An elemental workshop.

Oregairu ceases its wavering, the stage for a tense finale is solidly built as worries over Yukino see no close – and arduous preparations for an upcoming cultural festival continue to stack troubles on everyone.

Saika and Hayato are rehearsing for their upcoming BL play – the preparations are going well and everything is set to be ready by the time of the festival. Yui then receives a call from her dear Hikigaya-kun asking if she knows about Yukino taking a day off – she doesn’t seem to, and thus they decide to visit her so as to learn more about her reasons for not being present on such an important day.

They arrive at her place after school on the same day. She lives on her own in an impressively panache apartment – the two guests are rather dazzled, yet still more bothered about Yukino herself. She is positive she’s just slightly fatigued and will be better by tomorrow. That’s all dandy, but it’s striking how Yukino appears sincerely concerned about the festival’s preparations, more so than her own health even – mentioning she’s still been taking care of duties at home despite the already horrible amount of work she has to take care of at school.

Hachiman then mentions that her way of relying on people has been wrong – she is willing to learn the right way, yet of course, Hachiman is no expert in social interactions either. Yui tries to say the brunette should be relying on her two friends and not merely taking all upon herself – Yukinon, however, brushes off the subject by starting up a discussion about tea.

They take their leave after drinking – and the supposedly uneventful scene takes an emotional turn when Yukino comes closer to Yui to say she will indeed rely on her the day she will finally be able to do so. Such an emotional scene leads Hachiman walk away, uninterested in joining the party.

Another day begins as our protagonist’s committee work resumes. They are trying to find a slogan for the festival, although no fruitful results are produced. The protagonist does make one sarcastic proposition – “Person: A Festival Where If You Look At It Closely, One Side Is Just Relaxing”. He explains that the kanji for “person” is, despite what people try to say, based around the idea that one character is leaning against the other, and the festival as well as the committee alike both illustrate that very well.

The proposition is obviously rejected by an ironically smiling Yukinon, yet seems agreeing that it was actually quite a relevant suggestion given the lack of presence of Sagami as president of the committee.

In the end, they terminate the meeting without determining anything. Yukino is waiting for Hachiman as they everyone begins clearing the room, our two starting a discussion regarding what just happened. Their chat goes well – proving that they have come to a point where normal communication is possible. She even leaves with a heart-attackingly kawaii farewell of “See you tomorrow” – she shyly waves her delicate hand as she says the words. Even Hachiman is left in awe – almost as a reward, he sees her off with a kind smile.

The preparations seem to be going stronger than ever as the date of the actual festival draws near – even Haruno proposes to aide Hachiman, which Yukino eventually accepts despite being reluctant at first.

After endless hard work, the festival finally begins – the student council president makes her introductory speech, which goes well, but the committee president’s own intro doesn’t go as smoothly however. She’s clearly bogged by stress, stumbling on every word – leading to an uproar of mockery and ridicule. It’s a bit sad and cruel, but this embarrassment is a fitting punishment for someone who spent her days relaxing as she burdened everyone else with appalling workloads.

But our leading pair are spending their time more fruitfully than worrying over an uncouth character – the two are occupied in verbal exchange which sees another significant detail, the bishoujo begins to lightheartedly joke as she talks with Hachiman, proof that their relationship is substantially growing despite apparent awkwardness just one episode earlier.

The next attraction is obviously the fujoshi’s theatrical take on Le Petit Prince – and as expected, the audience is almost exclusively composed of females. It seems like a rather tragic play – so tragic, that Hachiman can’t help but rage at the role he might have played alongside his dearly beloved trap Saika Totsuka.

Elsewhere, people are roaring with excitement in the corridors, the student council has to take action to keep everything organized as the festival is proving a hit.

Yui admires Yukino’s coolness at work as she sits next to Hachiman to eat what she calls “honey toast” – although given the protagonist’s reaction, it’s not quite as sweet as what it should be. She also talks about what she did with Yukino after he went away – she didn’t get any answer on any sort of more serious matter regarding her however. The incredibly moe female then adds she’ll wait for the day Yukino will be able to rely on them as she appears to be trying her hardest to do so.

He mentions he would need to pay her back for the meal – and she asks to be taken to a place where she can get another treat in a move to close some distance between herself and her love interest. He appears aware this would mean the two of them would be going on a date. He apparently wants to go to a place other than the one she chose – but also adds that he needs time to think, slowing down Yui’s excitement.

The last scene shows Sagami alone in the female’s lavatory – and it appears her mental state is going downhill as she slowly seems to be losing her composure, probably due to the shame and embarrassment. She should have been well aware of the inevitable backlash to follow her earlier actions – though not to say she deserves to be shunned any less, she’s not doing herself any well to remain bottled with concern over what others think of her.

The preview goes to show – next week will see the last episode of Oregairu’s original TV airing.

It seems the last two episodes were only made to prepare for the grand finale as the ever-growing intensity has seemed to start erupting. While one would hope for fireworks to end the series in a proper and much-deserved manner, and while such an ending seems likely as well, it also appears hard for Oregairu to find a conclusive finish in only one episode. Although, one can rejoice as more episodes have already been announced. The wrong youth romantic comedy will be made right and in a fitting, overly extravagant fashion – that’s for sure.


  • gargamesh says:

    Hachiman was just amazing here, especially insightful, he really did “Change the World” with his one suggestion, it caused Sagami herself to realize what she’s doing, making her afterwards, with other events that took place ofc, the stressed nervous wreck that she is now, getting the punishment that she deserves.

    Once again, Hachiman reaches new heights of MC awesomeness.

    • So, she had NOTHING in mind but to leave the work for everyone?
      Really? Well, you might expect of a ultra realistic serie.

      On an unrelated note, surprisingly Hachiman was not jealous or envious of not acting with his crunch on stage.

  • MisaoFan says:

    The boys love’ portrayal of Little Prince was superb and it looks like it follows the novel’s story considering I have experience with it. And I continue to seduce over Saika, he’s extremely cute as a trap!
    As for Sagami, I’ve learned from her that she knows how messed her work as a chairman appears (now that she’s sidelined from the committee as Yukinon takes everything to work), I hope she’ll show her hidden depth in the last two episodes to see how incompetent she is, sprinkled with a bit of backstory. Looks like the ending is really approaching sooner than later.

  • there will be more episodes? I wasnt aware of that, can someone explain?

    good episode by the way,looking foward for whats gonna happen.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am obsessed with sagami’s hair color! Also, I so can’t wait for next week to see sensei, haruno, yukino and yui rock out!

  • Sagami got what she deserved. She should just boil in her misery.

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