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Not that this is a rare occurrence, although the start of something terrible has begun – first volume of a manga series entitled “Zetsurin!“, a tale of fondling, and pantsu, and projectile firing lower body appendages.

It takes no more than a glance at the front cover to confirm the fact that this manga is quite horrible – and if seeking further evidence, that’s not too difficult to find either. From beginning to end, the manga is merely packed with forced situations under the ultimate goal of sexually emphasizing this or that. It’s intended to be an action series, or so reads the genre label, although the pages speak a more truthful tale regarding the manga’s purpose.

The book is overwhelmed with ridiculous events that deliberately impose certain awkward circumstances under the greater goal of getting, not a suggestive situation, but a blatantly indecent one.

Our cast consists of a cute blonde heroine, and an expendable male with a pistol for a crotch, and this concept alone makes it apparent that the manga doesn’t put much effort towards a legitimate story – as well as the sort of illicit “humor” it attempts to pass off. There’s an infinite river of fanfare powered works – although this one is of the most nauseating of them all as it still attempts to pursue a petty facade of serious story when such is clearly not the case.

Given the other “fantasy adventures” which somehow are bestowed full TV productions, it’d be no surprise if somehow this garbage also managed to gain similar traction.


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