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Supernatural slice of excellence, Mushishi, mentions a “top secret project” upcoming in a new manga volume just released – inevitably sparking the hype of second seasons and other too good to be trues.

These ultra-confidential projects almost always amount to fruitless announcements, but jumping to conclusions wouldn’t be quite appropriate either. Mushishi is one of the most perfected works of anime ever created – visually arresting aesthetics telling a mind-numbing story that encourages a reassessment of one’s outlook on life. The anime’s ending was wonderful – although, the story could definitely continue, especially as the manga still offers much more to the story.


  • ampzz says:

    If this is for a HD remaster of the originally ran series I will jizz in my pants instantly the moment I get confirmation; those standing around me will need to have a life-jacket on whilst readying themselves to board the closest boat.

  • MisaoFan says:

    After directing Aku no Hana in which visuals almost turned off most of the viewers because of the bad rotoscoping despite the fact it had a rather peculiarly good story, I think Nagahama is coming back! Wonder if it’s going to be either a second season or just a HD reairing that will premiere on noitaminA given the fact that the original series was first aired on Fuji TV back in 2005.

  • triton6783 says:

    “although, the story could definitely continue, especially as the manga still isn’t over.”

    The manga ended 5 years ago, so this isn’t right. It is true that the anime only adapted 6 of the 10 volumes that were released, so the story could still continue for the anime version.

  • Someone Else says:

    People wanting HD remaster, while others want second season…Why not both? :D

    Honestly I would love a new season

  • hmm I think its better to remain cautiously optimistic about this…

  • triton6783 says:

    Just an update, but it has been said that whatever is being announced will be announced on the wraparound jackets that will be on the rereleases of the manga, with the first one being released on November 21st, so we should know by then.

  • jingoi says:

    give us a OVA at least.

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