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An otaku decided to sketch what the characters of hit sci-fi slice of life series, Steins;Gate, would likely look like in another 10 years – resulting in quite a few highly disturbing, yet rather accurate illustrations.

Everyone still has roughly the same appearance, Christina remains attractive as always for instance, although this otaku seems to not have too bright of an outlook of Steins;Gate’s characters. Whilst still quite enticing, Christina’s appearance is rather silly – and highly reminiscent to something one would expect of an Austin Powers film character, or in other words, misaligned with the times.

Below, Okabe resembles a drug addict, with his ragtag outfit and strange facial expression making him seem senile. The accompanying visage sketches off the right are particularly troubling.

In comparison, Mayushi hasn’t altered much in looks or style, and she looks completely sane – however, there’s a notable essence of age to her, as if she’s become an old lady in merely 10 years. This is particularly curious seeing as how Christina is all stylish and lively regardless of the change in time frame.

The super hacker is easily the most hilarious looking of them all, simply as it’s quite on par with expectation. One wouldn’t imagine him to look any hint different as a father than as seen here – but nonetheless, it remains a mystery how any woman may have come to love such a creepy otaku of a character. His included facial sketches imply it in their odd gestures, yet even then, one could have figured it either way – despite his former otaku ways, as a father, Daru becomes obsessed solely with everything his daughter does.

Seeing how all the other characters aren’t too “normal”, Daru has essentially become the most outstanding and average citizen out of his friends.

On the contrary, strictly in terms of appearance, it’s Moeka who is the most consistent. The only difference between her former self of 10 years ago is a new outfit – aside from that, she’s still got the physique of a gorgeous supermodel. The only distinct changes are minimal and personality based – she’s visibly more extroverted than before, and instead of a cellphone, it’s not a camera that she carries around.

Nekogirl is the most unfortunate in all of this – being just an older rendition of herself, she’s been keeping the gig going for 10 years too many.

Now as for the most impressive development, Ruka apparently gave crossdressing a rest and became a samurai.

Whilst everyone predominately looks to have grown tired and weary, or settled in with living a plain life, at least if there’s ever a sequel, Ruka can take the lead.


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