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Sword Art Online’s Infinity Moment eroge is here, and the game predominantly involves taking girls out to various places in guise of a date in order to distract them as you examine their pantsu.

If one is not for underwear, sukumizus are included too – yet surely, with the vast collection of undergarments included in game, every player will find at least one combination of pantsu and female to meet their preference, or so the creators hope. The developers appear to have exalted most of their resources into designing different types of underwear, and to such a degree in fact, they seemingly did not think to enhance the vomit-reminiscent pixelated visuals so one can actually see something other than barf when looking at these pantsu scenes.

This is even more so a shame when looking through the excerpt stills below and noticing the special power which Kirito gained just for the game – an energy field that lifts the skirts of all girls in nearby proximity who are equipped with the proper outfit.

Yet like any eroge, the game also at least features some better illustrated CG to appease any sandwich lovers. And of course, all of those ero-provocative moments, the only moments that anyone would dare play this for, are conveniently stuffed into a single easily accessible “Photo Album” for quick viewing later on – saving the player from having to live through more block-graphics and terrible storyline just to see the nudity they paid for.

Much like the anime, if there’s one impressive aspect about this game, it’s how it can fail so miserably.


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