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Like the rest of the Infinite Stratos franchise, the manga has been remade – but fans don’t have to worry, it clearly keeps up with the values of the original series, oppai and pantsu more bountiful than ever.

It looks like the artwork took a slight but significant degradation, but at least chest sizes seem to have increased across the board. The heart and soul of Infinite Stratos is still alive and better than ever – and the author of the manga clearly hasn’t forgotten what Infinite Stratos is all about. Perhaps if one is lucky, there may even be some fighting robots in the next chapter.


  • I am supportive of the new manga series.

    • MisaoFan says:

      I’ll probably give it a try if it’s out online, even though the story is still the same, I can still appreciate the artwork even though some heroines’ chests like Houki’s or the teacher’s, despite having large breasts to began with, are slightly increased compared to the novel and anime.

  • arekusu says:

    Though I don’t read manga that much, I’m going to read this one in particular. I’d want the anime to continue though, if possible.

  • Anonymous says:

    Dem zeppelin tits. looks like some cheap hentai, come on.

  • gargamesh says:

    I was always keeping away from this series because of its ”Only boy in an all girls” environment which practically screamed ”generic harem antics” for me.

  • Anonymous says:

    tooooo big

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