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Question of an Infinite Stratos second season is suddenly the hottest topic amongst otaku as it appears renowned seiyuu, Kana Hanazawa, may have hinted towards its coming during a live show.

Kana Hanazawa played the voice of Charlotte Dunois – a female with a seemingly timid and boyish exterior, although when the clothes come off, or at least transform into sultry bunny suits, then she’s definitely, and very clearly, all female. Her live show had reference to a second stage of the lesser space opera – and subsequently, rumors have flared across Twitter.

This wouldn’t be the first instance of finger-pointing towards a non-existent yet apparently upcoming sequel to the original sci-fi harem series – and like always, it’s not surprising. Infinite Stratos is immensely popular, it sold well, and the only thing hotter than the merchandise are the girls printed on them. The source material is still ongoing and well-received – and in fact, even recently received a full revival and reboot despite already being quite alive.

And on top of it all, if one wished to compare Infinite Stratos against other series of the same genre, it’d trample over all but a handful.

When it comes down to it, a second season is inevitable – and this is simply glimpse of the fore-coming road ahead.


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