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Crypton Future Media has made public the design of Hatsune Miku’s V3 – who turns out to be a cute twintailed creature like usual, yet they also release the look of the “English” variant as well, a true monster.

There’s no need to compare the original with the English version to see how horribly mutated the latter is – however, the difference in style does certainly show what Crypton Media thinks of American preferences. The English version is overall masculine with a jagged design, towering height, and face of a street thug. She also appears to have breast implants that have gone terribly wrong – her leftmost breast, seen to our right, is hardly even identifiable as a breast.

Her thighs are not of equal width, the pose is poor at highlighting her legs as well, and her legs appear much less dainty as a whole – having a short and and unsatisfying lack of slenderness.

Her blouse appears to be a multi-dimensional portal of some kind, and while that’s meant as ridicule, looking at the upper-right of her skirt reveals that it indeed really could be. Frills from her skirt are disjointing themselves into square platforms and flying off into the unknown.

And as if this all weren’t awful enough, someone decided to give her neon green highlights – because nothing says America like abnormally colored hair.


  • Hawkward says:

    Yeah… the design did put me off too. This is the one thing I want developers to not “have” to do, as it almost comes off as a double insult. People normally come to respect a medium for remaining true to it’s original concept. Marketing a design that supposedly suits another region is bound to be a failed thought as you can clearly see here. Though I guess what matters most is what music is made from it – not excited very much for that either.

    The best comparison I can think for this is Chun-Li from Street Fighter.

    Still though, this stands to be terribly painful on the eyes…

  • ryuushin says:

    She looks manly..

  • coolsauce says:

    I can’t imagine that ‘thing’ singing with regular Hatsune Miku’s voice.

  • Male characters becoming more and more feminine, and now this ^^^.
    The future sure is nice……..

    (I like that face, they could use small eyes more often in anime!)

  • Anonymous says:

    “And as if this all weren’t awful enough, someone decided to give her neon green highlights – because nothing says America like abnormally colored hair.”

    If that’s the case, she should be obese as well.

  • Anonymous says:

    Not even hawaii

  • thats what you get for leaving the trainee with all the work…

  • akimari says:

    It feels like they were trying to go for a more realistic look, but forgot both basic body proportions and how to make girls with small eyes still look feminine.

  • Hawkward says:

    This is the sort of thing a kid would look at and say…

    “What is that man doing, mommy?”

    “D-Don’t stare at him!!…”

    I guess on the bright side, woman can now crossplay as their favourite idol?

  • Anonymous says:

    mansune miku

    • jinta says:

      Truly looks horrible,she looks like a hideous crossdressing monstrosity.Otakus should rage.

      They better not do this to IA.

  • MisaoFan says:

    I usually enjoy Vocaloid illustrations but, although I enjoyed the color aesthetics, it didn’t fit the English equivalent of Miku V3 at all. I agree that she didn’t have the face of a cute girl but more like a mature woman or a handsome man, she looks way too masculine and it’s weird to see how they will add the neon green lights into her for the sake of artistic style. I wish the English version get the Japanese Miku V3 (first picture of the article) and not this travesty, I wouldn’t mind if she was designed for something other than Vocaloid (or if Vocaloid didn’t exist at all) but fuck no with this.

  • kawaidespair says:

    Cocaine does a lot of crazy things, that’s why kids you should never try it or else english Hatsune will haunt you at night.

  • triton6783 says:

    “Frills from her skirt are disjointing themselves into square platforms and flying off into the unknown.”

    This is actually the only thing I actually like about Hatsuman. I think the way that the frills at the end are popping out gives it a nice 3D effect.

  • supervamp78 says:

    Generic moe style or Realistic and mature, which sounds worst.

    • idk about wich sounds worst, but the one that looks worst is pretty clear to me lol.

    • kawaidespair says:

      Are you really calling the english version realistic and mature? If that’s the case, I think you might have to take a second look.

      • Seven says:

        Unmatched thighs with a skirt that ripples into the next dimension and breasts that transcend space time are realistic and mature.

        • supervamp78 says:

          Yeah scrunched up baby faces pasted on to an over sided bobble head way better. There’s nothing defining about the first picture and I’ve seen many like it in the same style nothing impressive about it.
          Also I’m not sure where your getting the comment on the skirt and breast from she’s not a dragon crowns character nor are her breast big enough to be in your face.

          • Seven says:

            The comment about the skirt is breast comes from, you know, actually looking at the picture.

            “I’ve seen many like it in the same style”

            Probably because they’re all based on this design.

          • gargamesh says:

            “Yeah scrunched up baby faces pasted on to an over sided bobble head way better.”

            In this case, it is, since the technique applied into making it is visibly better than Mansune Miku.

            Unless ofc, you like a supposed female looking like a masculine male with indefinite proportions and you view that as realistic, and therefore, automatically better.

    • Now I’m offended.
      DON’T INSULT “Realistic and Mature” LIKE THAT.

    • gargamesh says:

      Masculine female.

  • jonnyrobbie says:

    The design by itself is actually really interesting. Sure, it’s less feminine, less moe, but not bad. The problem is when the illustration tries to look like Miku. That’s when it starts to get weird. Really weird. But if it were some original character (not based on anything or not trying to be anything, esp. Miku), I’d like it pretty well.

  • kumakumo says:

    They probably got new voice for MikuV3 that’s why they design it like that……..
    Just imagine that thing use low pitch and cute voice really creep me out.

  • mixedsnack says:

    Crypton hired the wrong illustrator.

    Joke aside, personally i’d prefer semi-realistic style. However, as MisaoFan and akimari stated, she looks a little too masculine and worse, horrid body proportions.

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