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Dragonar Academy’s second PV arrives to show it’s a series with more than just naked flying lolis, it also has tentacle molestation, and those naked lolis actually wear pantsu on occasion believe it or not.

Needless to say, the most this series will have going for it is the cute pink-haired loli its been exploiting since day one. The PV conveys what is trying to be an RPG-adventure of an anime, and to some degree, it does get that across quite unexpectedly. The dragon flying scenes and vast landscapes are impressive, and the music is oddity fitting of the atmosphere and quite entrancing. The production values appear to be strangely high for a work with such a poor selection of characters and hysterically bad premise.

Had the anime just toned down on the underwear and birthday suits, and had a male protagonist who is actually a shining emblem of the word “hero”, it would have been much more convincing, with greater potential for technical success. At the very least, these sort of fantasy adventures need a protagonist who keeps the rest of the party in check, which isn’t the case here unfortunately.

If the PV is truly indicative of what is to come with the anime series, it looks like this show will have two-thirds of female biology for every one third of legitimate action adventuring.

Watching the PV, ultimately, there is a moment it does lead us to believe that this might not have been as horrid as initially believed, but upon finishing the PV, then we see that yes indeed, it is.


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