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“Tari Tari” Satisfies Pajama Fetishes

Apr 15, 2013 @ 10:55 CDT

Tari Tari has tried huggable pillows in the past, yet this latest take is easily one of the best to its name – no mizugis or excess skin is involved, but simply some delicate clothing and a very gentle atmosphere.

This dakimakura isn’t going to shatter the pillow fluffed heavens – however, it is an all-around lovely piece of merchandise. The choice of artwork is fresh and ripe as the bishoujo was well-illustrated, and the circumstances are more unique than most dakimakura have to offer. Likewise, the selection of ensemble is superb in many a way – it’s rare for anime girls to wear red clothing, even more so when pajamas are the articles in question.

And on that note, pajamas to begin with are quite a rarity – one would have thought they’d be more common considering a huggable pillow is, sure enough, a pillow. Empirical data suggests pillows are frequently used when sleeping – yet no, enthusiasts of bishoujos in light and comfy wardrobe are left unaccounted for nearly each and every single time regardless. But, by the graces of higher power, not this time.

Such an ideal pairing, the dakimakura’s opposite side may not feature pajamas, which is commendable as variety is important, but it sustains the theme involved – simple and vibrant, a peaceful girl dressed in cozy clothing.

There is some skin, but nothing more than necessary. The pillow presents a warm and affectionate situation – a superb set of artworks indeed.


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