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“NEW” High School DxD’s second episode takes a different approach than the first, it’s a lot more straightforward as there isn’t even any attempt at development – only bare-bodied girls lounging around.

Tiring and repetitive, it’s even the same exact females who were undressed last time playing the role of oppai service girls once again. We don’t even get to see the cute loli’s adulterated chest despite her being one of the main reasons anyone watches this series – yet it could also be the anime is saving up for later episodes as there isn’t any other way to keep anyone interested in this series.


  • Anonymous says:

    Oppai. Oppai everywhere.

  • jinta says:

    Worst of the season.

  • MisaoFan says:

    Season two contain just as much sexual fanservice as season one, so I’m happy to revisit watching this anime, and I enjoy not only for the fanservice but also plot!
    On the other side, the sleeping naked scene that leaves me suspicious before watching clear my mind a bit.

  • triton6783 says:

    In the last few pictures, are the people just having a conversation while naked for the sake of fanservice? Why don’t they just make them walk around naked 24/7?

    • kawaidespair says:

      Because of “modesty”.

      • MisaoFan says:

        Because the nakedness will only be prevalent during the more intimate and private conversations (like the sleeping naked in bed scene or girls’ talk at sauna scene) and even the more perverted fighters can destroy girls’ clothes during battles, it’s not like the girls can walk naked anytime aside from these.

  • gargamesh says:×345.jpg

    “Dear Mother,

    Today I saw my very first set of boobs, it was amazing really, I was even left speechless because of the shape, the particular breasts were very ample and…”

  • Anonymous says:

    That’s how they sell shit anime, pathetic!

    • Anonymous says:

      Highschool DxD would be better without the ecchi so it’s actually “That’s how they partially ruin a good anime”.

  • coolsauce says:

    The average 2013 hentai I’ve seen packs more plot than one season of highschool DxD.

    • Seven says:

      The sad thing is, this isn’t a joke.

      • MisaoFan says:

        And “plot” is pretty much a foreign element while fanservice is common sense, at least based on modern anime with no real sexual content (aka ecchi).

      • Anonymous says:

        more so an exaggeration really :P. Being a light novel reader, Highschool DxD has a good plot which is limited by the amounts of ecchi circulating around it. Although to be honest, ignoring the unnecessary ecchi is not that hard to do.

        • Seven says:

          I don’t know why you are talking about light novels, this is an article about anime.

          • Anonymous says:

            this anime is based off the light novel, which does warrant me the right to reference the source material of said anime that this article is covering.

            • Seven says:

              But his comment is about the animation, which doesn’t warrant you to reference the source material of said anime.

              • Anonymous says:

                However, I was replying to your comment.

              • Seven says:

                You’d do better to stop replying before you say anything even less coherent.

                So by replying to my comment that was agreeing with this person on his take regarding High School DxD’s anime series, my comment suddenly became about the light novel?

                If you think the light novel has a better story than the anime, great for you, you can just go ahead and make a comment saying that instead of stupidly mend another person’s comment into a different meaning.

              • Anonymous says:

                I’m not purposely trying to mend your comment into another but I’m just expressing my opinion which was “at least related” to the topic. I won’t comment past this considering how fruitless this argument is. Also, seeing how irritated you are from my opinion, I apologize.

              • Seven says:

                If you’re not purposefully trying to mend anything, then you’re just misunderstanding something. I don’t care about your opinion, you can say whatever you want, and in this case, what you have to say is nothing anyone hasn’t said already.

                My issue is that you originally called my comment “an exaggeration”, and what was your basis for saying so? The light novel. Even though neither my comment, nor the comment I was replying to, are referencing the light novel in any way.

                If you think the light novel is more story-oriented than the animation, that’s all the more reason you should learn the difference in mediums, and not consider them one and the same.

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