An elemental workshop.

Kiniro Mosaic’s first PV is only disappointing in that it doesn’t have any excerpt of actual animation – the series is highly promising based on source material, all that remains is for it to show us what it’s capable of.

In place of a preview of the true anime, we receive just the standard character introduction sequences focused on our three natives, and two foreigners. They’re all rather outgoing in terms of personality, although face value also says quite a bit – the females of this series are straightforward to their appearance.

Our brunette bishoujo is the most outspoken yet level-headed of them all, the balance which such a group always needs. Following her, the short girl is a shy one, evident as her tendencies imply quite clearly – however, her comrade in immigration status is the total opposite, energetic and lively.

Unlike the rest, the single character who seems to have more than meets the eye is the intriguing black-haired female. She’s an interesting girl as she appears to be reserved, yet simultaneously curious – her emotions are more mixed and complex than the others. Lastly, we have another blonde, this one boasting a grin most friendly and welcoming. Her smile carries great weight in that one can truly grasp a world of intimate livelihood, her visage is like looking into a dream of happy days.

There’s a very welcoming atmosphere in Kiniro Mosaic, and it truly puts one at ease – now we just must see what else it can do with it upon release.


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