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Urobuchi Gen’s latest series appears quite far off from the usual creations seen each season, his own or otherwise – key visuals of the characters and settings for Suisei no Gargantia show a tropical fantasy world.

There’s quite a few genres overlapping here – the protagonist appears as if he fell out of a sci-fi thriller of some kind, whilst everyone else looks as if originating from a happy-go-lucky JRPG. Looking above, the stark contrast between the leading male, and respective female, makes this series feel as if it were a gag. Everyone does certainly look unique however, which is grand – the protagonist is a bit too reminiscent to Guilty Crown’s style “adolescent soldier” look, although that’s fine as one can have faith in Urobuchi Gen.

Our characters are individualized through a one of a kind aesthetic – hues are of the more vibrant spectrum, yet don’t have much brightness behind them save for a few instances of their person, such as an accessory or clothing trim. The lines are very modest – and there’s no seductive curvature anywhere. The lines also lack perfection, looking rough and slightly shaky – as if carefully hand-drawn. The shadows cast over each character vary between heavily dark, and subtly grey, as if we’re looking at everyone as they stand under a setting sun.

Despite the general oceanic vibe, the fashion is quite diverse. Overlooking our protagonist’s obviously out of place ensemble, the heroine’s garbs are actually reminiscent of a native style. Then we do have a few islander themed characters, such as the buxom lady in green shorts below – yet others look as if outfitted in the wardrobe of a steam punk adventure series, the man with goggles at number six below for instance.

Of course, that mech is also rather curious – although it’s not as if there’s any information on it besides the lucid context clue that the protagonist more than likely pilots it.

The setting is incredibly intricate and nowhere near-similar to any series of past or present. There’s an ornate mess of a city built atop an anchored ship which serves as the main location – and there are also several other identical structures found on separate ships. It can be presumed based on their appearance, each has a differing purpose – and some are more mobile than others.

This series debuts in April of the coming year – and based on the material revealed thus far, there’s at least certainly no calling it “unoriginal” if these visuals have any say.


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