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“Operation Vivid Red” Is Sabotaged

Jan 21, 2013 @ 13:55 CST

We’re all in danger as A-1 Pictures has foolishly shown off the script cover illustration for Operation Vivid Red’s fourth episode – publicly revealing the secret tactics necessary to rescue the world from destruction.

But giving it a second thought, it’s not as if this series had any secret to hide – everyone was already quite aware that it had yuri. Nonetheless, A-1 Pictures is apparently quite eager to show it. Now if only they could at least weave it between something dramatic and entertaining to watch – although realistically, that can’t happen, as it would mean A-1 Pictures would actually have to make something original.


  • triton6783 says:

    A-1 Pictures will do anything to get fans, short of actualy making something of good quality that is.

  • niko says:

    Oh bother, more tomatos!!! This may not become some kind of recurring theme and i don’t care, if Aoi doesn’t like them. One tomato plot device was enough. Or are they going to torture her with them later? Nah, too dark.

    tl;dr: more henshin & gattai, less vegetables

    • misao93 says:

      It doesn’t matter as I don’t watch this show for tomatoes. What I mainly watch this is to see the silly and soft sci-fi story filled with magical girls and flashy transforms, which doesn’t necessarily mean that it don’t have any plot to begin with. The plot is shown, it just lacks any depth and I really hope they don’t try too hard to focuses on the serious parts, otherwise it’ll ruin completely and not just the butt close-ups.

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