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“GJ-Bu” Unusual Seifuku Key Visuals

Nov 20, 2012 @ 0:34 CDT

A stack of profiles for the characters of upcoming obscurely named slice of life, “GJ-bu“, are available now – and for the most part, relatively unique one must admit, despite not being totally pleasant to look at.

An interesting arrangement of shapes makes these character designs especially laudable – looking at the female above for a case in point, the seifuku is clearly rather abnormal. The shirt remains loose, which aside from being unorthodox in itself, also gives an intriguing form for the upper body. There is a jacket as part of her attire, although it possesses traits only subtly unusual – such as the fact it ends short in circumference.

There’s a difference even more dramatic than any of that however – but similarly, it’s so discreet, it will hardly be noticed. The shapes are all sharp, stiff, and straight edged. The curves, if any, are kept very minimal – the girl’s physique is no more than a pair of lines traveling down, and then another set aimed down. As result of this, the characters are left feeling rather linear – which is strange.

Onto another odd detail, the bottom of the hair has no outline – peculiarly managing to give it some texture and volume, particularly with the encompassing shadow that darkens the further it gets inward.

The final striking facet is the color consistency and repetition – these character designs utilize an odd palette of colors albeit one which is predominately appealing and implemented marvelously. The aesthetics alone make this series worth watching simply to see how they will ultimately function with a setting and active, vitalized surrounding – and if the story proves superb, that would be even better.


  • triton6783 says:

    They look like mannequins. Seriously, they should loosen up a little.

  • Anonymous says:

    lemme examine this for a bit…1st picture reminds me of “K-On”, 2nd one reminds me of “Toradora”, 3rd one reminds of me “Steins;Gate”, the rest reminds me of the generic characters of a lot of animes nowadays…im gonna wish that this show wont be the shitty generic harem romance fanservice anime i usually see nowadays…*sigh*

  • misao93 says:

    Those visuals are pretty simple yet charming. Can’t wait to see when the first episode will come !

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s by the same studio who did Yuru Yuri, so I’m pretty pumped for this.

  • gargamesh says:

    Dogakubo? Nice.

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