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Date A Live’s upcoming fourth episode is furiously hellbent on trying something new – the introduction of a blue-haired loli finally takes place, and a little sister gives up shimapan for plain color underwear.

What groundbreaking innovation in a single episode – not only does the imouto character take on a style of pantsu that no imouto has ever tried before, but she does so whilst equipped with a piece of candy in her mouth, thereby giving wake to a new, ultimate fetish of lolis with lolipops wrapped in cute pantsu and stockings, further empowered with the unchallenged authority of imouto.


  • misao93 says:

    So the new arc finally started ?
    I really hope the MC will try to date the sad-looking girl so he’ll build his own harem of Spirits. Oh and did I just see the imouto’s pantsu clearly ? I don’t see much innovation, but it sure does offer a lot of new combinaisons between lolis and the inserted objects (such as lollipops, I really wanted to see something a bit more innovative like the tanned girl wearing scarf for country purposes, which was rarely seen in anime, given the fact that my parents were born with an Arabian blood).

    • gargamesh says:

      “I really hope the MC will try to date the sad-looking girl so he’ll build his own harem of Spirits.”

      If this comes to pass, unfortunately this will be a huge disappointment and downgrade for me.

      • misao93 says:

        Well, that’s bad for you then.
        When I usually watch a harem series, I decide to look up the premise and get to know the characters before release date even when I didn’t read the source material, that’s what I usually does when watching anime in general due to my pronounced and open-minded view. No matter how bad the story turns out, execution of the harem is very important to me, this is one of the main reasons why I like certain series such as Negima! in which no matter how many girls the MC gets, he has to focus on some of the female relationships to get a grasp on how to be a ideal harem lead.

        In this case here, since it has the premise of a boy dating girls in episodic format, I usually start looking for debates and once the episodic routine ends, I’m considering the effect that the already established heroines should get a lot of development, even though it turns out to be superficial. So I’m expecting Shido to date a least 2-3 Spirits, then focusing his relationship with the other heroines before new characters (Spirits or not) gets introduced much later in the story, that’s what I look forward in Date A Live.

        • gargamesh says:

          “No matter how bad the story turns out, execution of the harem is very important to me”

          You basically said what I fear of, and in turn will be disappointed of if it passes, the story would most likely turn bad, end of story.

          There are only few a series where the harem is excellently executed for me, namely Key anime, for they follow a formula so likable, and that is only one girl gets the romance, while the others still gets the focus they deserve, without the eventual love with the main heroine turning superficial as the MC most definitely did not show romantic interaction with the others, it still maintained a true and pure relationship with the main heroine.

          Which is why I find it irking in Date A Live that he will repeat the whole “Date” thing throughout the series, as for me it will most likely turn into something more like a generic harem.

          Although I will see how it goes if it still has the same appeal even if goes through that route.


  • Anonymous says:


  • triton6783 says:

    I really don’t want this to become a generic harem. After the last episode, I want everything to work out between Tohka and Shido, and that doesn’t mean that they get together after he fools around with a dozen of other girls.

    • gargamesh says:

      Indeed, it’s why I don’t find much harems appealing when it comes to the romance as it mostly doesn’t really give that “He truly loves her” feeling.

      If anything, I would just like these upcoming girls to be repelled or convinced to fix their ways, but it seems to be inevitable that this will go the harem route (It’s in the goddamn title for God’s sake).

      • triton6783 says:

        It does seem inevitable, but there are ways they can pull it off. He does seem to like her at this point, but there are some rather fine lolis in the upcoming future…

  • jingoi says:

    Can the loli save this disaster?
    ……………f*** no, anything short of full nudity from this loli will not save date a live.

  • avatar jento says:

    What time is it coming on! eastern! >:O

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