An elemental workshop.

Fourth in the line of 5pb’s famed “science adventure series” is a title dubbed “Occultic;Nine” – which one can presume has to do with the supernatural to some degree, and just perhaps, occultism of some form.

Just glancing at the main visual above already is overwhelming in how vastly different this upcoming installment clearly is from any of the past sci-fi productions in this continuous franchise. It’s highly abstract, and the combination of aesthetics and name both make it implied and understood that this light novel is set to experiment with a route completely unlike Steins;Gate or siblings.

Yet the PV does place this series on a slight level of consistency with its brothers in that there’s a strong sensation of mystery and open fascination – the feeling there’s a world which remains to be seen. On another note however, the choice of eight-bit Nintendo music definitely establishes a “sci-fi warrior” mood – like flying a pixelated ship in pixel space and shooting at meteoroids. The sudden shift to sounds of deep water is highly disconcerting, inciting the feel a horror genre is just on the horizon – although more unusual than this is the sound-byte at the end.

That explosive effect is as if we’ve traveled to the days of quarter arcades and are preparing for a sniper shootout.

Strange as the “Occultic;Nine” seems, it looks more chilling than ridiculous – a little frightening, but the book looks intriguing.


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