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To Love-Ru Darkness debuted its first artbook a month or two ago, and the response to a book full of nude second dimensional females was apparently so tremendous, it will be reprinted “again, and again”.

JumpSQ rejoiced on Twitter that their publication of the To Love-Ru Darkness sold over 100,000 units in less than two months, an unprecedented feat for any artbook. Yet they didn’t mention this impressive fact just to boast, rather, in order to please the remaining hundreds of thousands who would also like this tome of 2-D naturism, as well as to secure the remaining millions and millions of yen which those individuals collectively have, the book is going to be reprinted not merely once, but “again and again!!”.


  • Anonymous says:

    Toloveru used to be 50% moe and 50% fanservice now it’s just 10% moe and 90% fanservice, plot? What plot? I don’t know aything about this thing called plot…

    • misao93 says:

      Compared to most today’s harems, To Love-Ru do have some kind of plot. However, the fanservice amount continue to increase to make it look like a bordeline hentai title.

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