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PA Works Bishoujo Crossover Artwork

Apr 2, 2013 @ 22:54 CDT

A key visual from PA Works comes smashing all of the heroines and close female side-characters of Hanasaku Iroha, Tari Tari, and True Tears – a salad of similar faces and forgettable cast, spritzed with seifuku.

Mashing together all the leading characters of its three own personally believed flagship series (since PA Works doesn’t seem to like touching Angel Beats!), one would have anticipated a truly unprecedented display – considering it would a showing of the best. But sadly for PA Works, many would say these aren’t their finest works – and when lined-up, these characters don’t look as interesting as they would otherwise.

It’s almost as if every girl has the same exact face – and to begin with, it’s not a particularly alluring visage. Admittedly, there are instances where a few of these girls are more beautifully expressed – it is just this particular illustration which fails at truly defining each character.

If anything, the most intriguing aspect of this artwork is the glass-windowed building in the background – its abstract shape is quite compelling, and it also leaves one wondering just what is this venue that so many bishoujos are gathering at. It certainly looks like a place that many of us need to be – a wonderful place indeed.

An Angel Beats! crossover with Another would have been much more intriguing, perhaps if even some Canaan was involved – though at least this artwork could be worse.


  • triton6783 says:

    An Angel Beats and Another crossover would be epic, even though they are pretty different series.

  • neodarksun says:

    “It’s almost as if every girl has the same exact face ”

    It’s like, they’re showcasing how unoriginal they are.

    • gargamesh says:

      One could literally use photoshop to switch their hairstyles, their only defining feature, and nobody would notice a thing.

  • kumakumo says:

    Most of them have the same expression and triangle mouth.
    ( ̄▽ ̄;)

    • Seven says:

      There’s only two facial expressions in this artwork:

      ( ̄▽ ̄;)


      ( ̄_ ̄;)

  • liberator says:

    An Another and Canaan mashup would also be interest, even if it will cover much of the artwork in blood red.

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