, is why is Rozen Maiden ranked so high? I recall there being terrible pacing issues with the show. I can’t remember specifics but I remember picking up the show midway through the season, so by the time I started watching an episode a week it was towards around when time had stopped during the play, and every episode felt like either nothing important had happened or too much was forced in that it was hard to understand. What made you say that it had “storytelling so precise, it’s scary – a story that progressed smoother than fluids in a pipe”?

    • Seven says:

      “I recall there being terrible pacing issues with the show. I can’t remember specifics but I remember picking up the show midway through the season,”

      Just go home.

      • gargamesh says:

        Quite funny how, “you’d have to have sensory problem, comprehension issues, mental woes, or a mixture of all three.” is immediately proven here with this anon’s comment.

        • Seven says:

          On top of that, he picked it up in the middle of it and is blaming it for not understanding what happened.

          • gargamesh says:

            “I can’t understand what happened, It’s the show’s fault, I picked it up in the middle and I demand to know what is happening”

            …is basically what he’s saying.

            • Anonymous says:

              Check below for my explanation.
              This is a very busy article, but I still would like some explanation on how you guys put up with this show’s pacing. I only blame DEEN for the problems I had with it, everywhere I go I only hear praises for the source.

    • gargamesh says:

      Wonders about the storytelling, yet admits that he picks up the show midway.

      Smart. Definitely a way to understand a story, it’s like reading Chapter 20 when you haven’t even read 1-19 yet.

      • Anonymous says:

        Just to clarify. I meant midway in the sense that I started watching it when half of it was out. Hence the “when I started watching it by week”. I meant that I’d watched the first half in a sort of marathon since half of it was already out.

    • domme008 says:

      Wait, why would you start watching in the middle of the show? Your complaints could be legitimate if you had watched from the beginning, but if you just begin on a random episode of course you woudln’t know what’s going on. The only series where you can skip episodes are episodic ones, which Rozen Maiden isn’t.

    • Anonymous says: picking up the show midway through the season I meant I marathoned the 7 or so episodes already out, then started watching each episode one week at a time.

      • Seven says:

        It’s explained in the episode reviews how everything was succinct, if you had trouble issues, you’d need to elaborate on what exactly and how, it just looks like you struggled to understand of your own accord.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ok, Blazblue: Alter Memories plot was a mess, but I think the other criticisms are un warranted.

    “the characters are unrecognizable as the visuals are grotesquely deficient in detail”…huh? They looked fine to me. In fact, when compared to the anime cutscenes in the game they looked better.

    “the background scenery was as convincing as photography backdrops” I though the backgrounds blended in very well. Area’s like Ronin-Gai actually looked great.

    “the music was splendid… seeing as it was just pulled from the game” Now you’re just nit picking.

    Some real criticisms of the show could be that Crappy Fanservice Episode that was completely un needed. Or the fact that most characters appeared once and were never brought up again. Why have Carl and Bang show up in two different episodes and not really develop them? They developed Litchi, but they just wanted her for that Fanservice and gave her a rushed moment near the end when she turns bad. It’s like they didn’t even care.

    Yes It’s a mess, but I think the criticisms presented here missed the mark. And I still enjoyed seeing one of my favorite video games become an Anime, even though it didn’t live up to my expectations.

    • Seven says:

      I think the criticisms only “missed the mark” in your eyes because you enjoyed the series and it upsets you to hear the truth.

      • domme008 says:

        Well, I’ve not seen the show, since I tend to not watch game adaptations since devil may cry got such a bad one, so I’m not sure I have the right to say this, but visual satisfaction differs, so you two just might not agree. Regarding the music, it is lazy to just use the music used in the game, but if it was appreciated by fans its understandable to recycle it since it would still appeal to them.

  • ohohoho extensive list. so how did you make this list dude? how did you rank everything? tell me the stuff.

  • Anonymous says:

    Seeing that there are many objections regarding the placement for many of the animes stated above, it is better for OP to explain his criteria for ranking the animes in more detail.

  • avatar rinran says:

    I’m not even going to comment on this list because Nagi no Asukara being so high is utterly laughable (also all the loli slice of life shows are so high…pedo? Akanbu no otoko?).

    There wasn’t much to pick from this year, really. Hataraku MaoSama, Oregairu, White Album 2, Haganai 2, Chihayafuru 2, Genshiken Nidaime and
    Oreimo 2 (minus the ending). Maybe Kill la Kill to add to the numbers.

    That’s it.

    • neodarksun says:

      Hataraku MaouSama? Really? That show easily deserved its place on G.

    • gargamesh says:

      “(also all the loli slice of life shows are so high…pedo? Akanbu no otoko?).”

      This here is the example of a really intelligent comment, achieved only by people with the IQ of 1.

      Great Job. Liking excellent SoL is definitely pedophilic, yep. It’s definitely not because of reasons listed at the article itself and several articles about the series.

      Try to be more intelligent next time and come back okay? Your comment is utterly laughable.

    • The only thing that’s laughable is how you seem to think that what you say is actually something legitimate.

    • triton6783 says:

      Really, you wanna call Seven a pedo, then call a show about loving your little sister good? No problem!

      • domme008 says:

        I’m seriously disgusted by incest series. I have three sisters myself and I think that anyone who has one knows that incest is horrendous.

        • triton6783 says:

          Agreed. I have a sister as well, but she is a horrible human being, so I just have problems with loving sisters in any way.

    • domme008 says:

      Oh my, and who are you to judge someone elses tastes? Calling Seven a pedo is definitely an insult, only because you didn’t like those ‘loli slice of life’ doesn’t mean no one can. I don’t think Seven would like them if lolis were all that was good about them, so next time please try to think before posting nonsense.

      • Seven says:

        The mentality of someone who dismisses the top series as “loli slice of life” is they ignore Oregairu, look at the remaining three pictures, and then just scroll all the way down to the comments without having read anything:

        “durr you like loli slice of life”

    • cronosmu says:

      >Loli silce of life = pedo

      I can’t even.

      So that’s why I rate G that show called “No matter how you look at it, it’s you guys fault I can’t make intelligent comments”, which is based in the 2D life of rinran.

  • Anonymous says:

    I didn’t like any of your As and enjoyed about a third of your Fs. Now granted, some of those were so terrible they were enjoyable (like Valvrave) but still..regardless if our tastes are about the opposite, there is something that you did which a lot of reviewers do that make them lose credibility for me. That is, you list shows that solicit an emotion under those that did not solicit any emotion. If you are invested in a show enough that it’s faults cause you be dissapointed in it, or even angry, that still means you probably enjoyed it more than the shows that literally do not cause any reaction from you and you are just lying to yourself and your readers. I might have disliked Attack On Titan more than anyone else in my club, but it deserved a C, not the Guilty Clown tier you have it in. It was still a fairly high quality show and more effort was put into it than most of the crap this year.

    • Seven says:

      That concept is illogical and seems like just an excuse for you to waive the flaws of a series you like.

    • domme008 says:

      Ok, seriously, I honestly can’t understand that train of thought of yours. While I also liked some of the F’s and would have ranked them higher, I don’t really think that those who made the list enjoyed them, since F stands as you should know for failure. And to consider a feeling of hate as enjoyment is just way too twisted. Also, they obviously felt something for the shows in A, as I don’t think that anyone who didn’t feel anything for a series would consider it amazing. I think you just want yourself to believe they lied to themselves to have an excuse for liking some of the F’s. And honestly, there is no need for that. Watch what you want, like what you want and hate what you want, sorry, but to accuse the ones who made this list of lying simply because you have a different view is dumb.

    • This is the worst argument that I have ever seen since Pascal’s Wager.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think labeling Tokyo Ravens, Unbreakable Machine Doll, Strike the Blood,
    Kamisama no Nichiyobi and Freezing in F category is blasphemy.

    Especially Freezing … i don’t know other anime that follow the manga so precisely, even the rest that i mention are following their manga story accurately and their story is good …

    I think the one that wrote this clasation didn’t even watched the half of the animes that are mentioned or if he watched them it was on fast way … skip skip skip skip … got the general idea of the episode why to watch the rest of the series lets type whatever we think coz we are godly critics… please !!!!

    And btw i watched 100 out of all the mentioned animes here, i know its not all but i think its pretty good amount to know waht i am saying.

    • Seven says:

      No, unfortunately, trying to assert you know more than someone else does not make you appear you know what you’re saying.

      Freezing is great in some ways, the character designs are great, the anime does follow the manga, wow, incredible, too bad the manga is just as bad as the anime. Both are often overcome by unintelligible female exploitation moments, and by that I mean full episodes and every other scene.

      It’s pretty clear why the others are in the F category, you gave no explanations for why they shouldn’t be, so I’m not going to waste my time arguing about it.

      • MisaoFan says:

        One thing that made me shocked is how Tokyo Ravens get F rank, the artwork was beautiful indeed and the CGI was detailed. I don’t have much problem with the storyline though and had good concepts, however the slow pacing made it somewhat lackluster.

      • domme008 says:

        I personally disliked Tokyo Ravens, Freezing and Unbreakable Machine Doll, but as stated above I share the opinion that strike the blood should be rated higher. My reason for it:
        Strike the blood is pretty much the epitome of generic, it hardly does anything new or stands out, yet it just presents the generic elements in such an appealing way, its been long since I liked every member of a harem. The story is nothing grand, it is divided into arcs with a villain in each of them, but it again is executed properly, especially the falcon punches at the end of the fights are a funny conclusion, aside from that the story shows potential for future development. With the whole progenitor business it would be possible to pull of a great war or conflict and I really hope I won’t be disappointed in that regard. That is also supported by the elite vampire that appeared and the best friend of the MC (that one stunned me, usually the best friends of the MC are perverts or just clowns, its my first time seing a best friend who has a significant role) The MC is dense, as always, but at least he is not as horrible as other harem MCs. The character interactions are amusing, a moment I will always savour is the one where Sayaka went all yuri on Yukina, and La Folia is basically a goddess. I am also impressed by the artwork of the familiars, they look just as epic as they are, though that might be because of my passion for mythological creatures. That said, because it is so generic one can’t call it a masterpiece but since it still is presented in an amazing way I hold this show in high regards.
        Enough with my ramblings now, I don’t expect everyone to agree, its just how I see the show. A good day to you guys then, I’m off for now.

        • Seven says:

          As mentioned to kawaii far above, I agree that Strike The Blood could be ranked higher, Silver Link’s worst is usually already better than everyone else’s average.

          • Well, I was kind of joking when I mentioned Strike the Blood, but it could go a little higher either way.

          • domme008 says:

            Well, if something like this is their worst then I guess they might become one of my favourite studios. Up to now I’ve never heard their name though, as I’m not that informed on studios, what would be some of their best works?

            • Seven says:

              They’re still developing their history because they are a new studio, but go see Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, Kokoro Connect, and Baka to Test.

      • Freezing’s manga is pretty good actually. I was surprised when I didn’t see every chapter containing nudity (there were even some volumes that didn’t contain one page of nudity). It also had a decent story; not mindblowing, but decent.

    • sona says:

      yeah man ranking unbreakable machine doll in F is blasphemy, it should be in G rank

    • avatar flamestrike says:

      Ah Freezing, that show is a bit……… well it’s not my cup of tea. I have a huge bias against that kind of premise. Also the male lead is just too hard to watch. Combined with a ton of other cons.

      I don’t think Tokyo Raven’s should have ranked so lowly though. It’s a nice low calorie show with funny characters.

      Strike the Blood isn’t anything special, but it’s enjoyable enough. It’s a Silver Link production, enough said haha.

    • cronosmu says:

      I’m tempted to say that putting Unbreakable Machine Doll in F is far too generous. It’s a horrible archetypical shounen. Not only it has the most annoying girl in recent years -that thing called Yaya- and on top of that a SAO-grade harem, it’s like the author put in a blender every overused trope, mixed them, added a very, very washed out version of FMA’s philosophy (thou shall not use human beings, taboo taboo), and the result was this show. Not even the fanservice is good.

  • cronosmu says:

    I stole pantsu.
    I’m a deviant.
    Baudelaire, what shall I do?
    Ah, les fleurs du mal. Magnifique, magnifique.
    Why can’t I have a platonic relationship, Baudelaire?
    Don’t ask me that, Kasuga, in my times I used to go to brothels.
    Let’s walk aimlessly for ten minutes and call it art.
    Hana ga hana ga

    I still wonder how someone can consider this to be a good story. To me it was dumb and pretentious teen angst.

    • the problem is not the story, is how they portrayed it. That anime was the worst adaptation of the year. Read the source material if you want to be sure.

      • Seven says:

        The source material doesn’t change the anime’s story.

        This might seem absurd, but did you consider the problem could perhaps be both?

        • a story can be good or bad depending on how they portray it. The anime was slow and ugly, the manga has a pacing that is much better and you dont get headaches looking at it.

          • cronosmu says:

            I have a big problem with authors who try too hard to be trangressive. In fact, those are the kinds of works I dislike the most. Aku no Hana tries to be a realistic story about outcast teens, but it fails in many ways, so much that it turns ludicrous. I’ve seen and read the same story hundreds of times.

            My mind didn’t change when I read the manga. I don’t think it’s utter trash, but it’s not good either. The only nice thing about it is that it’s not rotoscoped.

  • Anonymous says:

    Haha. Anything KyoAni does it’s awful moeblob and horrendous.
    But, Nagi no Asukara no! Despite every character has the same fucking face.
    Great double standards.

    • Seven says:

      It shows a part of yourself when you log out to post certain comments, or are you just at “a friend’s house”.

      “Anything KyoAni does it’s awful moeblob and horrendous.”

      Kyoto Animation’s series fail for a variety of reasons, and their same face syndrome is one of them.

      “But, Nagi no Asukara no! Despite every character has the same fucking face.”

      Because if you weren’t dumb and illiterate, you would have been reading the Nagi no Asukara reviews exclaiming how continually amazing the plot progresses, and how amazing everything is, and the fact that the characters whilst lookjing similar among themselves, are unique to the series. They don’t have the Hanasaku Iroha same-face issue. On the amusing contrary, Kyoto Animation couldn’t hold up the story for their work with most potential going for it this year, Beyond The Boundary, and the visuals are just as recycled from K-ON, Hyouka, Tamako Market, and a variety of other series not even worth listing.

      For that matter, the distinctive qualities and intricacies of the aesthetics of Nagi no Asukara are well-evident. Seems like you just want something to cry about.

  • raymondjram says:

    I really liked the Monogatari Second Season and its variety of stories. The animation was better than in Bakemonogatari, and several new characters appeared. Since I read several of the translated light novels, I was watching how Shaft displayed Nisio Isin’s words. Some were correct or better, but some lost the specail dialog between the characters.

    You missed “Arpeggio of Blue Steel”. I read that the anime was a reduced version of the manga, but it had excellent action scenes with the 401 submarine against the Fleet of the Fog. The characters began quite stiff, but became more human as it ended, especially Iona and Takao. The change with Kongou was fascinating!

    • Seven says:

      ‘You missed “Arpeggio of Blue Steel”.’

      It’s the first one under “Failure”.

      • Anonymous says:

        I also had a question about a certain anime. I saw Steins Gate a while ago and a friend told me to watch Chaos Head which was supposed to be, according to him “waaaaay better” than the aforementioned series. I saw a preview but I didn’t understand what was so great about it. I was just wondering if it was worth my time.

  • jokspacifist says:

    If Noucome it’s in the C Rank, I can’t see why Outbreak Company shouldn’t, both stick to their premises of comedy and anyone who likes this type of show will love them.

    Well, comedy is totally subjective, and since the list is yours, have it our way.

    And why they hate for SnK, Tetsuo Araki did an awesome job to grab the viewers attention and the musical score was superb. Would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t watched it.

    • gargamesh says:

      ” I can’t see why Outbreak Company shouldn’t, both stick to their premises of comedy and anyone who likes this type of show will love them.”

      You also couldn’t see how the visuals were horrendous in that particular work, and for an animation, that just won’t cut it.

      “And why they hate for SnK, Tetsuo Araki did an awesome job to grab the viewers attention and the musical score was superb. Would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t watched it.”

      It grabbed attention alright, unfortunately, it just allowed everyone to see what dirt it is beneath.

      You’re free to like it still though. Not telling you to hate it, but don’t ignore its many, many flaws.

      • jokspacifist says:

        I don’t remember all this “Fujoshi bait thing” and does having a series catering to the opposite sex makes it essentially bad ? No wonder, why SoL with Yuri is highly praised here.

        I believe multilation was used in order to make the titans undoubtfully evil to the eyes of the audience.
        And characters dying right and left to give the “no one is safe” feel, which reminds me of Baccano’s Russo philosophy.

        • Seven says:

          Are you going to argue intelligently or just act like a little kid?

          “No wonder, why SoL with Yuri is highly praised here.”

          Like what exactly? Kiniro Mosaic? If that’s all you grasped from reading the reviews, I’m surprised you’re so short-sighted and stupid. I expected far much better from someone like you. To lump everyone’s views together into one already shows how (un)intelligent you are and how much of a legitimate conversation you intend to have.

          I think that was already shown though in you logging out to post your crying complaints anonymously.

          Shingeki no Kyojin has a variety of issues, they were already listed, if you disagree, great for you. Pretending they weren’t mentioned and just focusing on one of them so you can throw a little kid’s fit over adults not liking the same thing as you is not amusing.

          • jokspacifist says:

            I apologize for my earlier outburst of rage with the childish comments.

            And, yes SoL with Yuri undertones is what I’ve got from reading the headlines.
            Being totally honest, I’m biased with fundamentally “SoL” shows as I am always expecting something to happen and to not feel bored, but then again, that’s just my way.

            But why do I dislike the simplistic SoL shows ? Because there are of ton of already on my national television, even if they are live action.

            For the SoL shows listed here, I’ve only watched GJ-bu and the only thing I remember was that hair-brushing.

            • Seven says:

              Sucks for you that you dislike those sort of series, but that doesn’t diminish their quality. I personally don’t like yuri whatsoever, but daysofsummer likes yuri, and he has reviewed the few most recent slice of life series with yuri undertones, and he likes yuri – making that one aspect of the series that he likes about them out of many. Of course there are many other reasons those series are well-regarded, but obviously, you don’t know about any of that from only “reading the headlines”, and apparently not even watching the series at that.

            • neodarksun says:

              I personally dislike shows like that because

              -I hate big gender disparity.
              -It lacks a hook, or reason to keep watching/something to look forward to.
              -It just feels too much, when every character is cute.
              -Their humor fails to make me laugh.

              I don’t really care about the Yuri undertones, as I question it need to be “undertones” and not just make it more clear.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think your rank for Saint Saiya Omega was a bit too high, it was Ok for new watchers but, for a die hard saint saiya fans like, not me, but some of my friends, this isnt saint saiya they used to know.

    • Seven says:

      It’s been long years since the original, can’t expect too much from it.

    • cronosmu says:

      The fact that SS Omega doesn’t look like the old Saint Seiya many used to know is irrelevant. At most it’s a shallow complain of those who are unable to accept any change or improvement just because it doesn’t resemble what the used to watch years ago. The same happened with Lost Canvas, which is superior. Many kurutards couldn’t stand Shiori’s version of their precious series because it didn’t mimic Kurumada’s storytelling. To tell the truth, I’d rather see those designs than those of the original manga, which are awful beyond human comprenhension.

      The original Saint Seiya, just as Omega -an average shounen-, wasn’t good anyway. It surely opened the market of anime in many places, especially in Latin America, but that’s its only merit. Many like it because that’s what they used to watch when they were kids, not because it has something to offer apart from Shingo Araki’s designs, some good music and the repetitive plot.

      I don’t think I need to pont this out, but I’m saying this as someone who was brought to the world of anime by Saint Seiya. Those memories of the discovery can’t change the fact that this series isn’t as great as many nostalgic fans think it is.

      • Same could be said for most childhood anime series. I was brought into anime thanks to anime like Saint Seya, as well; Although I knew Saint Seya by it’s spanish name “Caballeros del Zodiaco”, and only in the recent years discovered Saint Seya was a name for it as well.

        A reason why I try not to rewatch nostalgic anime is because of my change in assessment regarding anime. I’d probably think about most of them as shit and that would probably disappoint me somewhere deep inside. I won’t blindly call them masterpieces either.

  • vacxy says:

    A- Amazing
    B- Better
    C- Crappy
    D- Depressing
    F- Failure
    G- Guilty Crown
    J- J.C. Staff

  • zchronos says:

    “Nagi no Asukara” as Amazing????
    “Maoyuu” and “Silver Spoon” as Crappy????

    Nop, something is very bad here.

    • gargamesh says:

      Yep, deal with it, I’ve watch all of those, and both were lackluster, with Maoyuu not even achieving anything at the end despite being quite intriguing at the start, even with after all they did, and Silver Spoon just being disappointing with a promising premise, delivered poorly.

      What’s bad is that you haven’t even given a reason as to why they’re not supposed in to be in their positions.

      • zchronos says:


        1. Nagi no Asukara.- Good Design, bad premise, not physics (Come on, even the Little Mermaid – Disney have it), forced drama, uff… in my opinion this anime deserves a F.
        2. Maoyuu.- Good Design, good premise, the characters deal with complex issues, argument that requires some intelligence. OK, in the end it came to nothing, but that’s not reason enough to degrade all.

      • Anonymous says:

        Silven Spoon will have a second season so maybe it will have a good end.

  • Anonymous says:

    Aku no hana on F? i mean, really? Aku no Hana absolutely deserves G, it a very dumb act to make a decent manga turn into pure nonesense with one of the worst rotoscpoe technique i ever seen in my life, and if Z rank exist, Aku No Hana deserves that spot

  • Anonymous says:

    I personaly split toaru railgun S into two part, the original material is on B, where that silent party filler crap is on F.

  • Anonymous says:

    From medical point of view, Non Non Byori is herbal medicine, Oregairu is truth serum, monogatari is weed, shingeki no kyoujin is steroid and aku no hana is cat litter

  • Anonymous says:

    Anyone who doesnt agree oregairu is A is probably those who tried to run from reality, oregairu is the most truthful anime i ever see so far.

    • Seven says:

      Anyone who doesn’t agree Oregairu is A is probably touching themselves to Free!, High School DxD, or Shingeki no Kyojin.

  • Anonymous says:

    If you put Amnesia so high you don’t deserve any less respect.

    Just for my own curiosity,is there a series that you’ve actually enjoyed or liked it? I see you just describe any series being horrible animated,horrible plot horrible everything. Don’t get me wrong,I know everybody have their own choice to express opinion,their own likes and preferences,but you just take any kind of series and bad mouthing about it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oregairu is an A? Well, i saw the first episode so far and can’t say much but the characters seem kinda hollow, with the curse words and ridiculing the MC making up for dialogue. But it seems promise, so I’ll continue watching.

    But Shingeki no Kyojin an F? That is biased! Let’s look at the art first, the source has horrible art which was greatly improved in the anime.
    The story is not your typical shounen story either, it’s gripping and tense and importantly.. realistic. Anyone could die at any time, like in a real war, except this is aganist titans that eat you. If they showed the deaths off screen or being less gruesome, it wouldn’t have that “vibe” as being tense.

    And the music, was great, many people praised it and you could find so many covers on youtube!

    There is so much detail in every frame, a small tree in the background, the houses have superior texture, the colors are vibrant.

    The characters may not have been developed much, but the focus was more on combat than drama.
    I think the main reason it didn’t appeal to people was because the characters you hoped would live died, or because the titans never got their asses kicked, but that’s the point of the anime. It is supposed to a tragic and helpless story. Come on, huge monsters around and you expect them to fall like paper?

    Eren was not the best but come on, Mom died in front of you, dad disappeared, squad died, HOW THE HELL can you be shocked? Of course, newer recruits were shocked, episodes (4-8) , they stood like dumb-asses and were eaten like grass.

    To be honest, I knew from the beginning that Eren had to get some special power, it was discreetly hinted from episode 1. They never gave an explanation of the truth of the walls while explaining everything else and of course Titans looking um… SIMILAR to human beings????

    I think Shingeki no Kyoujin deserves at least a C if there really are so many errors that people claim it has. Of course, anime are subjective in the end but calling it a G.C IS A SIN.

    • gargamesh says:

      You know why Shingeki no Kyojin sucks? It persists itself on being overly dramatic, Characters that are created only to die, a show that wastes its screentime with a flashback that runs the half of the episode, wastes its time on developing characters that were to die minutes later, the repetitive repetition of an attempt of horrifying the viewers with the same situation everytime, only to create the opposite effect. A useless whiny MC, Visual Quality dropped so much halfway, oh, and did I mention terrible pacing that is comparable to Goku’s process of producing a Kamehameha?

      If you think that is biased, you have problems.

      • ravenous215 says:

        “It persists itself on being overly dramatic, Characters that are created only to die,”

        I believe the severity of the situation in SNK pretty much excuses that. This also makes me call into question if the same critical rules of television applies to anime. For the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are guilty of many of these crimes (walking dead much more noticeably) yet remain critically aclaimed.

        • domme008 says:

          The situation is severe, that’s for sure, my problem with it is that the constant deaths just take away from the shock factor, I did like some of the side characters but if they all die like flies it just doesn’t affect me anymore. It sure is good to show just how dangerous a situation is, but if it is overdone it will affect the viewers perception of it. That was what happened in my case anyway.

        • Seven says:

          ” yet remain critically aclaimed.”

          Not by me.

          • Anonymous says:

            Where would works like mars of destruction go?

            • domme008 says:

              Mars of destruction is not to be considered a work! I believe that every anime has at least something good about it, but mars of destruction looks like it was created to show the viewers how bad it can really get. In every single forum there are different reviews on anime, some that praise one and some that ridicule it, mars of destruction is the only work that every single person I’ve seen has laughed at, some gave it the highest rating just because they were amazed at how bad it was. It is not a anime, it is an attempt by someone to create something so bad noone can claim it as good, and that someone succeeded.

              • Anonymous says:

                I figured as much. Someone I know said it was obviously made in some kid’s basement.

        • gargamesh says:

          Sooo… what? That’s actually no excuse, it’s just horrible storytelling and the show wastes time on them, making the already horrible pacing even more terrible.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh,just shout your mouth alrealy Anon-kun (I know I’m one too but oh well).
      You SnK overly-obssesed fans are incredibly stupid. If you don’t like how it was put on this list, bad for you,but no one cares. It’s their own opinions. Also, SnK becoming overrated went to its ‘steep fall’. This show doesn’t need to be critized or praised,it’s for some people’ tastes. What is so super-liking a character which will die the next day? Okay,it’s original. Titans invaded people and ate them. But I can’t see why it became so popular in the first place. It’s not Guilty Crown,it’s not SAO,but it’s not as good as it worth that damn popularity.
      So,let the SnK fandom to do the homo-homo things about their characters and live in a happy heaven with your stupid titans and your communist hair lead.

      • Seven says:

        I never read such a wonderful Anonymous comment.

        • Anonymous says:

          I was too lazy to register only for one comment but I’m glad I’m liked at least.

      • ravenous215 says:

        “So,let the SnK fandom to do the homo-homo things about their characters and live in a happy heaven with your stupid titans and your communist hair lead.”

        I have absolutely zero comprehension of how SNK is homo or fujoshi pandering.

    • This show is so good, that the creator of the show will change the ending he originally had planned to “please the fans of the show, since they wouldn’t handle the gruesome ending that was previously planned”. I think changing the ending of something just to please the fans is total bullocks, especially when you think that your planned ending was most befitting for the series. That’s the effect of an exploited series.

      I bet that if Gatchaman Crowds was over-hyped by mass commercialization like Shingeki, SAO, or any of those shows was, you would’ve completely forgotten about this titans and go straight to defending the hyped show of the season. People say that hype shouldn’t affect your bias towards the series, but it sure has affected the series itself along with the majority of the fanbase.

      I also disagreed with it’s place, but I’m not asking for it to be changed, and I’m not disregarding its faults either.

      I agree with you when it comes to the music. The realism I agree with partially, and by that I mean that if Titans appeared everyone would be crapping their pants each second. That said, there wouldn’t be badasses who are invulnerable to titans despite them being normal human beings (see Mikasa and Levi).

      • avatar flamestrike says:

        From the translation I read, the creator said he was considering it. Not that he’d defiantly do it.

        Your argument about hype can go both ways though. Are you sure you’re not being overly critical and searching out reasons to hate the show because it’s hyped? Such things always happen with hyped shows.

        • I personally don’t hate shows because they’re being hyped. Gurren Lagann was a VERY hyped show, and I loved it, along side shows like Madoka, Steins Gate, etc. I have reasons why I don’t really see titan as great, which are stated above and in another comment around here.

          Besides, I’m also talking about how hype can affect a series itself. The fact that he’s even considering to change the ending to please the fans shows the effect of a large grasping fanbase.

          • jokspacifist says:

            Not new to me.
            See Evangelion.

            • Anonymous says:

              Evangelion is overrated. I never understood why Shinji Ikari was put on god status as a character. Good character analysis for its time though, I’ll give it that.

              • Anonymous says:

                Evangelion isnt overatted, evangelion is original AND also predecessor of “Mind Screw” anime concept, many mecha anime, even non mecha anime like freezing and date a live has evangelion elements in it…and its symbolic.

          • domme008 says:

            I always believe that the next hyped show might actually be truthful to its hype, and as such I am always deeply disappointed if I think otherwise later on. I don’t like shingeki no kyojin, but I also don’t despise it with heart, might have liked it better if I hadn’t had such high expectations of it.
            When I heard that he wants to change the ending I facepalmed. The autor should make the story the way he wants to, not how his fans want it. Bad ends are rather rare and as such I might even have looked forward to it, especially because I could have seen the death of Eren. The biggest problem right now is that the characters are pretty much in a hopeless situation and to achieve a good ending a lot of bs will have to happen later on, I just hope the autor won’t resort to the friendship stuff, the only series where I can barely tolerate that is fairy tail because of its lightheartedness, but surely not in Shingeki no Kyojin.

  • Anonymous says:

    Dammit, I was expecting a rank bellow G for SAO.

  • Anonymous says:

    I liked Free! but that probably comes with havin a vagina.

  • Anonymous says:

    Agreed with valvrave, it’s one of the most annoying anime of 2013.

    • MisaoFan says:

      For the first season maybe (IMO), but I think the second season is the best part of the show if we can exclude the open-ended ending, but other than that, I liked the story progression that goes between seasons even if it feels a little unimpressive.

  • Anonymous says:

    Absolutely agreed on oregairu, I’ll admit the first time I saw the sypnosis for this anime I thought Oregairu would be a stereotypical romcom anime. Just think about it. There are two female main characters and a male character. Male character is an outcast. One of the female characters is the school’s most beautiful girl. How original. But when I finished the first episode of this anime. I realized that this was something else. Something that manages to stray away from the norm and become something really special. In the end Oregairu really did turn out to be a good series. What I thought would be a stereotypical romcom anime turned out to be something more than that. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who watches anime…

    …I wont reccomend it to Free!, Dxd And Kyojin watchers though, they will spew a lot of denials…

    • domme008 says:

      Well, personally I liked both Oregairu and DxD and I don’t have any urge to do so xD
      Oregairu stood out to me because I could actually relate to Hachiman, I am mostly a very pessimistic person in nature and can somewhat agree with him and as such it felt very realistic to me.

  • Anonymous says:

    AKB48 and Inu hasami should be on G.

  • avatar clouded101 says:

    Oregairu as A? True, it started out surprisingly well, but halfway the quality dropped. The series didn’t have enough plot to continue, and saying it’s realistic (just think the last episode) do I even need to point it? It’s above average, but not something I would recommend.
    By the way I hate Free!, Dxd, And Kyojin so, could you whole lot please stop saying Oregairu’s quality is undeniable?

    • Seven says:

      In what way did the series seem to have not enough plot to continue to you? When it became very tense and emotional?

    • Anonymous says:

      Oregairu is absolutely A, the only flaw oregairu has are: this anime is too good for those who always try to run away from reality.

      • avatar clouded101 says:

        Whose reality? I don’t know if that’s how life is in Japan, but that’s certainly not how it’s here in Brazil. The main character exaggerated on the aspects of teen life, and while I found that comical at first, it grew old. The latter episodes are just dull, with misplaced soundtracks. It exaggerates teen angst in a way that’s certainly not realistic. Makes me wonder on what reality you are living.

        • Seven says:

          Your Brazil life is definitely different from Hachiman’s if you’re saying he exaggerated his situation.

          • jokspacifist says:

            I met people like Hachiman during my high school life.
            While I understand he’s a necessary character for the show, there’s no way I can find him likeable.
            Even used to act like him, but recognized I was too young and head a whole life ahed to be so pessimistic and dry.
            I’m brazilian btw.

            • Seven says:

              Whether you find him likable or not doesn’t determine the show’s quality and to even mention as much shows you missing the whole point of the show.

              • jokspacifist says:

                I don’t think I mentioned anything about the show quality.
                My point was there are people like him around here, therefore I don’t believe he overreacted.

              • Seven says:

                You replied to me, who was replying to someone saying less of the show’s quality. If your comment did not pertain to that, you should have specified. But whatever the case, it’s clear now.

              • avatar clouded101 says:

                Yeah but those were different comments. The one I talked about how I think he exaggerates is to explain why I don’t think this show is realistic. As I already said, my only problems with it is how the plot fails to keeps with expectations, becoming latter dull. That’s why it couldn’t possibly be awesome, because of this fault.

            • Anonymous says:

              Life is good, so why bother seeing people and friendship in such a manner? Seclusion seems to be self-torturing and not worth the trouble.
              Yep, many brazilians in the internet.

          • avatar clouded101 says:

            Is that sarcasm? Without your tone of voice it’s hard to tell. Perhaps those who can relate with him find his behavior normal, but because I can’t I find his behavior exaggerated.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nice one, i agreed that asukara and minami ke are amazing :)

  • Anonymous says:

    Minami-ke is the best!

  • Anonymous says:

    Finally! I’m not the only one who thought that Free! was a total failure!

  • Anonymous says:

    strike the blood isn’t technically a 2013 anime (since it’s 2-cour into winter season) but I agree it is BAAAaaaaadddd.

    interesting list

    imo danganronpa deserved “failure,” though I am biased since I played the game first…

    • Seven says:

      It just debuted with 13 episodes in 2013, it’s not a 2013 anime, yeah, that makes sense.

      • Anonymous says:

        no, i’m just saying in terms of how most people would place it in a list, it would count as a 2014 anime. many sites and blogs did that with soul eater which debuted in 2008 but was placed in 2009 lists.

        strike the blood is continuing in 2014 with 13 new episodes I believe since it is 2-cour. i wasn’t trying to be a dumbass. not saying you have to do it. just a random comment i made.

        sorry if i sounded stupid?

        • Seven says:

          You should have just said that initially.Then I could have told you, the most proper course of action is to consider it a contender of both years.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love Rozen Maiden, but was surprise to see it in the top and was also surprise to see Suigintou(my favorite) to be label as Best Gothic Lolita of 2013. But when you look at it this way, Rozen Maiden deserves that number 1 spot. The series has been around since 2002, so technically speaking it’s the oldest in this list(or one of the oldest series) and has come a long way.

    I’m not sure if I’m making sense here but the reason why I like it is because neither is it a over-hype series(like: Snk, Naruto, Bleach, etc.) nor does it submit to fan service(although there is a sense with Shinku & Hina naked and Kira sucking on Jun’s finger). But overall the series is unique in my opinion. Studio Deen did a great job on this.

    PS: I like how Peach-Pit re-released the original 2 series and the ova on Blu-ray. The packages were awesome and I think no anime licensor has ever thought of it.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think Susei no Gargantia can go to A. The show really was amazing, the plot execution and character development was top notch even if the story was only 12 episodes and felt a bit short unlike the other *cough*valvrave*cough*. So, at least for moving us all in just 13 episodes, I think it deserves an ‘A’. Well that’s my opinion, but anyone agree?

  • Anonymous says:

    Hmm…Actually Really depends on the one who watches it..I am a Balance anime watcher and not focus only on One genre

  • Anonymous says:

    >Kill la kill in Better-category
    Are you fucking kidding me? Okay it’s maybe not one of the worst but still pretty much low anyway.

  • Anonymous says:

    lol u mad sir :D….you may not like monogatari but at least respect their uniqueness…monogatari series are not even comparable with many of the ones in this page…

  • Anonymous says:

    golden time should be in amazing

  • zerriet says:

    Personally, after looking at kamisama no inai nichiyoubi again. I think it should have been placed slightly higher. Story pacing could have been better, however ai really went though alot of development throughout the series, fantastic world building and atmosphere and beautiful animation. Furthermore, really great final arc. I think it’s kinda like hitsugi no chaika and Tokyo ravens, where the world building is such a strong aspect and the show was overall decent but suffered from some weak episodes in the middle arcs.

    Also, apologies for revisiting such an old thread

  • Anonymous says:

    well, even though i enjoyed some(Deadman Wonderland, Canaan, Chuu-2, Kyoukai no Kanata, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun) generally just f*** all new animes released newly, too much moe and s***… nowadays I tend to watch a random animated sitcoms, Top Gear, gaming, or even speeding in reality with my motorcycle at 100kmh

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