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After an extended self-hyping campaign that hasn’t gone anywhere, “Wake Up, Girls!” at last shows its first PV – a preview displaying it to be the generic idol success story of our dreams, realizing all expectation.

The girl’s face above should fit most individuals’ view of this preview clip and series as a whole.

This PV sets the context of a vivid city and colorful idol concert life, then instantly flips into ever-necessary hardship. Instead of exploring further into why a girl is running aimlessly in the night or crying for no apparent reason, which would have set those as unique, meaningful events, the series itself seems to admit those are merely conventional aspects of the ordinary idol life as the video just tarries on with other excerpts.

Yet perhaps the most embarrassing element of this PV is how it tries to force its own abbreviation of “WUG” to catch on. Lacking the popularity for fans to actually care to abbreviate this idol show themselves, “Wake Up, Girls!” hopes emboldening its preference will help.

Assuming it did, “WUG” would be nothing to be proud of, and incidentally, neither is this PV.


  • Anonymous says:

    “The girl’s face above should fit most individuals’ view of this preview clip and series as a whole.”
    How did you know? Oh, silly me, you’re talking about the top picture.
    I thought you were talking about her face in the PV, where it looks like she is retching – much closer to my personal reaction.
    And “wug” is weaboo for “whack”, I swear. It’s the sound the common Otaku makes, while touching themselves to Idolshows. WUG. WUG. WUG. sigh*
    But enough with this nonsense, now that we know what you don’t like, is there anything you’re looking forward to this winter season, Seven?

  • Anonymous says:

    Why ? Isn’t anime being saved ?

  • Anonymous says:

    This anime is dead and screwed… just like everything else in the present.

  • liberator says:

    The running animation from 0:16 to 0:19 looks off. And from the music, are these girls hope the fans will chant “W,U,G, O Seven”, “W,U,G, O Seven”…

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