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December 2012′s issue of Comptiq comes with a chapter of Fate/Extra that favors the fans in a fashion which normally only a doujin would – Saber wearing many salacious facial expressions in place of clothes.

Saber awakens with nothing but a towel wrapped around her – and courtesy of her playful, Fate/Extra exclusive personality, that towel takes not long to slip off and leave us with a bare-skinned king of kings. Fanfare is not a component of the Fate/series in any way, although Fate/Extra is seemingly the special exception to that case – and in fact, it specially revolves around it, or so one can only assume from its recent endeavors.


  • gargamesh says:

    Well, do keep in mind though that this saber is not our Arthur Saber, But is actually a tyrant named Nero Claudius too long to remember Saber, but nonetheless it sure is amusing to see a variant of saber being like this

    • nothing956 says:

      No it’s definitely not Arthur Saber but seeing how the original F/SN VN is pornographic you can see official scenes of Arthur Saber being a lot more explicit than this.

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