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Break Blade’s original manga series is being redrawn page by page as its “New Edition” manga recreation is underway, although in the most literal sense, meaning it doesn’t even look any different than the original.

One would expect a redrawn manga to be in a situation like that of Infinite Stratos, either going from great art to mediocre, or vice versa – Break Blade does neither. When they told this artist to redraw the manga panels, he sure redrew them alright, with such precision, the new panels on the right appear virtually identical to the originals on the left. Staring at the new panels for a good long while, one can finally notice there is intensified lighting value work – a very minuscule and clearly unnecessary, but definitely worthwhile and commendable enhancement.


  • neodarksun says:

    I know the difference isn’t big, but I really do think it’s noticeable enough, it looks cleaner.

    • Seven says:

      Yes indeed, that’s why I mentioned it’s still commendable. They could have easily left it as is, the art was truly good enough, though they went the effort of taking it from great to perfect – really can’t be any better now.

      I’m now inspired to watch the anime because I see such diligence and delicate care put into the series.

      • neodarksun says:

        The anime is not something I recommend, actually. I don’t have a grudge on the story getting changed as much as most people, but the anime felt a lot lacking compared the manga they cut character development and the aftermaths of a battle are pretty important.

        I love the opening thought, I get got goose bumbs the first time I saw its chorus.

        • Seven says:

          Thanks for letting me know, I might still watch an episode to see for myself – but then again, that wouldn’t have been for a long time from now anyway since I’m occupied with Slayers.

          • neodarksun says:

            Actually you still can watch it, it still has great animation and it drifts off after episode 4, so you can jump off to the manga if you happen to like the concept but felt movies were lacking.

            “The anime is not something I recommend”

            Now that I think about, overall I still don’t like the anime( mostly due to the last 2 episodes), but I can probably recommend the anime( the first 4 episodes, at least) as something to start with.

            “I’m occupied with Slayers.”

            I’ve always had a hard time completing long series, but I’ve seen its 1st season as a kid and I might pick it up again. But I’ll have to finish re-watching Towards the Terra( plus, finally watch its 1980 film) first.

            • Seven says:

              “I’ve always had a hard time completing long series”

              I do too, but I like that Slayers is divided into seasons instead of doing the episode 362 bit. If you’re looking for stuff to watch, then I have an endless list of recommendations.

              Besides Slayers, there’s a lot I want to rewatch.

              • neodarksun says:

                “If you’re looking for stuff to watch, then I have an endless list of recommendations.”

                Can you name some? Not that I don’t have a list myself, but other than adding, if its already their, I can change priorities since its recommended.

              • Seven says:

                Daphe in the Brilliant Blue
                Natsu no Arashi
                The Ancient Book of Ys
                Hyouge Mono
                Haibane Renmei
                Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo
                Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou

              • neodarksun says:

                Surprisingly, the only thing there that I have pending is “Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo”, and that’s because you mentioned it a long time ago.

                “The Ancient Book of Ys”

                How about the second OVA series?

              • Seven says:

                “Surprisingly, the only thing there that I have pending”

                There was no point in recommending the typical series that everyone hears about and thinks are good. These are masterpieces that go unrecognized.

                “How about the second OVA series?”

                Watch it also, it’s all good. It has improved visuals too, looks stunning for a series of its time.

              • neodarksun says:

                “There was no point in recommending the typical series that everyone hears about and thinks are good. These are masterpieces that go unrecognized.”

                Actually I was thinking in the line of Planetes, Kare Kano, Denno Coil. Sure, I think they once popular but now……

              • Seven says:

                “I think they once popular but now……”

                All the more reason you shouldn’t have expected me to mention them.

                I don’t really like Dennou Coil, the other two don’t interest me so I’ve never seen them.

  • triton6783 says:

    A big difference I notice is that the chins are much less pointy, making the characters look much more natural.

  • avatar flamestrike says:

    Break Blade is an interesting manga with a very cool Sci-Fi world. The technology that revolves around a special ability all humans in that world are born with is pretty cool.

    Still, this whole re-drawing thing does explain why Break Blade was on haitus for such a long time. Personally I think his drawings where good enough and there was no need to stall the series, but it is what it is.

  • thats one thing I wasnt expecting to hear something about. I was highly disappointed with the anime series, like it wasnt enough to have to wait months to watch one more of 6 episodes they did, they completely changed the story. I aslo had to give up on reading the manga because it took several months to have a new chapter translated on the internet. hmm maybe I should check on it again some time.

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