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A new anime series of Rozen Maiden has been leaked as upcoming by “PEACH-PIT”, the female artist duo responsible for the aesthetics of the original manga – marking a return to anime after over six years.

The very last venture into animation for Rozen Maiden was a pair of OVAs released as “Rozen Maiden: Ouvertüre” in 2006. With such a sizable gap since the last work, surely years have gone by with hope dissipating in regards to any further continuation of the series in anime form. Yet of course, today is special for doll fetishists everywhere as the revelation of more Rozen Maiden is to be celebrated.

Getting more of this doll driven fantasy series is one aspect to be eager over – although there’s more to it, considering the last season prior to the OVAs, “Träumend”, concluded without a definite ending.

With another branch in the animation, there stems potential for a finale that encompasses all of the prior works – or perhaps, a reintroduction into what will be a string of several more anime releases to come. If this next coming entry proves popular enough, it’d not be conspiracy theorist crazy to think that the series as a whole would be revitalized into something lauded and profitable.

This is certainly something to look forward to for some – and for others, a fine excuse to go enter the unique doll filled realm of Rozen Maiden.


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