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“Kill La Kill” Stays Hardcore In PV 2

Jun 29, 2013 @ 11:07 CST

Studio Trigger’s second PV for Kill la Kill confirms a autumn 2013 premiere date to more grunge music and stylistic rough visuals that certainly embody the loud and furious feelings of the series quite perfectly.

It’s a short video, with the most of it being hype-raising typography and fancy visual effects – but aside from the premiere date reveal, we also receive a clear look at our presumed antagonist and our relevant heroine. Neither characters appears open to compromise, and besides the thundering rock music, silence stiffens the atmosphere – it seems the only resolution for the impasse these two face is some hardcore fighting to the death.


  • hikikomori says:

    They are really going for epic of the year. Hopefully the SnK fanbase will shut the fuck up for the minute to appreciate this when it’s released.

    • blaziken says:

      It’s the Gurren Lagann team so I would expect no less.
      And yeah, SnK has been underwhelming for me as well.

      • hikikomori says:

        SnK is purely surviving off hype now. It’s actually not a good show anymore. It’s hilarious how with a concept that they’ve got, they’re managed to make it boring.

    • I hate it too. They need more moe-fanservice-harem anime instead of those outdated action and hot blooded anime nor creepy KyoAni fujoshi anime.

      • hikikomori says:

        right!? And their attempts to promote the females are just absolutely disgusting, they’ve released another artwork of them and MY GOD they need to stop.

      • blaziken says:

        I don’t have anything against hot-blooded action anime (if anything, I really like it), but SnK has some jarring issues that don’t sit well with me.

        • Seven says:

          If I was reviewing it, there would have been another SAO-fest here.

          • hikikomori says:

            Pretty much since SAO fanbase 2012 is SnK fanbase today.

            • MisaoFan says:

              I only watched the few episodes of SnK, but I do find it pretty good. I know that the fanbase is just as bad as the SAO fanbase, but it doesn’t stop it from being decent despite its few major issues, as opposed to SAO which was less than stellar.

        • what kind of issues?

          • MisaoFan says:

            The main issues I got from this anime, as well many other people, is the fact that the pacing is a bit rushed, and half of the animation used in the last few episodes are full of stills.

            • actually if you compare it with the manga the pace is quite slow, but I understand why they need to do that. I dont know if thats the reason for the use of still shots recently but the studio was having some problems with production….

              • triton6783 says:

                They did apologize to some networks for not being able to finish the animation on time. Still, there are some scenes where the animation is just amazing. I bet it will all look great on the Blu-Rays once they are released.

            • gargamesh says:

              On the contrary, the pacing is actually kinda slow, which is one of the reasons its been boring right now.

      • gargamesh says:

        “I hate it too. They need more moe-fanservice-harem anime instead of those outdated action and hot blooded anime nor creepy KyoAni fujoshi anime”

        Ironically, the suggestion will only make it worse.

  • Anonymous says:

    This looks kinda original, and interesting, I like when a show can show us something new, it’s rare.

  • blaziken says:

    Aww, too bad since I expected some real animation this time (been looking forward to this for a week).
    In other news, the script for the last ep was finished weeks ago so I hope they release some new info soon (characters bios, something like that).

  • vacxy says:

    The Enemy face look how Tenge Toppa.

  • Anonymous says:

    Here come the manly girls to counter against gay swimming boys, Trigger save us all!!!

  • MisaoFan says:

    Looks very good, the story has a potential feel of 80s action anime, the females are beautifully drawn with exquisite aspects, will definitively watch it.

    • shicchan says:

      I feel like the girl with the long hair looks like a very feminine male rather than a female, but that may just be me.

      Other than that, it looks pretty good. Ever since Inferno Cop, Trigger has been on a roll.

  • triton6783 says:

    And this is a school setting? This sure does look interesting, and with the capable staff, they’ll be able to make a great anime despite the odd premise.

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