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“Da Capo 3″ Has The Best Bishoujos

Dec 14, 2012 @ 8:26 CDT

Da Capo III’s latest CM shares a mere 15 seconds of girls in seifuku – yet quality over quantity, this series has a few of the most delectable mademoiselles of the second dimension, making it superior to most harem series.

The blonde and the white-haired bishoujo are the particular two who one should keep their eye on, assuming anyone needs to be told. Da Capo is one of the more classic harem series – and it indeed is simply harem to the core. One can hope for some incredible exploration of emotions amongst the girls and the forgettable male protagonist – however, rather than take a risk with hope, one should merely focus on what is set to be exquisite for sure.

And that is the females – Da Capo’s original character designs stem from the great female master of female character designs, Naru Nanao. One aspect with Nanao’s designs is that the breasts do not awkwardly bulge in your face, regardless of what size they may be.

When watching the short video, one will notice a few girls are quite gifted in the upper body – although that gift is certainly a reward for everyone as it’s very rare to be able to visually indulge in an ample bishoujo physique that has delicacy, versus the more often seen fleshy slabs of meat.

If Da Capo won’t save the day with a quality harem plot, then at least it will season it with the spiciest females the genre could possibly offer – gourmet no less.


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