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Even through the alterations it has faced in the past, true fans continue to love Higurashi in the midst of magnificence or turmoil, a tolerance actually quite necessary given the series can never remain consistent.

No need to turn the page again, we’re already on the road once more – Higurashi is coming back with a fresh installment as confirmed some time ago. Sadly however, as much as anyone may love the series, it’s admittedly disheartening to see it transform yet again – a series that simply never receives a break, nor the full-extent of recognition for its success.

Rei’s beautiful visuals remain a one-shot transcendence, and now, in spite of the fact that Higurashi had a winning formula, it seems we’re forced to forget the past, and embrace this latest take on the nightmarish party of death. Instead of taking after any of the previous anime series, or even an anime look in general, the PV shows Outbreak will be boasting an aesthetic that spot-on resembles the visual novel. And it’s not simply a similar appearance that the visuals are promoting, but even dynamics that act one and the same.

Just give a bit of focus on any moving element, be it the characters’ motions, or something more specific like their mouths, it’s not a fluid expression at all – but rather, it indeed seems like we’re merely witnessing pictures brought to life with simple transitions. It’s interesting, but it’s nothing noteworthy on the animation front – aside from the fact that this style will definitely affect the experience the series manages to provide.

Whether this is for the greater good, or a backfired attempt at enhancement, it’s truly up to the viewer to decide. Outbreak seems to be significantly different from former branches of Higurashi not only in appearance, but also in general focus. Note how the PV emphasizes not our familiar school cast – but rather, it highlights conflict. A village is in uproar, and calamity is breaking loose as weapons are making waste of living creatures like they were merely bushes in the way of an adventurer with a machete.

It’s a changed Higurashi, a return of an age-old friend – although as for whether they’re the same companion they once were, we’ll have to hang around them a little more until we can find out.


  • Hawkward says:

    Well as long as people die, it’ll do.

    Still though, this is leaps and bounds worse than anything I’ve seen from Higurashi – I’m almost tempted to regard Kira more highly. But I digress, I’ll still watch this, even though it may leave a foul taste in the back of ones throat.

    I still vote Shion as top-yandere. Rena, seriously, take a chill pill and let the pros handle things.

    • gargamesh says:

      Although I agree with everything, I doubt anything else could go down low as Kira did, seriously, the whole spirit of Higurashi was absent from that, while here, I can still feel even just a little of that Higurashi Vibe.

      Nothing will top the first 3 seasons, nuff said, Higurashi, Kai and Rei are no doubt those that I only consider part of the series.

      Although this might bring us a surprise and also be amazing, let’s wait and see, I agree, as long as I see the seriousness (and blood) in Higurashi, this is good enough for me :)

      P.S. With that face, this Rena is not nearly as sadistic or menacing looking as her 1st Season and Kai Variants, I seriously prefer those. Oh and also, soulless murderous eyes void of no emotion can probably do better.

      • Seven says:

        The lolis were absent in the PV.

        • gargamesh says:

          Perhaps the reason for those are:

          A. Character designs were not entirely done yet.
          B. They aren’t part of the story or doesn’t have a significant part in it.
          C. The ones in charge wanted to give focus to Rena and Keiichi.

          Although I doubt B since every one in the main cast always has a significant part.

  • stocke says:

    Q: When Higurashi fans Will Cry?
    A: If this is’nt as awesome as the first 3.

  • supervamp78 says:

    As long as the plot is good im fine

  • And the tings just got mother fuckin realer than real!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Nothing will ever beat Higurash Kai it seems…

  • stocke says:

    Some like me, likes the 1st season more due to “Holy *beep* what the hell is happening!?”

    • Anonymous says:

      Kai was great in terms of story telling though. Without the first season would be a mess.

      • gargamesh says:

        Well, it’s not exactly right to treat those two as different, they’re 2 seasons of the same tale, the 1st establishes it and Kai answers it.

  • vacxy says:

    I still waiting for the Umineko second season.

    • Seven says:

      So am I, but unfortunately, I don’t think it’s ever happening.

      Then again, I never thought Higurashi would continue either.

      • gargamesh says:

        However, unlike Higurashi, Umineko has low BD sales, sadly, I don’t think they will ever make another season because it didn’t profit so well.

  • iZallen says:

    What is this: Hack and slash fest?

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