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Shingeki no Kyoujin’s titan extermination crew are lined-up with a label of each of their respective heights accompanying them, revealing the truth of short and tall, as well as something more important as well.

Even a cold and cruel series like this felt the presence of lolis was required and necessary. In the row of ruthless monster killers, kawaii 145cm-chan stands out with an adorable pose, and petite form. The only aspect more amusing is to find that both leading protagonists happen to be a matching 170cm in height – literally made for each other in a manner as blatant as can be.


  • neodarksun says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny, if they included the titans.

      • alan says:

        How do you go about defeating something that is almost 30 times your height?

        They could stand a chance against the 4-5 meters ones, maybe even the 7 meters ones, but the 15 meters and the 50 meters?? thats just out of question.

        • niko says:

          For example, you could use their own weight against them, topple them over with traps and then swarm them. Just like you (as a human) can easily handle one or two wasps, as soon as there are 10 or a 100 of them, you start being in trouble.

          Of course that requires strategy. But: if they bleed, they can be killed. ;)

          • neodarksun says:

            Titans for the most part seem to be low on the intelligence, that could used against them.

          • triton6783 says:

            They actually have a weak spot on the back of their necks. If you watch the opening, you can see somebody cutting off a chunk of a titans neck.

            • gargamesh says:

              That still requires strategy though, no matter how much of a weak spot it is, if they can’t reach it and strike it just right, especially for those colossal ones, it still amounts to nothing.

            • alan says:

              Yes I know about the weak spot, but like Gargamesh said, if you cant reach it, it still amounts to nothing. Anyways, I’m gonna enjoy watching them try, specailly after hearing that our MC cant even pass the most simple tests.

          • alan says:

            I cant handle a single wasp let alone two, as soon as I see one I run the other way. Also your example is not really the best because wasps can fly and humans cant, yes, in the anime they have those things that allows them to “fly” but they need tall building to use them otherwise they are useless, but I will accept it since I doubt they are stupid enough to fight them where their equipment is useless.

            • triton6783 says:

              Maybe a better comparison would be red ants, seeing as they can’t fly.

              • neodarksun says:

                Nah, insects and humans are built quite differently, with most insects having natural defenses that allow them to survive despite size. I’d imagine, if red ants were human size, titans would go home crying, specially considering their soft tissues.

              • gargamesh says:

                @Neo, what you said reminds me strongly of Terraformars, indeed, there was also a human there that gained the abilities of an ant, and man, did he kick ass, and I think one could be able to watch an average titan to say the least with his abilities.

                So I agree, if insects were human size, along with their abilities converted, they would be on a whole different league in terms of offense and also defense (with Carapace and all that.)

            • Seven says:

              Maybe you can just talk about the titans and stop comparing them to insects based on meme images you found on Facebook.

            • niko says:

              “…wasps can fly and humans cant…”

              The point wasn’t flying humans. The point was attacking one big foe in numbers and in a way, that might yield results.

              Notice the part, where i said it might me useful to cause the Titans to fall. They move on two legs, so i’d try to make them run (thereby making them unstable), lure them in a trap which should cause them to fall down.

              Once they are down on the ground, even if it’s only for a short time, you can attack their weak points if you’re fast. Judging from the pictures, their physique is quite similar to that of a human. So maybe their anatomy is similar as well. That could mean, they share similar weak points with humans, for example:

              - cut their Achilles tendon to immobilize them or slow them down significantly
              - open up their Jugular vein or Carotid artery, which are things you just need to pierce
              - a weak point on the neck was mentioned, you also get easy access to that once they are down.

              Well, i’m just speculating. The manga readers are probably laughing their heads off right now. XD

              • gargamesh says:

                If it’s similar to humans, the best weakness would be those golden balls.

                P.S. With muscles that hard, I don’t think they’ll be able to even put a dent on the achilles tendon.

              • Anonymous says:

                In some recent chapters Rivaille did cut the achilles tendon of a titan. She fell.
                However, titans regenerate fast as hell. Even if you cut the carotid artery, it’d regenerate in matters of seconds/minutes.

  • Anonymous says:

    I though it would be the Titans. LOL@ black and white guy.

  • “literally made for each other in a manner as blatant as can be.”

    I like to think that one could easily substitute the as other protagonist at any time in history.

    Oh the irony, the most powerful soldier of all mankind is also one of the smallest of them… GO GET ‘EM FRENCHMAN!

  • zchronos says:

    My litle Christa can’t be so cute! Nnnnggg…..

    Wait! RLY? only 145 cm??? Whatever, Nnnnngggggg……

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m exactly as tall as Armin! :3

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m taller than almost all them 180cm and I’m a girl.

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