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YuShibu kicks into light speed idiocy, presenting the setting with its potentially amusing, highly dislikable characters and hints of that to come in the story besides the comedy – all in a furious mish-mash.

So what is to come? Probably the viewer, because watching this series indicates one isn’t searching for any real plot intensity anyway. As the full title of “Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku o Ketsui Shimashita” indicates, this is a phony love story stuffed with regurgitating with busty girls and their undergarments.

The visuals differ from the original light novel, but sustain their familiar essence – though this isn’t a positive thing, because it means in the case of this series, having a heroine who is but a detestable imitation of a far superior anime female, Nyaruko. The resemblance is uncanny, likely intentional, but at least her personality differs – as instead of being overly attached to the aloof main character, the girl in question, Phino, is a energetic girl who loves teasing the surrounding characters, but not to the point of beating the main character she may be in love with.

And who are these “surrounding characters”?

With the exception of the empty vessel protagonist, they’re all coincidentally attractive cute girl stereotypes who are even more undeveloped than the heroine when it comes to a few unimportant things like, you know, reason for being in the series to begin with. We still don’t know whether or why they will fall for the protagonist beyond the fact they want him for unknown reasons – though with harem series like this, the reasons are never known to begin with.

On the plus side, the animation for this stomach-churning creation is fluid, as how else can they come up with an excuse to have every girl’s chest jiggle at the slightest gesture. Most of the fanfare, and this episode is mostly fanfare, is shamelessly explicit. The philosophy of this anime appears to be to sell itself now, because it will have nothing worth buying later.

Down to the story, it’s very simple and easy to follow – because of course, there’s nothing to follow. A wannabe hero begins working in a magic shop – and with the help of his female coworkers, we can only presume that dream will somehow be realized, but before then, he finds that among them is the daughter of a demon king.

Hilarity ensues, as does stupidity, and it’s evident this anime has nothing to take too seriously – it’s merely a bundle of breast service shoved into the “slice of life” category as an excuse for existing.

This anime is either love at first sight, or the most regrettable waste of time one will dare have wasted.


  • kawaidespair says:

    There are no words to describe the awfulness I’m witnessing in these pics. And to think that I was going to watch this.

  • jokspacifist says:

    It really is Love/Hate.

    I’m already loving Phino, btw.

  • cronosmu says:

    It certainly was the most regrettable waste of time.

  • dakaarts says:

    Ok, convinced, gonna watch it.

    • gargamesh says:

      “Ok, it’s terrible, I’ll like it”

      • Anonymous says:

        “Ok, he has a different opinion from me, I’ll act like a twerp to him”

        • Seven says:

          The truth might be offensive, but it remains true.

        • gargamesh says:

          “This guy hates a terrible show I like, better insult him.”

          Seriously, you guys can’t even give 10 good reasons on why this show could be considered likable.

  • jinta says:

    A less funnier Hataraku Maou-sama!+To Love-Ru’s ecchiness.

  • gargamesh says:

    “You thought Outbreak Company was the worst?

    Lol, nope”.

  • lala7221 says:

    This “nosebleed” looks so amazing, must “fap” start watching.

  • triton6783 says:

    If anybody wants a summary of the show, here you go.

  • Anonymous says:

    Its still moe than outbreak HAH!

  • gintoki says:

    I read the summary plot about this certain Anime and was pretty sure I`m skipping it but after seeing these gif/pics I think Ill give it a try.

    • gargamesh says:

      You should skip it.

      Unless you’re one of those types, who think with their lower head.

      • You can blame the animation or the character quality, but you should not condemn someone who likes the fanservice genre.

        Because the whole “I’m do not have/is able to control my hormones.” is entirely a different thing.

        You can say that the animation is crap, you can say that the characters are uninteresting, sure, but calling someone wanting to try out an anime because they are overly horny is anything but a definition of maturity.

        • gargamesh says:

          Dude, I was saying he should watch it if he was one of those fanservicey types, since the story, plot and characters won’t matter to him anyway (still won’t change what it is though).


          • I doesn’t change the fact that you accidentally insulted a much larger group of people than intended.

            • gargamesh says:


              I can live with that.

              If they get pissed off with just that, then there’s your “anything but a definition of maturity”.


  • paulo27 says:

    This is pretty old but damn “So what is to come? Probably the viewer” made my day.

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