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“Muv-Luv” Bathing Action Uncensored

Oct 28, 2012 @ 6:42 CST

Whilst the first Blu-ray volume of Muv-Luv Alternative was seemingly made to satisfy the sadists, the second carries scenes which nearly everyone can enjoy – the display of ample bishoujos as they bathe themselves.

A multitude of massive oppai account for this second disc volume as it conveniently contains a collection of girls, some more favorably endowed than others, sensually cleansing themselves. While these bishoujos soak in relaxation, all the while, humanity is being obliterated by aliens as certain individuals weren’t tending to their occupation – and it’s not a particularly difficult guess to determine who precisely is responsible.


  • triton6783 says:

    Thank you for adding Oppai instead of Guro. (>_<)

  • maqui says:

    Humanity on the verge of extiction via alien race…who cares, lets focus on the oppai instead.

  • misao93 says:

    Would you rather focusing on oppai or watching aliens exterminating humanity ? I’d choose the former, but the latter looks cool.

    • Firetribe says:

      It’s possible to focus on both and not create a train wreck if the production staff are good enough, but this is series based on an eroge so likely more focus on fan service.

      • Anonymous says:

        Total Eclipse isn’t based on an eroge, while the original Muv-Luv and Alternative are, they’re masterpieces.

        TE is based on a Serial Novel, and sadly its quality is nowhere near the originals.
        It delivers nothing, only a boring story, and censored scenes in the TV version, at least the Blu-ray may be worth watching.

  • Anonymous says:

    I would prefer serious combat over ecchi as long as the beta stop eating the humans.

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