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Confirmed for July this year, the combined force of six different “-monogatari” titles will debut as one collective mash dubbed “Monogatari Second Season” – spanning across a valley of between 24 to 26 episodes or so.

When news was initially revealed of every “-monogatari” work to be animated, one would have assumed a separate production for each, an OVA series if nothing more – and the idea was that Monogatari would be airing endlessly for the next coming decade. Yet SHAFT has apparently has more efficient plans in mind, compressing six novels worth of story within a single series. Such news would be calamity if it were any other studio, although one can remain confident with SHAFT that this will turn out very interesting – the first adaptation of its kind.


  • cads says:

    24-26 for 6 novels ? might be like Nekomonogatari (4 episodes) or Bakemonogatari (several episodes) per novel.
    gotta buy that newtype!

    • triton6783 says:

      Well, it took them 30 episodes to adapt 5 novels, so they will have to edit more out than usual.

  • More monogataris = more awesomeness

  • gargamesh says:

    24-26? I think that would be enough for SHAFT, although i can’t help but think that some things will be rushed a little, seeing as there’s so many novels to cover in that period.

    • triton6783 says:

      That would be about 4 episodes per volume, give or take.

    • niko says:

      I am sure, there is some dialog that can be cut. Just a tiny, litte bit…

      “More monogataris = more awesomeness”

      I approve of this comment.

      • triton6783 says:

        But the dialogue is one of the best parts of Monogatari. Where else can you find a show where a conversation about love can lead to fondling your imouto’s boobs.

        • coolsauce says:

          I could see something like that happen in To Love Ru Darkness.. jk the over the top conversations are Monogatari’s strongest point imo

        • niko says:

          There is also a lot of random and pointless talk, which is often a point of critism for *monogatari. All i’m saying is, there would be no harm in tightening the pace. Two seasons, 24eps, is a long time, you can fit a lot of material in there, i’m not really worried.

          Full disclosure: i haven’t read the novels, so i wouldn’t notice anything missing anyway.

    • blaziken says:

      Try some statistics then:
      Bakemonogatari : 846 pages, 15 episodes
      Nisemonogatari : 644 pages, 11 episodes

      Neko Whitemonogatari : 291 pages
      Kabukimonogatari : 341 pages
      Hanamonogatari : 271 pages
      Otorimonogatari : 283 pages
      Onimonogatari : 275 pages
      Koimonogatari : 279 pages
      Total: 1740 pages, 26 episodes.
      How about that?

      • gargamesh says:

        Well, Bake and Nise combine to make 1490 pages for 26, in comparison to 1740 for 26, well, yeah some things will maybe get rushed, but as the article says, this is Shaft we’re talking about here, maybe they will have some sort of gimmick to make this work out.

        • gargamesh says:

          for example, make one arc extra eps like with the first season, maybe that’ll work

        • Seven says:

          Even with those statistics, it’s not simply a matter of time, yet a matter of direction as well.

          SHAFT considered the difference between marketing a “Monogatari Second Season” versus six new monogataris that no one will remember. Alternatively, they could have spaced the release dates differently or etc, though that’s less likely to be favorable.

          Further, consider a Blu-ray for each of those? Or a collective series of volumes?

          It does make plenty more sense on the grand scale.

  • Anonymous says:

    gosh i was just happy with sasami san, prism nana and 3rd madoka movie and now this! 2013 is the year of shaft!

    • triton6783 says:

      Maybe Shaft can hopefully find a place in the end of the year to sneak in a little movie called Kizumonogatari in.

      • Anonymous says:

        yea, you would think they premiere the prequel movie before the second season, I’m thinking June or May, if at all this year. It’s that backfround information we missed out on in Nekomonogatari and will miss out on in the second season.
        Seriously, the entire anime community just saw this news and went: “anime of the year 2013…that was easy…damn it”

        • triton6783 says:

          The movie was announced even before Nisemonogatari was, back in 2010, and there is still no release date in sight. There have also been plenty of other of animes directed by the same director as Kizumonogatari.

  • yataararagi says:

    I have no qualms with the studio’s capability to actually complete this by the “deadline”. I just hope with the plethora of titles planned for release this year (or pushed back to this year) that the quality doesn’t suffer too much. I’d like to give this series “best of the year” rather than “most anticipated anime of 2014…please?”.

    • triton6783 says:

      There is no way that this season will be bad because Shaft will make sure that the visuals are on par with anime films, and Nisio Isin has already made sure that the story will be excellent.

      • yataararagi says:

        Excellent! Excellent! I know the studio is more than talented enough and has proven such with the nise,bake,neko already. Maybe I’m just being pessimistic with the release date being pushed for kizu; although I’m sure that’s just to keep the quality up there for the sake of being a neko good movie (and the best book imo).

  • frost says:

    6 novels with 1740 pages in 26 episodes . . .

    This is gonna be a great year :3

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