An elemental workshop.

A Bakemonogatari cafe is now in session in Akaihabara, and like any reputable otaku dining place, it’s decked from ceiling to floor in lavish artwork and production material which one wouldn’t normally find.

Step inside, the tables are organized with mats taking on a theme of a specific character and series. Flashier full-body artwork adorn the mats on the sides, accenting the character’s visage and charisma, with a follow-up of a whole collection of relevant stills from the animation that surround the character in question – each frame bestowed with a border for a photographic appearance, and added nostalgia. The table mats shuffle through all the currently animated “-monogatari” works, and center around those recurring individuals with greatest substance.

Even the admirable con-artist, Kaiki, receives a table mat to call his own – colored a pitch black the same as his soul.

Of course, fine as the tables are, their surroundings prove overwhelming as well – framed key visuals line the walls. Illustrations from a vast number of renowned artists, from original character designer VOFAN, to Kantoku, are all included courtesy of episode end card artworks. Similarly as with the table mats, the imagery goes through an assortment of the “-monogatari” titles – giving us a flavorful mix of Hawaii shirts, Senjougahara, imoutos, and more.

Past the end cards, the character composition visuals are particularly delightful – the Nekomonogatari character and setting materials exhibit the sharpness of the visuals, whilst also providing quite a flavorful dessert to go with one’s meal.

Above, the ceilings are flush with tapestries specific to a plethora of individual characters – there is, in fact, more of these present than any other item in the cafe, save for the assorted miniature knickknacks scattered around on display, like mugs, keychains, bookmarks, and figures.

It’s like a venue one would see in their dreams, “-monogatari” everywhere – second to only actually being there.


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