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Suisei no Gargantia’s second PV doesn’t elaborate upon the series as much as the first, although it is quite a humorous half-minute as our protagonist is always confused and baffled no matter the situation.

Noting the presence of a smile, our heroine apparently doesn’t mind being held awkwardly in the air. On the other hand, even though he’s holding a girl awkwardly in the air, our protagonist is strangely the one who’s shocked and bewildered by his surroundings. The PV shuffles through a few more moments of heroine, and it’s rather easy to realize she’s quite a habitual smiler – grinning regardless of whatever else is going on.

It’s difficult to assess, however, what exactly is going on to begin with – aside from the fact there’s a massive robot rising out of the water, most of the scenes portray what looks to be no more than an effort to settle on unfamiliar land.

With that said, it’s only our protagonist who seems to be having trouble – just look at the half-way mark into the video, 14 seconds. In the midst of what should be a subtle, romantic nighttime scene by the ocean, he’s standing tensely off to the side in his weirdo suit – kept from obliterating the moment only in that the heroine is lax and accepting. In fact, the heroine is oddly a bit too worry-free – we’ve yet to see her even slightly be taken aback by the peculiarly dressed apprehensive fellow who is our protagonist.

An interesting pair indeed, it will be rather fascinating to see how this plays out – as well as what inevitable struggle will our characters be forced to overcome.


  • triton6783 says:

    With Gen Urobuchi in charge of the story, and Production I.G. in charge of the animation, then this will really be a great series. They really do make a good team.

    • blaziken says:

      Psycho-Pass has both, but it was pretty dull until the latest 2 episodes, which were rad. Ep 11 especially has what I’m looking for in Butcher’s works.

  • neodarksun says:

    Though the plot and characters can’t be judged yet, the concept is definitely there, it just need to be more clear.

    • Seven says:

      It looks like the protagonist doesn’t even know what this story is about.

  • misao93 says:

    The concept was pretty good with a tropical atmosphere, but it might be hard to see the dark abyss presented in this show even when it’s written by Gen Urobuchi, the mastermind of Madoka Magica and Psycho-Pass. I can already see lighthearted moments at ease, but let’s see how things get darker.

    • triton6783 says:

      The same could be said for Madoka Magica, where everything seemed lighthearted, and later on we realized that everything went to hell. So I’m pretty sure that if Madoka Magica is able to be dark, Suisei no Gargantai will be ablt to as well.

      • 1) A soldier who does not know anything but war and chaos.
        2) A society that does not know anything but peace and harmony.
        3) Urobuchi Gen
        4) ????????????
        5) Bloodba- I mean… Profit!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Did I hear Kamiya Hiroshi?
    So he’s the MC’s seiyuu?

    • misao93 says:

      Nah, he’s voiced by a newcomer named Kaito Ishikawa (who’s also worked on Tari Tari), although his voice looks very much like one.

  • blaziken says:

    There’s an HD version of the PV here:
    Looks a lot sharper, I might say.

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