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“OniAi” Uncensored Loli Daily Life

May 28, 2013 @ 12:38 CDT

OniAi’s sixth Blu-ray volume drops censorship, revealing unto the world the glory and wonder of an exposed flat chest – the volume packs extra scenes of a certain adorable loli, and even includes yuri festivities.

“Spectacular” and “OniAi” are antonyms, yet in regards to servicing one’s desire for cute loli characters, one must come to admit the series is well-beyond extraordinary. These bonus scenes of loli not only show an untamed pair of rare, smaller oppai, but also allow for pantsu indulgence, moe faces, waist enjoyment, and a varied selection of girl on girl action designed to also accommodate bishoujo fanatics.


  • Yes!Yes!Yes!

    • Anonymous says:

      …Wait, weren’t you the person criticizing K project for being “gay porn” just a couple days ago? How come that even you thought it was terrible in K, now that there’s actual homosexual pornography (or much closer to it than in the other series anyway) you think it’s great? Isn’t that a bit of a double standard?

      • Seven says:

        This is from a short bonus scene that is intentionally packed with service from a service series – whereas the “serious plot” in K is seemingly the equivalent of “gay porn”.

        • Although the “serious plot” K It has nothing to do with romance.
          I would not consider that ridiculous and forced scene (what just happened in the first episode) of gay porn.

      • jingoi says:

        Homosexual relations between males= brain bleach
        homosexual relations between ladies= YEEESSSS!!!!!!
        Homosexual relations involving a loli=I CAN DIE HAPPY!

      • shiro says:

        So another K argument .
        I dont know about others but I watched OniAi mostly for the fanservice, and I was quite satisfied. I watched K for it’s supposed ‘action’ and story and what did I get, a badly made action anime with bishounen rubbing each other.

        People hated K mostly because the insufferable gayness was completely unnecessary to the story, unless they get some secret power boost, I guess …

      • You seem to confused.
        Gay porn =/= Lesbian porn just like how Yuri =/= Yaoi.
        Nice job trying to call me out for being the hypocrite though when the problem I have with K-project is the MALE homosexuality, not the female ones.

        • But having problem with male homosexuality e nothing against female homosexuality is not being hypocritical? Or am I missing something here?

        • Anonymous says:

          The problem is precisely that bashing male homosexuality (yaoi) fans while being a female homosexuality (yuri) fan is pretty much a double standard.

          This was just a personal impression from your comments so correct me if I’m wrong, but you seemed to be slightly hostile and derisive of fujoshi. Considering that girls liking boyxboy is pretty much the equivalent phenomenon of boys liking girlxgirl, I was curious as to why you would see them this way if you enjoy yuri.
          Its obviously fine to personally like one and not the other, but it seems a bit hypocritical to bash fujoshi if you’re pretty much their equivalent.

  • vacxy says:

    If I say some kind the comentary positive to this special… I gonna be arrest?

  • triton6783 says:

    Did she just strip in the middle of a hallway just for the sake of fanservice, or is there some sort of reason that I would find ridiculous and think that it was for the sake of fanservice?

  • niko says:

    I actually miss my weekly dose of OniAi. The show had some great moments – and vast stretches of nothingness. OniAi as a 5minute oder 10minute per episode show – it would have been a perverted classic i’d love forever.

    Viva la Little Sister Revolution!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hooo, boy! Lots of guys are gonna spill a lot of DNA for this! XD

  • gargamesh says:

    I imagined the scene would go like this.

  • THIS! this is why I want to know why ppl like lolis so much, they look like theyre 12 at best! why? why ppl like it? theyre just kids…

    • gargamesh says:

      This loli, IDK, but obviously you haven’t seen the lolitastic ones.

      Like these:

    • I have already said “why” fuckingdammit!
      Christ, holy fucking dammit, dude.

      • are you trying to say to me with this broken link that ppl like lolis just because it is fucking forbidden to like small girls? because if that is, thats gotta be the stupider reason I have ever heard. otherwise, this link is just broken and it is the second time you send it to me. and please if there is other ppl who would like to discuss this with some reasoning, just comment.

        • kawaidespair says:

          Actually, it’s not that stupid when you think about it. Take in consideration the people that wish they could do “vile stuff” with young girls in real life; there are lots that can’t hold the desire of such and do it, despite it being illegal or morally unacceptable- that goes as much as viewing them in a lewd manner. Loli’s in anime are some sort of “escapade” for people who have these tendencies i’d presume, stopping them from doing the unimaginable with 2-D girls they can look at that resemble young girls.

          There could be other reasons, but i think this might be one of them according to my perspective.

          • pingypuff says:

            That would make a huge amount of the male otaku population pedophiles in mind……… I duno if this is true but I really hope it’s not.

          • jingoi says:

            And now Japan wants to ban sexually exploited lolis and any under 18 girls in anime/manga/games but not text. Very much do not want that bill to pass but I get a strong feeling it will.

            • gargamesh says:

              Oh look, a bill to force studios to not make crap.

              I’d say go for it.

              I’d miss it, but hey, farewell fanservice.

              BTW, you’re the only one saying this, I’d like to know your sources if they’re legit, since you’re the only one in the internet I saw making a fuss about this.

        • Are you seriously going to criticize our tastes for lolis while having a profile picture of a plastic toy from a Pixar movie with a creepy smile holding two dildos?

          Lolis are in 2D, stop treating it as if they are actual 3D girls. If you wish people to discuss with you via reasoning, you have to actually have a reasonable topic yourself.

          • I am discussing tastes, I dont know about you but I think this is a reasonable topic. and about my pic, it means nothing I just use it because I think its funny, thus being irrelevant to anything I have said in my comments. I am not criticizing I am just asking so I can see what ppl say about it, I am curious.
            Since you joined this topic, I would like your answer then, why do you like lolis?

            • Why do I like lolis?

              It’s the neotenous features in them that I like. And like they say, the more beautiful and pure something is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt.

    • shiro says:

      “why ppl like it? theyre just kids…”

      They’re just kids NOW. Some people think about the future.


      • pingypuff says:

        A future loli may as well be like a cute little puppy grown up – Probably not as cute at all anymore. This is coming from a person who looks at a loli in the same way as she looks at a kitten btw.

      • The link is normal to me.
        And basically says:

        “The more beautiful and pure a thing is… The more satisfying it is to corrupt it, isn’t it?”

        This is how the head of a sexual deviant works.

        Personally, I would like more being Bros with a loli or a trap than fuck then.

    • gargamesh says:

      I think people are making a mistake here, I seem to see that your vision of liking lolis is us desiring to sexually assault them for some reason which is wrong.

      One would like lolis because there are only limited levels of adorable and moe a bishoujo can achieve, and a loli can easily ascend the heights of that if the said loli is of enough class, with that said, there are low class trashy lolis and those of deluxe high class.

      With that said, liking lolis is not wanting to have sex with them, one likes lolis because simply they are so adorable like cute little puppies.

      Those who have sexual desires of such though are of extreme levels of the lolicon meter though, and should not be the stereotypical vision of the lolicon.

      But this is how I see it.

      • hmm, I may have asked with sexual desires in mind just because in this article theyre like naked and stuff, but I wanted to know in general.
        I think I can understand a bit, they look more fragile and young, making them more cute than what a more mature one could be. I guess that my dificulty in understanding this is because I dont really care about how cute or adorable the characters are, but thats cool anyways.

        • MisaoFan says:

          I like lolis because I see them as cute items for emotionnal desires and not something I’d see them as sexual toys. Hence I’d find them “moe”.

    • niko says:

      “why? why ppl like it? theyre just kids…”

      I can only speak for myself and i don’t have a degree in lolicon studies. However:

      Imo there are two very distinct loli archetypes:

      The “child”, which is meant as a child and (again imo) is clearly meant as off limits to sexual fantasies. Think Kuroneko’s toddler imouto: child.

      Then there is the woman in a small body. She is different. This woman looks weak and even like a child, but she has very often a well developed personality and sexuality. Which is what seperates the child from the aduld. Think Monogatari’s Shinobu (total and brutal badass, centuries old, her body has regressed to a child-like state, her mind hasn’t), GJ-bu’s Mao (actually graduating from high school) or in this case OniAi Alisa:

      Alisa is 12. “Alisa is a genius, despite being only 12 years old, she has already graduated from a famous university, and her essay is on multiple famous professional magazines.” Her body hasn’t catched up with her mind yet, but she at least has the developed sexuality of a teenager. Not a child any more, but cleary not an adult.

      The young lolita is clearly controversial. Think Vladimir Nabokov’s novel “Lolita”, which is a modern classic. The controversy comes from the fact, that a real lolita is still in the transformation process from “off-limits” child to “legal” woman, which makes her a forbidden fruit. And you know what they say about the attraction of all things forbidden.

      My personal opinion is: as long as it stays in the fictional realm, lolis (of the second kind) are fine and adorable and can be sexualized to their hearts desire.

      • yeah, I agree that as long as these disires stay in the mind and fantasy,2-D realm of our existence there is no such a problem.

  • theawsome says:

    I would like to jump in and agree that as long as our desires remain in our mind and not reality then all is good. Also Niko I like what you said there about different kinds of loli. I myself am attracted to a woman in a small body not really a whole child and purity stuff. Its not so much that the loli I like smallish things if you get my meaning. Also I’m new here and this is my first comment!

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