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An original Tsukihime CD, a copy of the extraordinary visual novel which made Type-Moon famous from before they were even famous, has auctioned for a little over $11,000 USD, a grand total of 950,000 yen.

First sold at December 2000′s Winter Comiket, despite the lackluster JC Staff anime adaptation, Tsukihime as a visual novel was still incredible enough to secure mass sales, and subsequently, astonishing popularity as well as obsessive fanbase for Type-Moon. Similarly, regardless how well the animation did or not, which was released a mere three years after the visual novel’s debut, the series as a whole still continued to escalate in notoriety and acclaim.

Then of course, there’s various related events in between – Melty Blood here, remake there, and this ultimately leads us to arrive where we are now, a world where someone is willing to spend a significant fraction of an average year’s salary on a CD with some pictures and a story.

Perhaps the auction winner was not one to pirate games, yet they’ve been dying to play Tsukihime, and simply couldn’t wait for the upcoming remake – although whatever the instigator behind spending $11,382 on a visual novel, they’ve certainly caught themselves a splendid piece of history in otaku modern culture.

Rather than dawdle over this unknown fellow and his spendings, it’s certainly interesting to wonder what those who were actually at the Winter Comiket of 2000 think of their 12 year old purchase.


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