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New artwork from Miyakawa-Ke No Kuufuku shows that the series is essentially dominated by lolis – the only exception being our imouto heroine’s elder sister, but that’s not stopping the lolis from taking over.

The assorted flavors of loli can be seen below – seemingly coming in vegetable, fruit, and berry colors, and packaged in a tan seifuku with red ribbon for a final touch. However, as fascinating as little girls in elementary school may be, more so interesting is the artwork above – a key visual that flaunts the upcoming anime’s actual aesthetic stylings.

It’s a bit more surprising than it should be, but this Lucky Star spin-off indeed looks quite like Lucky Star. The piece that doesn’t fall right into the puzzle is that, in this case, who’s the studio behind it? From a technical perspective, Lucky Star’s visuals aren’t all too complex to imitate, meaning no Kyoto Animation is necessary – but unless it’s one of the skilled groups, the distinct intricacies of Kyoto Animation’s craft from the original Lucky Star could be lost, such as the precision in how shapes curves, and the specific color palette.

That may sound like a meager detail to be concerned with, but it’s the difference between having a cellphone, and having the Chinese knock-off of it. This illustration looks great, thus there’s nothing to worry about – but it will be quite worthwhile to see how this series correlates and compares in attempting to create the same, or similar atmosphere, as Lucky Star once it gets in motion.

Lucky Star felt like an extraordinarily upbeat world, but if not done right, this anime will just feel like an average moe slice of life – that’s the concern heading into Miyakawa-Ke No Kuufuku.


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