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“Crime Edge” Drafted To Mediocre Staff

Nov 21, 2012 @ 18:00 CDT

Crime Edge has potential as a series, although it has been drafted to a creative team which is mediocre at best – a director best known for Fate/Stay Night, Yuji Yamaguchi, joins with Saki’s Studio Gokumi.

Neither the director nor the studio are notably below average – although they’re certainly not too far above it, if even above it at all. Saki “episode of side A”, which is likely Studio Gokumi’s work most worthy of mention, was rather enjoyable – and while Fate/Stay Night is a fast-food order of “shounen”, the animation wasn’t too dreadful in any given respect. Therefore, one can anticipate this will be an average series at the very least – even if deserving of more.

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