An elemental workshop.

Strike the Blood is strikingly mediocre at best, starting off like any expected shounen – promoting not a single redeeming value, a mere cookie cutter like all other timeslot fillers that are released each season.

The animation isn’t all that impressive either. It’s not sloppy per say, certainly not as much as the mutated monster bash that is Outbreak Company which is also ongoing this season – but Strike The Blood’s animation only serves great purpose in showing a weak battle scene and pink pantsu.

Expect naught but the worst, the characters are a pool of pathetic – with a lame one dimensional protagonist who comes with an extra side of darkness and obscurity, and a heroine with a personality that’s more predictable and absurd than the sensationalism of Fox News.

We start with a transitional view of a city – all the while, we hear people with voices distorted speaking of conspiratorial subjects regarding progenitors, vampires and whatnot.

After this event, we see how this couple walks around the city, as well as the protagonist who’s walking around there as well. Here, we get to see the protagonist being aroused by the girl’s neck, and it seems that he bites himself and swallows his own blood in order to quench his thirst of blood.

We next get the basic routine of scenes that these type of anime inevitably follow – the protagonist is in a cafeteria talking to unimportant side characters, walks around town while getting followed by a bishoujo, and finally, he sees some guys trying to hit mess around with said bishoujo and wants to stop the thugs.

It turns out though that the bishoujo has supernatural powers and fights these dude, who turn out to be monsters. One of them even summons a “familiar” to assist them in battle, but unfortunately for them, the bishoujo easily defeats the familiar.

Subsequently, when the heroine is about to give a final blow to end the summoner’s life, the protagonist blocks her attack and cancels it as if he had the “imagine breaker”.

After that mini-battle, the bishoujo cautiously steps away from the protagonist. They have an “interesting” conversation about who started the fight (the bishoujo in this case), and then the wind blows the heroine’s skirt and we see her pink pantsu. After that shameful view, she leaves.

After a few minutes though, the protagonist finds her wallet around the place where they were talking, and sets on a quest to give it back to her.

On the way, he gives some information of the island. The island is south from Tokyo and was artificially made with magic and other natural resources. It’s called the “Demonic District”, where, as the name implies, is inhabited by all sorts of demonic creatures, and magic creatures alike – it also seems like these fantastic creature are coming to extinction due to humans. The government has taken some relative action in turn to care for them.

Then, ending the monologue, the protagonist talks about how he was a normal student until three months prior to the present time, and mentions something about him being the fourth progenitor. The next day, he visits the school were the bishoujo studies in order to find her and give her wallet back, but it seems like her class was free for the day.

While leaving through the corridor, he checks the wallet one more time to see if there’s anything useful, but instead smells her scent and remembers her pantsu for some reason – subsequently exciting himself like before.

She suddenly appears, and points out how much of a pervert he is for getting off on wallets. After a fair exchange of words and some little conflict, they then end up going to a burger place. The bishoujo gives some backround about herself. She seems to come from a Lion King Organization, which is a “secret agency” of some sort that serves as a magical disaster prevention force.

Her mission was to follow the protagonist, who is the “fourth progenitor”. The progenitors seem to be fierce individuals… who like pantsu. The protagonist then clears himself by meaning no harm and telling her that he turned into a progenitor, but she can’t seem to believe that anyone can turn into one easily without any bizarre measure.

He then goes on about some “Kaleid Blood” who placed some curse on him, and when he tried to recall what happened during his transforming (the flashback isn’t that clear), he gets a migraine.

After a little soothing from the heroine’s part, they seem to fall on good terms suddenly.

We’re suddenly shown an underwater city, which transitions into a flaming one. This seems to be that blurry flashback. We see the protagonist with a cross bow, and a loli with a metal object piercing her chest. The loli talks about granting a wish, we see a glimpse of something that happened further back which involved the protagonist looking seriously injured, and someone rising from a chamber.

The loli then dissipates, the MC screams to the skies and we see a glimpse of the presumed loli on top of a building in a seifuku. Although it seems like this series may have lots of things going for it, they’re frankly uninteresting and unoriginal. Sure, there can be lots of original stories involving these folkloric creatures, but this doesn’t seem to be it.

With recurring themes that have been seen a plethora of times, a lack of any outstanding moment, and pink pantsu, there isn’t much to expect from this series – nothing new at least.


  • frost says:

    Our lovely heroine flips the neko out over getting her pantsu seen and almost kills someone.

    Way to overreact. . .

    • Seven says:

      Everyone already knows her pantsu will be either white or pink either way.

  • jinta says:

    Fourth Progenitor?

    Yukina is pretty cute,she seems to be a tsundere.Wasn’t expecting to see her panties tbh.

    Kojou said he’s been a vampire for 3 months because of a certain incident which gives me a Monogatari vibe and with the magic I’m getting an Index/Railgun vibe too.

    Dat misunderstanding with the bloody nose and wallet was kind of funny XD.

    Second time this week a fight was stopped because of the attacker’s hunger,the first being KnK.

    The previous Fourth Progenitor “The Kaleid Blood” cause Kojou to become the next Progenitor.

    Spilling something on legs,gets them every time XD.

    Avora?The previous Fourth Progenitor?Possibly Kojou’s sister/lover?Wait is she alive?

    My gothic lolita appeared<3!!!I already claimed her as mine.

    Nice ED,like how it's fast paced and energetic.See more action next episode and more of my gothic lolita<3.

    • jinta says:

      Seems like a very generic anime but even though it is I’ll continue watching it.

  • Just an observation, it was 3 months before, not 3 years. In any case, this was a really unoriginal presentation and the fanservice was just as stupid as the episode itself. They fail explain properly what the MC is and why we should care, a lot of cliche going around especialy on the appearence of shady characters and obvious loli with school uniform. The main characters make it look like they removed them from a list of mandatory personalities with closed eyes.

    • Seven says:

      That’s probably also how they made up the title, pick random words.

  • triton6783 says:

    The only thing that interested me was the protagonist’s past, as well as the battle, but the reason behind it just makes it another pointless part of this episodes.

    • sagenchaos says:

      I agree, the only interesting part was the protagonist`s past. I want to know who is the loli and which was the wish but I dont know if I can deal with all the generic part.

  • Anonymous says:

    If there is one unique about this show, Yukine,the main tsundere girl doesn’t hit the main guy for seeing her pantsu and she actually listened to his reasons. This is good point.

    I surprised you didn’t mention this.

    • Seven says:

      Because it’s not a good point, and if you legitimately feel it is, I feel bad for you son.

    • gargamesh says:

      Wow, that is definitely unique as neko, getting embarrassed because a guy happened to see your pantsu by accident? Calling him names?

      If unique means something already done to death, then I agree, it’s “Unique”.

  • Anonymous says:

    Seeing this episode made me look forward to valvrave S2. Atleast there the absurdity keeps away the urge to fall asleep. Otherwise maruhadapurpurine pretty much summed up my feelings for this episode. Hopefully this anime will get better, but so far this practically screams generic cookie-cutter suppernatural anime. For now i’m going with Kyoukai no Kanata.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well I like strike the blood and my first favorite character is kojou the second is adagio I just freaking hate just go die in a hole but I do agree it is ‘unique’ and it Could have been done way better so I think they should have a second season so that they can step up their game and come up with their own never been done material and give us more detaisl about avora nagisa kojou’s father and kojou himself they should just do a flashback episode and keep things going till they reach that future of theirs.

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