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“Ro-Kyu-Bu!” 2014 Loli Calendar

Dec 2, 2013 @ 20:57 CDT

Among the 2014 calendar offerings, there is one from Ro-Kyu-Bu!, made up of recycled provocative imagery, with basketballs inserted randomly atop of flat chests and other dangerous points to act as censorship.

This is a rather depressing calendar, it gives nothing to look forward to in life besides being imprisoned for pedophilia. It’s a calendar that says the new year will be no different than the last, and in spite of everything, you’ll never make any progress with girls, even if they’re 2-D. On top of that, the censorship just looks cheesy.


  • Anonymous says:

    i’m proud

    • akimari says:

      That should be switched to Japan since they are the ones who created this… thing.

    • Age of consent

      USA: 18

      Brazil: 12/13

      You Were Saying?

      • lol nope, its complete 14, which… isnt that much better.

        • cronosmu says:

          That’s right. 14 is too high by my standards.

          • That changes quite a lot.
            But unlike USA, If you are young (20), you can have a 12 years girlfriend and no fucks are given.

            You can also try a loli prostitute if that’s your thing.

            • now you are just spouting too much shit for me to ignore. first of all dating a 12 if you are 20 is going to get notice by the parents, other relatives and friends, fucks will be given if the family has even the lest amount of decency anyone could expect and that is punishable by law just like I said before that the minimum age is 14.

              • cronosmu says:

                I don’t know if it’s a Latin American thing. When I was in middle school, I had some loli classmate, 12-13 years old, not yet a bishoujo, who at the time dated some college guy, who was 20 years old. It was celebrated by many, and of course the ammount of fucks given was rather low. The same can be said about some rumors regarding an English teacher who had a not so hidden relationship with another underaged girl from my group.

              • >decency

                Sorry, this is South America we are talking about.
                Like I said, no fucks given.

                Decency is extremely rare around here nowadays.

              • “>decency

                Sorry, this is South America we are talking about.
                Like I said, no fucks given.

                Decency is extremely rare around here nowadays.”

                lol you are just being foolish now. there are nice ppl and bad ppl everywhere. Things like that happen all around the world, pedophilia will be seen as something grotesque everywhere. You think a father would not care if his pre-teen daughter was dating some 20 year old dude? of course he would, any good person would. This applies to any civilized location.

              • Again, as I said, these relationships are normal here.
                At least three or four states they are.

                These relationships are not even considered here pedophilia to begin with.

              • dude I dont know in what part of the country you live at, but thats not freaking normal. and when you say considered normal? by whom exactly? you? the local community in general? where do you think this is seen as normal? is this the view of the majority of ppl? I am pretty sure it is not.

              • cronosmu says:

                Yes, please tell us, Devilmaycry. That way the SeventhStyle crew can organize a nice trip to Brazilian loliland. If lolis are too reluctant to accept our otaku bodies, molded after years of healthy confinement, we can marinate them in cachaça.

              • It’s not as serious as you think it is.
                They are just normal couples.

              • dude, you have no idea how sure I am about what I am talking about here. this being normal is not a country-wise view of this subject. Again, idk in what part of the country you live, but this is not viewed as normal by the majority of the population. And no, something like a 20 dating a 12-13 is not normal.

              • It’s simple, just look for a “baile funk” in São Paulo or Rio.
                If you have a car just look for a place called Algusta Street in São Paulo.

                Note: As a precaution, don’t drink nothing that someone offer you. Really.
                Note 2: Being a Gringo automatically makes you irresistible, so do not worry about starting a conversation.

                Boa sorte around here and… Careful!

                (It’s half past one in the morning and here I am promoting sex tourism. Man I need to sleep.)

              • Like I said before, you have no idea how sure I am. And what does what you said have anything to do with what we are discussing here? I was not talking about prostitution. Besides, the way you are saying it sounds like you mean there is nothing wrong with all that, so what is your point exactly?

              • That was to Cronosmu.
                And my point is: Like it or not, this’s how things work around here.

                Let’s end it here, please?

              • thats how things are? what are your basis to say that? yourself? Just tell me what makes you so sure that this kind of stuff is seen as normal and acceptable by the majority.

                note: I am not talking about prostitution. I am talking about the matter of age we are discussing all this time.

              • cronosmu says:

                I think this whole thread needs a nice boat (full of lolis, of course).

  • Anonymous says:

    Once at school, the principal said that some third-graders were dating.

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