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Da Capo III “X-Rated” Eroge PV

Feb 10, 2013 @ 4:29 CDT

Da Capo III’s “X-rated” PV is surprisingly family friendly, and features only the ever-expected elements of cherry blossoms fluttering everywhere, and well-endowed girls smiling incessantly – no ero-action sampling.

Contrary to its purpose, this video is more suited for a general Da Capo 3 overview than a look into the upcoming “18+” specific release. And come to think of it, there is a painful, truly horrible case of irony in this clip as well. The game’s standard release is notable for its commercials and OP full of feminine allure – promoting upper body physics, and seemingly with precision, choosing excerpts from a bikini-clad beach outing to fill the PV.

In the opening sequence, girls are topless on the beach – and in the CMs, suggestive bathing scenes and excessively fluttering mini-skirts are the norm. But examining this PV in comparison, there are trees, a few cute character portraits, and an abundance of flashy transition effects.

It could be that “Da Capo III R”, as it’s called, is labelled “18+” and “X-rated” as none could ever dream of trudging through walls of text if the accompanying images don’t show breasts – making it an affair only for the highly mature and fanatics of prose.

Yet one need not worry too much as it’s not as if the game has many other routes to go besides full-ero..


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