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Rozen Maiden’s pair of creators, Peach-Pit, have released a PV outlining a separate and more recent upcoming work of theirs – the first manga volume of their ongoing sick and twist chibi terror series, “Kugiko-san“.

After a complete year of serialization in monthly shoujo magazine Nakayoshi, the first collective manga volume is now set to release on December 19th this following month. Kugiko-san is quite a morbid series, carrying childish chibi visuals as one will notice – although having a premise which indeed keeps true to its horror genre, despite a slightly modern twist:

The story revolves around the fear of Kugiko-san, an urban legend spread around children. According to rumors, people who encountered Kugiko-san have had nails (kugi) driven into their eyes. A solitary male shōjo manga creator named “P” follows the truth behind the urban legend.

It’s not entirely clear how such a series appeals to the targeted shoujo audience in any way save for the aesthetics, assuming females are fond of such demented yet deformed characters – yet in any case, it certainly looks like an interesting series, and Peach-Pit are renowned in their background of works which appeal to a broad audience in spite of their official branding.

On a separate note, this book is also of interest as it perhaps may contain some meaningful information regarding the next Rozen Maiden animation – of which there’s currently no details aside from the basic confirmation.

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