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Famitsu is reporting the “KADOKAWA GAME STUDIO” meeting of autumn 2013 has an announcement for a new PS Vita title of Kantai Collection, as well as an animation that is currently in the planning stages.

All according to plan, there’s nothing unusual about these revelations. The game and anime are both said to be allotted for 2014, Kadokawa Games is responsible for the game development obviously, and the game will be a strategy-simulation embedded with action – a typical war recreation, but with bishoujos. With respect to the anime, no specifics yet – though consulting an oracle might reveal it to be a moe slice of life, potentially bundled with other genres to make it more compelling.



    • I dont know why you are complaining, its a victory for me anyway. lol!

      In any case, I guess its just the start of the milking of this ship-girls stuff, damn I hope it goes away fast.

      • Seven says:

        In the last two weeks:

        - manga
        - manga
        - light novel
        - game
        - anime

      • gargamesh says:

        “its a victory for me anyway. lol!”

        I know I have nothing to do with this, but I don’t see where you won, your bet is that if this was an anime, this would be nothing but crud, but really, nothing substantial anout the anime is even revealed yet so it could go either way.

        “damn I hope it goes away fast.”

        In respect to their appearance, they don’t look awful and they’re gorgeous, so I disagree.

        I know nothing about the story of Kantai Collection, so no comment there.

        It seems to me like you’re just annoyed that something got much attention.

        • It’s about time someone is able to see the way I see this bet.
          I don’t even know why DMC is doing that but it’s probably the inner masochism at work there.

        • Even with no information on what this gonna be, we all know how it will turn out dude, its completely obvious. I dont want this to go away because of how the “characters” look, I just know that whatever anime/manga comes out of it, will be some stupid and shallow attempt with only one reason to exist that is to extract money from the crazy ppl that cant get enough of their fanservice. And I think we already have enough of this coming out every year, there is absolutely no need for the existence of one more.

          • cronosmu says:

            Don’t be so rude. It well might be a deep and metaphorical anime that rises ontological questions about the human nature.

            Shimikaze’s thong tells me that.

          • gargamesh says:

            “I just know that whatever anime/manga comes out of it, will be some stupid and shallow attempt with only one reason to exist that is to extract money from the crazy ppl that cant get enough of their fanservice. ”

            Or it could come out as a delightful SoL like Kiniro Mosaic or Hidamari Sketch, or something like Girls und Panzer, ever thought of that?

            There are infinite possibilities on how this will turn out so I think don’t think that you are supposed to be so quick to assume that it will be bad.

            And although what you’re saying has a good chance of happening, I call what you’re doing shallow-minded thinking.

            Don’t get me wrong, I just don’t like unfair outcomes. devilmaycry, c’mon, defend yourself.

        • The more you get old less you care about trivialities and details.
          I usually only enter in arguments where logic is in risk.

          Leaving the whole “Moe bishoujo” thing aside, Japan has always been accurate when it comes to military machinery. So I would say this series deserves the benefit of the doubt.-zamasu

          • yes, I am guessing it was either the thong or the mini-skirt that made you think that.

            • gargamesh says:

              “yes, I am guessing it was either the thong or the mini-skirt that made you think that.”

              As I said, as long as there isn’t a PV showing only blatant service and something non-sensical and stupid, you shouldn’t have a narrow point of view and just start having early conclusions and stereotyping.

              • Dude, it is what it is. The characters on this ship thing are not popular because they are delightful or fun, you know what is making this popular as much as I do. They are not going to deliver anything more than what the fanbase of this stuff is asking for, and you know as much as I do what they are asking for.

              • gargamesh says:

                And you base that on?


                So yeah, that’s what you’ve been doing this whole time, assuming without any real solid bases, just prejudices and stereotyping.

                There’s nothing really known, this could go in all directions.

                As I said, that’s just shallow-minded thinking. You’re just making yourself look worse.

                And as I have been saying this whole time, unless there’s a synopsis about what it will be, or a PV that shows that it will be bad, you really have no right to talk bad about this as there’s nothing substantial released yet.

              • if thats how you wanna go thats okay then. Lets wait and see what shall come from this.

              • gargamesh says:

                ^Exactly. That’s it. earlier you were looking like a guy who is annoyed at how much attention this series is getting for no proper reason other than it IS getting attention.

                @devilmaycry, revert your avatar, you still have a chance, although it’s a 50-50.

              • Thanks King of Lawyers, I will have my vengeance.
                Man, with all this talk I expect this series to be worth to watch.

              • to me the bet is still on so, if this turn out to be just as I said, well lets just say your sentence will be even more severe… hehehehehauahuamaMUAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAH

  • Before we regret anything, let’s pray to the deity of the battleships. May moe be with you.

  • predator says:

    Hope not anything like Senran kagura the animation.Anime with with no story.

  • triton6783 says:

    The creators have said they are aiming for the anime to air Summer 2014 or later.

  • Anonymous says:


    I’m glad I bought this handled console.

  • skylion says:

    Queue the complaints: Girls and Panzer II where? Strike Witches III where?

  • shicchan says:

    Wow, that was FAST. I guess I’ll look forward to it then.

  • “yes, I am guessing it was either the thong or the mini-skirt that made you think that.”

    Or maybe “her” countless cannons of 155 and 460mm.-zamasu

  • Anonymous says:

    just add male character on that anime ,,,and voila! it’s become harem-collection (my worst nightmare)

  • Anonymous says:

    I’d like it if it goes Sengoku Collection route. The source materials are the same. If it happens to go the same route then Kantai Collection might even surpass SenCol.

    But as long as it isn’t something either blatant fanservice, or something only catering to fans of the original series (this isn’t bad, it’s just that it’s shutting out a large audience that hasn’t experienced the original game)then I have high hopes for it.

    • Seven says:

      “The source materials are the same. If it happens to go the same route then Kantai Collection might even surpass SenCol.”

      Are you sure you know what you’re talking about…? It certainly doesn’t seem that way.

      • MisaoFan says:

        What he means is that he hopes KanColle follows the same route as SenColle because of a episodic format involving each character’s own story.

  • Anonymous says:

    This will be an anime? How.. derivative. Well, it’s Kadokawa so what can you expect. They’re releasing this for THAT one dead console (the same one which still, no doubt, haunts the Sony execs responsible for it)? Wow. I’m assuming this addition will supplement the original FTP game with some semblance of a story related to WWII naval battles and such. Hmm. This entire phenomena could possibly be some screwed corporate geo-political strategy, but I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt. It’ll be amusing to see which writer/s they’ll hire to patch this anime/game up.

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