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MaoYuu “Useless Meat” Celebration

Jan 30, 2013 @ 6:31 CDT

On the seventh floor of Gamers in Akihabara, an extravagant Maoyuu Maou Yuusha exhibition, dedicated to the “useless meat” of the heroine, has been assembled for all the serfs and peasants.

Such a silly assembly is certainly something one would expect of Gamers, the most outspoken of otaku retailers. The venue for this oppai celebration is a sectioned off area of the top floor – walling decorated with panache and bold typography which reminds you constantly just where you are, and what you’re appreciating. It’s almost like a celebrity gathering until one notices the warehouse ceiling and florescent lighting.

Up for sale, merchandise of all kinds ranging from books, to optical media pre-orders, are available – yet there are also some interesting items on display, alongside a few which are even set to serve as contest prizes. A hefty mounted screen continually plays a Maoyuu promotional video off to edge – and lining the walls, there are numerous artworks and frames print on high quality stock. Those art pieces are going up for lottery – as is, believe it or not, a selection of promo goods, like posters, signed by the seiyuus.

Even with all that however, the most eye-catching piece on presentation is sitting in center, a mannequin clad in a solid replica of the heroine’s signature dress – complete with redhead wig. Regardless if one is cosplay obsessed or not, this is truly the pinnacle of the mountain as it is indeed truly accurate in material, composition, color, and all.

It’s a small exposé, but highly formidable – and likewise, quite enjoyable. The useless meat may not have value, although it certainly makes for many a pleasant time.


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