An elemental workshop.

Oreimo continues its harem with all the girls coming to Kyousuke’s house at once – yet the episode quickly starts revolving around Ayase and her relationship with the protagonist before giving her a bad end.

The day of the move-in party has come – and of course, all of Kyousuke’s harem members are here, including his imouto. Though only so many people can fit in Kyousuke’s tacky hideout, a problem solved by Saoi as she uses her social skills to gain them permission to use the surrounding yard.

Now before anything else, it wouldn’t be Oreimo if this guy’s sister wasn’t so unbelievably whiny and annoying. Kirino is unhappy seeing her brother’s childhood friend and demands a thorough explanation. As mentioned an episode earlier, the osananajimi wants to make up with Kirino. The imouto makes an arbitrary effort to look reluctant, wasting time for the sole sake of complaining, yet she finally gives in and shuts up.

All is fine between the two of them for now – and as proof of Kirino’s will to make up, she thanks Ayase for having the two of them come when the yandere finally arrives. The yard is ready to be used – and the first person to walk on its grass is Kanako, who has brought another meal of hers for Kyousuke to try. His imouto and her non-otaku yandere comrade are not really happy with this – taking it out on Kyousuke because it’s apparently his fault that his sister’s friend brought him food to eat.

Yet Kyousuke doesn’t mind the blame, he enjoys being kicked like a dog by the yandere.

The party finally begins, which in other words means, everything that was already happening continues happening.

All is well in the world – at least until Kanako comes complaining to Kyousuke that she doesn’t like to see him enjoying food made by other women. It takes not long till everyone notices the dragging argument, which brings about a scene perfect in showing why this is such a disappointing second season. Every girl save for Kirino and Ayase joins the verbal brawl to explain why they would be the most qualified to take care of their beloved Kyousuke.

Kirino rescues the fool, or rather, stops the matter out of envy – saying that they’re all merely a bother as having such invasive females taking care of him would distract him from his studies which he’s putting so much effort into, like playing incest visual novels that she gave him. The childhood friend tries to argue she’s confident she would be no bother – yet Kirino replies it won’t be okay as she doesn’t like it, and Kirino recognizes herself as some ultimate authority.

Kirino has her idea of how things should be, and applies it regardless of anyone’s will.

This leaves Ayase to find herself going to Kyousuke’s apartment every day to take care of him – it was Kirino’s idea, but it’s also likely to be a choice Kyousuke is fond of himself as he takes an interest in yandere. And so the days go on, they’re all rather uneventful with the only exception being when one of Kuroneko’s little sisters angrily comes over as she believes Kyousuke has started living with someone other than her sister.

As seasons change, Ayase’s housewife duties have to come to an end. Despite Kyousuke’s belief that he owes Ayase a lot, she’s actually the one who’s grateful. They get rather emotional as they speak their mind – Ayase explains that she got to make up with Kirino all thanks to him when she discovered her fashionable friend was actually an otaku, even apologizing for doing so many horrible things to him such as kicking him in the face. He however feels it’s his fault as he lied to her so many times about wanting to marry her and such – which is why he apologizes.

She departs, and so their days together are over.

The day of the exam arrives, Kirino coming to check on her lover he comes out of the examination room. He’s confident to have done fine – and indeed, he seems to have gotten an “A” as he finally leaves his apartment.

But the imouto is not the only guest he’ll have today, Ayase has come to talk with him after their month of being separated – first congratulating him on his success before going yangry, declaring him a liar for making her hope for a romantic future together. After cursing him out for a while, she then tells him that she has deeply fallen in love with this sister-loving, deceitful man who rides bikes with naked young girls on them through public city streets.

It’s all too hard to watch – the yandere is one of the best girls in Oreimo, being such an attractive and entertaining female, yet she has to meet such a painful ending, an ending where she comes to love such a freak.

She’s already crying, and it doesn’t get any better when he adds he already loves someone. Ayase’s pain is an appalling sight – yet these words are indeed relieving. He clearly states he is in love with someone, making it clear as he says he has made his choice – he’s determined, even facing his friend’s pain as he says that. It implies there will be a proper romantic ending as he seems set to make such an ending happen.

And of course, as incest romance is technically impossible, it means Kirino might stop interfering with everything, letting the incest fade away and the romance between Kyousuke and Kuroneko take its due predominance and conclude the series the way it was meant to be.

Ayase is hurt, but leaves with a smile as the episode ends.

The title for next week’s episode is not too reassuring for that benefit of the doubt we provided a sentence before the last; “Little Sisters Can’t Fall In Love With Their Older Brothers”. It’s bound to be an episode with lots of incest. Taking a positive stance on this, if this episode indeed includes enough sibling affection, it may see the expected settlement between the siblings – thereafore finally allowing some real romance to take place.

But take warning, this series is Oreimo – a fact which alone makes it clear there’s nothing to be eager over.

There’s three more episodes scheduled after the semi-finale next week, not airing until August 18th – thus whatever occurs next episode, it may not even be worth the watch so long as the real final three provide a proper ending.

I Can’t Believe An Anime Series Can Be This Bad! But unfortunately, Oreimo is as this chapter was merely packed with ridiculous harem before focusing on purposeless moments between the yandere and her crush. The fact it’s deemed meaningless is because like seemingly every other event in this series, it has led to nothing. The ending was just a cloud of drama pouring atop a flooded city – an absurdly arbitrary and inane “development”, assuming it’s even deserving to be described with such a word.

Oreimo S2 has tripped and fallen in quality, and unless it has a half-favorable outcome in the end, it’s going to be run-over as well.


  • Seven says:

    It’s like the author specifically planned out all the best possible routes in this series… and avoided them.

    “I have to make this as horrible as possible!”

  • I don’t understand why does the author even bother to set up the flags all around just to let Kyosuke reject it in the end. It’s similar to how something awesome happened but the viewer was told that “it was just a dream” bs ending.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not the author’s fault that Ayase’s fans got too hopeful and actually expected her to win. You can’t please everybody, and it’s his story

      • triton6783 says:

        Just because it is his story doesn’t mean that it is a good one.

        • Anonymous says:

          Just because your favorite girl didn’t win doesn’t mean it is a bad one

          • gargamesh says:

            Well frankly, there are other factors why it is bad, but ofc, you wouldn’t know that because you clearly aren’t reading any of the articles or past comments in other articles about Oreimo, which also explain why Kirino has been a bad character.

            • Anonymous says:

              I’ve read them alright. Most of them are just mindless complaining and crying “worst girl” every chance there is. There’s clearly a bias against her here, with everyone making her seem worse than she actually is

              • triton6783 says:

                In that case, would you please enlighten us to why Kirino isn’t as much of a whiny bitch as we think she is.

              • Seven says:

                There’s a difference between mindless complaining and you just being unable to comprehend the text.

                Mindless complaining is posting something like:

                “Just because your favorite girl didn’t win doesn’t mean it is a bad one”

                Where you assume the previous commenter’s favorite girl was X, and that has to be the reason why he doesn’t like the story and that there can’t be absolutely any other reason.

                In the case of comprehending the text, I’d quote something here, but you wouldn’t be able to comprehend it anyway.

                But let’s be honest with ourselves, you haven’t read anything, which is why you merely said “Most of them” – seeing as you haven’t read any of them, you have no idea what the remainder say, and you’re just guessing on the bulk.

    • lucarion says:

      I think it’s because we’re supposed to legitimately see Kyousuke as the worst guy ever for breaking the hearts of all these nice girls so thoroughly. You can’t say it didn’t work.

      Damn, my Ayase got hurt pretty bad…

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s for the best. Agreeing to date her while loving another girl wouldn’t be a good experience for either of them, and the breakup would be harder.

    • kumakumo says:

      To demonstrate that Imouto ish da~~~ best of all kind. lol

  • kushiro says:

    Seem like they bring the Ayase’s ending from the last volume to this episode (which was supposed to cover volume 10) and skipped lots of events along the way… as expected of this adaption.

  • akimari says:

    Whatever, I’m honestly glad to see Ayase get rejected. She was a complete BRAT over it too.
    “WHY ISN’T IT ME!?”
    Maybe because you’ve threatened to kill him and call him a sexual harasser and kick and abuse him and because you’re a bitch.

    I wouldn’t even place her as low as Kirino to be honest. For me it goes Kuroneko > Saori > Kanako > Manami >>>>>>>>>>> All the other characters >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> A black hole >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kirino = Ayase

    • Chill bro, its just an article.

    • triton6783 says:

      I’ve actually started to dislike Kuroneko. I’ve gotten so tired of her clinging to Kyousuke and still acting like she loves him even though it is her fault they are no longer together. It’s really just too bad. The best girl isn’t even all that great anymore.

      • gargamesh says:

        The show wasn’t all that great to begin with, so I have no qualms.

        • latinalover says:

          why look at it anymore?

          • gargamesh says:

            Won’t you be more annoyed if I suddenly just went blabbering around here without even knowing what I talk about?

            So yeah, that’s why.

            Plus, I was quite a fan of the first season, but ended up hating this second one.

            • Seven says:

              Was already discussion a billion times, but I’ll go ahead and add that the significant difference making the first season enjoyable is that the first season was comedy focused, had relatable problems, introduced a few female characters but gave them defined roles. Some jackass would probably reply with “the second season has this too!”, but what the second season doesn’t have is wit, real-world issues that are actually understandable, and reasoning behind events other than for sake of the story having to go somewhere.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oreimo sux now!!!!
    How can he reject Ayase??? She should have killed him for real!

  • Anonymous says:

    poor ayase… i would have chose you

  • coolsauce says:

    I was expecting this to be more painful, since Ayase was my favorite girl from the get-go. But with the second season being all around horrible I found myself caring less and less about what was going on. In the end Ayase still got some screentime. She got the bad end. But it’s fine because clearly no bishoujo in the 2D world could change the MC’s unhealthy affection towards his sister.

    • latinalover says:

      if you really stop caring for it then stop looking at it. easy like that

      • gargamesh says:

        Sometimes I think people that say “if it’s bad why don’t you stop watching it?”, just don’t want their favorite series to be criticized and judged.

      • coolsauce says:

        I mostly stopped caring about the characters and their continous pointless bickering. The show itself is ‘so bad that it becomes good’ to me. Also the articles and comments after each episode here are fun to read.

  • Anonymous says:

    Kyousuke joins the rank of I wana stab the shit out of this worst MC ever…

  • Anonymous says:

    Shit Why reject her!! -DuaneV
    puck this MC guy you stupid jerk!
    This show must have an Harem Ending
    or an alternate version where AyaseXkyosuke have a Good ending!

  • Anonymous says:

    God I finished this anime just to get it off my backlog.
    God damn.
    The last few episodes were painful. I don’t know how I made it. I would not recommend this train wreck.

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