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Freezing Vibrations made a shocking premiere – it aired with uncensored oppai, but nowhere near as much as one could find in any ordinary highschool love story, it was practically a legitimate action experience.

Below are the few instance of ero the episode presents. Now of course, it’s more provocative all the way through the episode – don’t think the scenes not portrayed are pure and holy. But it’s still unexpected, this mere handful of explicit naughtiness is all there is – whereas one could go watch the latest episode of whatever new slice of life comedy there is and be confronted with a 2-D psychics lesson.


  • ampzz says:

    I am highly disappointed, too much clothing appeared in this episode.

    • avatar jimmy2027 says:

      To be frank, I am more or less awed at the future direction of the anime industry conforming to the tastes of this younger generation. More and more decent animes are turning toward ecchi style just to win the popularity of fan base from the younger audience. Any new anime that could produce a decent storyline can turn into ie. big breasts, skin showing, even full nudity, etc, all just in the blink of an eye. “Beach episode” turns toward a “must have” for fan service, totally going off track and without real meaning.
      Seriously, do you watch anime for the sake of nudity?

  • lala7221 says:

    Freezing, entertaining people since 2007.

  • Anonymous says:

    sad really everything else after the first i could find is edited :/ and yes a real man is all about the bewbs

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