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Haganai’s latest provocative pillows remind the lolicons that their desires are not overlooked either – a dakimakura of both lolis, Kobato and Maria, are today unveiled for elementary schooler connoisseurs.

Truly establishing itself as the friend of the lolicon, not only does Haganai reveal two lolis in one go – but both visibly surpass the half-hearted dakimakura seen earlier of the other, more well-endowed old ladies. Unlike the bishoujo dakimakura, the heads actually correspond in size and proportion for this pair of lolis – and while not transcendental, there is no immediate complaints about the lighting value application as the shadows are all present where necessary, such as the far edges of curved areas.

The selected poses and scenarios are unique as well. Kobato sports the combination of ravelled down stockings and a night gown, both unique and gratifying choices of display. And whilst her friend, Maria, sticks to more conventional ensemble – her readily familiar nun dress and a sukumizu, the portrayal is one of a kind.

Maria’s nun exposé mixes innocence with nopan and the inevitable allure of supple curves – whereas the sukumizu half calls upon worshipers of flat chest. Back to Kobato, her Reisys vampire garbs are always charming, and only even more so when chest slightly exposed – legs partially unveiled, wrapped together with stockings.

Yet it’s not all perfect, Kobato’s nightgown variant introduces one area of displeasure as her form isn’t as smoothly illustrated as should be. The waist area leading down to the knees being highly awkward, and the amateur shadow work results in a plastic shine rather than an enticing exhibit of skin. The attempt at depth, assuming the artist even tried, is unsuccessful – and the same can be said of Maria’s sukumizu showing.

Nonetheless, the flaws don’t drown out the fantastic in these dakimakura – it is unfortunate that they’re not as superb as easily could be, but they are definitely much improved over the other Haganai girls, and certainly fine huggable pillows in themselves, more so for the lolicons.


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